Useful Tips for Camping With Kids

Camping with kids may be one in case you’d like the vacation of the best adventures that you might have. This is considered an unusual means to present your children. Checking by your kid’s own eyes at matters is exciting.

They’re more inclined to own a whole life of experiences, in the event you begin your kids camping in a youthful age. Camping with kids as young might be simple. Infants sleep longer than just toddlers and are adaptable.

For camping with children, the era is how your toddler’s era. Attempt to help keep your toddler in the stroller or a backpack.

Pre-school age is a time for one to show your son or daughter. As of the period they enjoy and also could recognize the swimming and trekking. Kiddie’seras are willing to keep on their own occupied and also be valuable. Any age is terrific to obtain individuals participated. You may do if they’re too toddlers have the chance if and worry they’re not launched by you.

Swimming out is also a learning option for children of ages. Topical tasks kids and the advantage grew ups and emotionally. Exercise is much more abbreviated. The connection this specific outside can become quite a whole lot of also a stress decrease and even fun. It indeed is essential to quiet time. Around don’t rush. This strains everybody and may cause angry.

Hiking might become your task that will not require a lot of equipment and is comfortable. You may get pocket-sized guides which may help build plants and insects. You can consider bicycle riding and fishing. These are all things you are going to discover plenty of tasks. Kids can find to place up the tent and earn a camp flame.

The kid is not too youthful to come across methods that are amazing. And when it comes to the doorways. For many endeavors that the principle re-calls is, “shoot only graphics. It follows you have to leave the trekking and camping are both just like wash or cleaner compared to if you noticed. Enable the man to enjoy the sophistication. Instruct your kid to become observers perhaps not vandalism eventually. This is for its environment takes typically significantly more compared to self and admiration respect.

And soon you are absent; take to swimming in the garden. This is a method to find rid! If there is a kid fearful to function as in the outside you are going to determine, or if your arrangements will probably continue to work from the tent figure manners out to do such issues. A supporter for an as well as comfort and control goods you know to bring when a kid is fearful. Should things don’t match in the tent as you imagined you might have time? This is a method to avoid some pressure for Official ESTA.

Activities intended significantly more than you will probably require. Alternatives that were have planned in the event of weather conditions or alternative happenings. Travelling is about the unforeseen, especially whenever you have children, and also to earn a vacation fantastic that you have to become capable of going for the stream. If you have no any thoughts on what things to accomplish if you are out there, then your kiddies will probably get bored nobody is going to soon need some pleasure. Prepare some exciting moves, float from the river or table games, table games, table games, move fisherman, take a look at activities.

Nothing could destroy a day at the exterior including a night’s snooze. There are most kiddies are enthusiastic about using their airbed to rest also it prevents everyone from getting with pains and aches daily too whining. Additionally, there are lots of options.

Make sure that until you’re gone, you own a list of things. Bring new clothes, sunscreen, and bug spray, medical kits, and a comfortable job, flashlight, cushions, and also satisfying balanced snacks and beverages. You do not wish to be more matters that are overlooking, although that you don’t desire to attract a great deal.

Top 5 Adventurous Places in South India

South India is a place of nature’s goodness, greenery, culture, tradition and astonishing architecture and this is why the huge amount of people relishes visiting South India. In India, South region is the most visiting places and having a record of one of the highest tourism regions in India. It is impeccable and above, then everything. So many people prefer to visit south India for adventure additionally. The outstanding scenery, waterfall, and Green Mountain are the enough to magnetize you towards south India.

It is a place of adventure where you’ll find different kinds of adventurous activities like mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, camping and so on.

5 Best Adventurous Places in South India

Here we will talk about the most famous adventurous places in south India which you must visit at least once:

1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
PC :

If you are looking forward to visit heaven that too with some adventurous experience, then Andaman and Nicobar islands is an ideal destination where you can enjoy both at the same time. One can enjoy the adventurous sports like scuba diving and snorkeling here.

2) Dandeli

PC :

If you are in search for a heaven, then it is an astounding vacationer place to visit in South India. Actually, you can consider this to fulfill all your experience needs as this place makes the most Adventurous Destinations to Visit amid Monsoon in South India.

3) Coorg


This place is commonly known as “Scotland of the South”. Coorg is one of the breathtaking places which is not far from Bangalore. . Ever attempted waterfall rappelling? If not, right now is an ideal opportunity! An energizing test to overcome, with the dilute streaming with, constrain, in a clammy atmosphere, hear your heart beat in your ears. There is no preferred place for this over Coorg, which effectively makes it to the rundown of best places to visit in South India. Activities which you can enjoy here include trekking, rock climbing, cycling and much more.

Just a note:

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4) Kodachadri

PC :

It is situated at a height of 1,343 mt over the ocean level and is a well known outdoors goal among sightseers. It is known to house the well known Mookambika Temple and campers have an extraordinary time trekking through the backwoods. It is a beautiful place and is known to be overflowing with natural life. It is a perfect place to make a beeline for in the event that you are keen on experience and excite.

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5) Munnar

PC :

Who has not known about this lovely slope station in Kerala? The dazzling tea gardens and so forth. Touring and the sky’s the limit from there. Go on and appreciate trekking here. The possess a scent reminiscent of the tea from the tea bequests is something that you can’t miss. The waterfalls, streams, lakes and the tea cultivate have been drawing in vacationers over to Munnar for at some point now. It is believed that it is situated in the God’s own particular city-Kerala. You can go for different daring activities in Munnar for example Trekking, Camping, Exploring the sandalwood forests and lots more.

So, dear readers if you want to visit these adventurous destinations then book your ticket and enjoy your trip. Also you can book cabs for enjoying more nearest places of the above places.

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Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

A cluster of around 300 islands, mangroves, rich marine life, palm trees, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and adventurous Water Sports; if these remind you anything it has to be nothing else than “Andaman and Nicobar Islands”. A population of just 4 lacs, area of 8249 Square Kms, the Islands not only provide you a place to relax and unwind but also a place to rejuvenate with the thrill and excitement of various adventurous sports sparingly available.

Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Let’s explore the 10 Best Adventure Activities in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

1) Banana Boat Rides

Banana Boat Ride in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

An inflated banana shaped boat which can carry up to six people is attached to a speed boat and is a real fun. It’s perfectly safe and you are required to wear life saving jackets. The real excitement is when you celebrate the sports with your family or if you are in group then with the friends.

2) Undersea Walking

Under Sea Walking in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Just imagine you wearing your reading glasses, or you with a make-up on your face, or you with a stylish hairdo still you enjoying a underwater walk. That’s the fun of undersea walk. You just wear a “Helmet” which is so firm that water does not enter and you are free to enjoy the sea ecosystem. With an instructor around you can actually walk on the soft sand of sea and watch the natural sea habitat through the pristine waters.

3) Jet Skiing

Jet SKiing in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The man and the machine combination can be best enjoyed on water jets made especially for this sport. Control your moves and the machine will give you the experience of your life. You need to be familiar with the controls of the machine and soon you will find yourself hovering over the Seawater.

4) Parasailing

Parasailing in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

One of the few water sports where you need not to be a swimmer, just fly like a kite and enjoy both the Sea and the Sky. The Parachute attached with the speedboat with a string measuring in feet helps you to balance yourself and fly with the wind. The increased speed of the boat will make you sail with the parachute.

5) Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Get your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate from any of the center available in Andaman and get ready for the dive. Wear your equipment and start the fun of being with nature’s best marine animals and colorful and rare coral reefs. The visibility of the ecosystem is so clear you can definitely call it pristine water. There are numerous spots across the Islands where you can enjoy the dive.

6) Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The best place to have the pleasure of enjoying an amazing marine life and the ecosystem that also live can only be possible at Andaman and with Snorkeling. Just wear the mask and the goggles and dive in the shallow waters of the sea to witness the marine creature in their natural habitat, colorful corals, and the reefs can be felt by touching. The best places for testimony are – Havelock Islands and North Bay Islands.

7) Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If at all you have a “hydrophobic” tendency or you are not in a mood to drench you with water, just sit on the stylish Yachts and move deep into the sea with fishing equipments. Get the sense of achievement with your catch and at the same time witness the vast stretch of the sea. Preferably in the afternoons after lunch these trips are fulfilled and you can return with your trophy, fish you catch, and relish the same in your dinner.

8) Speed Boating

Speed Boating in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

This sport is the best option to be in the Sea, get the thrill, feel the exuberance, maneuver the sea with speed and still not get a single drop on your cloths. Be safe on the Speed boat and fulfill your wish of driving reckless over the sea waters.

9) Trekking and Camping

Camping in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the most sort after adventure sport on the Island, trekking can be fun with the vast stretch of greenery of the thick rain forest, white sandy beaches, sea water and the challenging routes. The rich flora, about 2200 species of plants, and fauna, about 270 species of birds can be witnessed during the trekking. The camping experience on beach with the continuous musical sound of the seawater along with the cool breeze cannot be copied even in heaven.

10) Mixed Adventure Activities at Andaman Water Sports Complex

Kayaking in Adaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the places where you can find whole lot of adventure sports in Andaman Islands is Andaman Water Sports Complex, which offers you – Rowing Boats, Paddleboat, Kayaking, and Bumper boats. You may experience all other adventure sports also at this place. One of the most famous sport – Glass bottom boats are also available here.

So next time when you visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands you know when, what and how to enjoy the trip to maximize your fun quotient during the trip.

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Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Manali

Sports play a pivotal role in humans as it not only induces physical well-being but also brings in a sense of healthy competition and challenge. Sports like chess even enhance the mental health. There are adventure sports which bring in everything from physical fitness to mental fitness. These sports not only test your physical abilities but also test your patience, mental strength and your strategic competencies as well. These sports are a way out to unwind and refresh your own self. The best part of these sports is that they inculcate a lot of team spirit also. You explore a lot of new unexplored places and things, meet people, and get close to Mother Nature.

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Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Manali

One place where you can explore not only new sports, people, and culture but also you explores nature as well is Manali, the honeymoon destination of the nation.

1) Rafting

Rafting in Manali

Feel your blood rushing into your brains and the chilling water of Beas River, which is where you can rejuvenate yourself and comedown-streams with a speed which you cannot even think of. Before you start the River- rafting you are provided with a crash-course of how to tackle the twist and turns of the path and the – “Rapids”. The water currents will test your guts and grits and you will love the thrill and adventure of the whole thing. You need not be a swimmer to experience this sports only the passion for the game will do.

2) Camping

Camping in Manali

Adventure on the lap of Mother Nature can be well experienced only at the vast outdoors of Manali. The stretching mountains, snow-clad valley, the greenery of the pine trees and the tough living conditions provides you apt surroundings for Camping. Camping at Manali can be in groups or solitary, where you can enjoy the campfire, explore a totally new life without the comforts of a modern lifestyle. This is for sure that Camping at Manali will help you enhance your adaptability.

3) Zorbing

Zorbing in Manali

Unique adventure sports available at the Solang Valley before the snow fall and is quite famous in Manali. It is a huge inflated PVC balloon or ball which contains another smaller ball inside hanging at the center and is hung with the help of stretchable strings. Two players can enjoy at a time and are supposed to sit in the inner ball, hanging freely. The PVC ball is rolled down from the top edge of the mountain and it rolls freely on the grass, usually helped by a guide who runs along with it.

4) River Crossing

River Crossing in Manali

Test your balance, fear factor, and your boldness with River crossing or Stream crossing at Van Vihar, Solang Valley, club house or old Manali. You must be trained before exploring this upcoming adventurous game. Crossing the river is almost equal to walking on it.

5) Paragliding

Paragliding in Manali

You need not be a pilot to feel like a bird, you can Paraglide at Manali and experience the mountains, river flowing, the green valley and the thrill of hanging freely in the sky, just beneath you. Paragliding is a mix of Parachuting and gliding when you need to run down a slope and then glide with the glider. Manali provides you the conducive environment for Paragliding.

6) Skiing

Skiing in Manali

Manali is a place where Skiing is celebrated by all, from an amateur to an expert. The perfect place with snow, a vast stretch of the valley covered with ice and the slopes covered with a green cover of Pines. The place becomes perfect for skiing from the beginning of the winters and stays that way till the late summers.

7) Hiking

Hiking in Manali

There are numerous adventurous routes starting from Manali and gives you ideal conditions for hiking. The serene, beautiful, green, tranquil landscape and the panoramic view in and around Manali make it the destination for hiking. Few routes are Manali – Deo Tibba Base – Manali and Manali – Chandertal Lake – Manali.

8) Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Manali

Examine your body muscles and your biking abilities on the tough, rigid, twisted and rough mountain tracks of Manali. Your stamina will be challenged by the terrain on the mountainous tracks which are rocky yet green and will rock you with its difficulty. You may try one from these – Manali – Rohtang Pass – Baralacha La Pass – Lachalangla Pass – Tanglang la – Khardung la – Manali.

9) Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Shuru and Kothi are few places where one can face the tough rocks while exploring Rock climbing. You not only have to be strong enough to perform this sport but also need to balance your hand, feet, and roping. Solang Valley and Manali Mountaineering Institute are the best places for the sport where you get trained before you start the climb.

10) Snow Scooter

Snow Scooter in Manali

Manali is the best place to experience the “Mean Machines” of the snow and ride one to enjoy the snow clad mountains surrounding the valley. The slopes stretching up to 2-3 kms can be enjoyed on these Scooters.

Today Manali is not just known as the – Honeymoon destination it has become a true destination for Adventure Sports lovers.

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Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Goa

What does the word – Goa mean to you? The answer from 99% of the readers will be – Beach, fun, entertainment and fenny. It also means unwinding with friends, colleagues, and family and cherish the memories for years to come. But there is another word which starts ringing in the ears the moment the name Goa is heard and that is – Adventure. Goa is known for numerous “Adventurous Sports” and “Water Sports”, which are available only at GOA!

Top 10 Adventure Sports Activities in Goa

Let’s explore and find out these and plan to visit Goa to have fun and frolic.

1) Parasailing

Parasailing in Goa

The most thrilling sports and your chance to be airborne and touch the clouds, Parasailing consists of a speedboat which has a rope attached to it and measures around 200-300 feet. The other end has a parachute tied to it and you are firmly attached to it. The moment the boats speeds the parachute takes the flight and you slowly sail in the sky. Once airborne you have to just balance yourself and enjoy the aerial view. The best places in Goa for Parasailing are – Anjuna and Vagator Beach.

2) Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Goa

Skiing on over the Sea water can be fun especially for a newcomer. The Skier, skis behind a speeding boat where he is attached to the boat with a rope. The person stands on a pair of ski and he needs to balance himself over the water as soon as the boat picks up speed. This is an ultimate sport for someone who has a passion for Speed and thrill. Few places for water skiing are – Candolim Beach, Arossim Beach, Mobor Beach and Utorda Beach.

3) Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Goa

Goa has a diverse marine life and the water is quite shallow at some places and the best ecosystem for “Scuba Diving” and “Snorkeling”. Goa is also known to be a focal point for these adventure sports. Few things to be kept in mind are – check the scuba diving equipment follow the instructions of the guide, and newcomers must take a crash course before plunging into the sea water. Few places to enjoy scuba diving are – Grande Island, Devagh Island, and Pigeon Island.

4) Speed Boating

Speed Boating in Goa

The fast and the furious will never forget the experience at Goa and will love to visit again and again. Feel the tingling sensation inside you with the speeding boats, the adrenaline rushing into your blood vessels with each jump on the sea water. Conquer the sea with the pace of the boat and the best place to do so in Goa is – Baina Beach. Remember to follow safety instructions before you start, and best possible perform with an instructor.

5) Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Goa

Ride the muscular, heavyweight and macho machines of sea – the Jet Bikes and maneuver the sea waters with jumps and high-speed ride. Learn the tricks of managing the speed, turns and twists of the Jets and jump into the sea to feel the excitement. Best place in Goa to explore Jet Skiing are Baga, Candolim and Vagator Beach.

6) White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Goa

Get ready with your inflated rafts or boats to feel the stimulation of riding the waves and the rapids of Whitewater rafting at Mandovi River. The route of the rafting will test your navigational skills, your teamwork, and the presence of mind. Each time you will perform the rafting you will face a unique challenge as waves do not have the same course.

7) ATV Biking

ATV Biking in Goa

All Terrain Vehicles are meant for riding rocky, muddy, or woody terrains and riding such a vehicle is an experience you can never forget. Not many are aware that Goa provides you with this experience. Run these strong bikes on rugged slopes, rocky jungles, muddy tracks, get the feel of roaring engines of the rocking vehicles.

8) Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon in Goa

Slowly glide over the sea water at an altitude of 900 feet on a hot air balloon and feel the serene and tranquil atmosphere at that height. The amazing sports can be best enjoyed in South Goa. Enjoy the beaches, the greenery and the panoramic view of Goa on the Hot Air Balloon.

9) Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing in Goa

On a Surfboard voyage the waves and feel the mix of both surfing and sailing. Your ability to balance on the waves is the essence of this sport. Beaches in the morning have the perfect wind to enjoy this game. Dona Paula is the best location for all – from a newcomer to and expert for the game.

10) Water Zorbing

Water Zorbing in Goa

Mayem Lake is the best place to enjoy this sport, which is considered as the safest water game, yet not missing the adventure and thrill of water sport. The player is inside a transparent PVC ball which is inside a second huge transparent ball. The ball inside is hung with the help of strings and the outer ball is attached to a boat. When the boat moves over the sea water the person inside rolls and enjoys the game.

Now this time on your visit to Goa if at all you do not try any of the above sports then don’t come back. Extend you stay if you miss even one of them and come back only to plan your next visit.

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5 Best Places in India for Rock Climbing

Well, if you are still unaware of one of the adventurous sport rock climbing in India, then let me tell you India is going to surprise you this time. Yes, the country is dotted with quite a number of rock climbing places that offer truly a memorable experience of a lifetime and a beautiful sight from the top that will get stuck to your eyeballs. The awareness for this crazy sport is growing and getting rapid popularity in India.

Top 5 Places in India for Rock Climbing

Here are the top 5 best rock climbing destinations in India that you must try if you are a real rock climbing enthusiast :

1. Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Rock Climbing in Sar Pass

The Sar Pass in the Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations for people who dream of rock climbing. When you go all prepared for the trek, the snow clad mountains creates a wonderful scenic beauty. Even in this breathtaking view, rock climbing lovers are passionate to go to the top of the steep cliffs to experience the thrill and excitement of rock climbing. Right there on the pathway, there are mountain streams and beautiful green lush valleys. Considered as one of the difficult rock climbing routes in India, the ideal season to go to the mountains would be during the summer months.

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Rock Climbing in Hampi

When you would ask a rock climbing enthusiasts about the list of places they would want to go to, Hampi in Karnataka would be a name they cannot miss out on. Known as the rock country, it a perfect paradise for all passionate rock climbers. One thing is for sure, that the experience of rock climbing here would be definitely thrilling. The rocks are beautiful and so is the Tungabhadra that flows below. It is a mesmerizing view where the temples peep out right from behind the rocks. Go during the dry months that are within October to February for a liberating experience. If you think the travelling cost will stress your wallet use the Makemytrip flight coupons while booking flights but don’t miss the opportunity.

3. Shey Rock, Kashmir

Rock Climbing in Shey Rock

The paradise of India, Kashmir, is nothing but a beauty itself. The place not only boosts of its elegance but also of the rock climbing experience that is offers. The Shey area allows you to explore the grandeur and beauty of Kashmir. The terrain is just perfect, be it for amateurs or the professional rock climbers. Rock climbing on the unique rock formations along with a glance of the serenity of the surroundings is extremely pleasing. The panoramic view that you could get from the top would make you say that the heavens do fall here.

4. Susunia Hills, West Bengal

Rock Climbing in Susunia Hills

East has got very few rock climbing places, but the one that tops the list is the Susunia Hills in the West Bengal. The sites that are worth watching are the hill fort that had once been built by the Raja Chandra Varma, the river Gandheshwari that keeps flowing below, the extremely beautiful waterfall and the view in overall which is simply stunning. If you are a beginner, then the Susunia Hills is just perfect for you as it remarks itself of being the starting point that leads to an easy climb. The blooming surroundings   are striking too and the best part is that the nearby areas like Jai Chandi, Matha Bura and Purulia also offers an amazing facility for rock climbing.

5. Pavagadh, Gujarat

Rock Climbing in Pavagarh

The Pavagadh Peak is more of an attraction than an adventure spot. Tourists climb up the hills to the Mahakalika temple at the top and have a mind-blowing experience climbing the extreme steep cliffs. To make sure the rush for adventure stays alive, one can also climb up their way to the seven storied fort, the secret cell to witness the beauty of the city from the top. Right there are two water reservoirs, the Dudhiya and the Chhasiya.  The Pavagadh trek in Gujarat can be a wonderful experience of a lifetime and could be one of the treks you have ever experienced.

You have to travel and explore the beauty of rock climbing in the enlisted rock climbing places in India. If you are game, then its time you strike the name from your bucket list.

Hope you liked to read about the 5 Best Places in India for Rock Climbing. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, Google + & Twitter !

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5 Best Places in India for Sky Diving

When you talk of adventure sports the most trilling and adrenaline pumping adventure sport is undoubtedly Skydiving. This comes under the category of extreme adventure sports. This adventure sport is recommended for the hard core adventure enthusiasts and the weak hearted must stay aloof from it.

There are mainly 3 types of dives that one can opt from :

Tandem Jump : This is actually the simplest form of the sport. While you jump you are not alone. You are connected to a trainer who does all the technical things for you including the pulling f the cord of the parachute while you just have to drop down behind him.

Static Line Jump : This is slightly more difficult form that needs you to train for 6 hours before you can actually jump. The parachute opens automatically after 3 seconds of your jump from a height of 3000 feet.

Accelerated Free Fall : This is the most difficult one and one needs proper training before attempting it from 13000 feet.

Top 5 Places in India for Sky Diving

One can go to these 5 best places in India for sky diving :

1. Mysore, Karnataka

Sky Diving in Mysore
PC :

Mysore is a beautiful city and now has become the hub of the most thrilling of all adventure sports as you can experience two types of skydiving here- tandem for Rs 35000 for 3 hours and accelerated free fall for Rs 250,000 for 5 to 7 days. Accelerated free fall can be attempted for a maximum of 10 jumps at this cost. Yu have to be an early riser as you can only go for the jump in the mornings from 7 am to 9 am here and you will also require full day ground training for attempting this jump in Mysore. Skyriders, Mysore takes the bookings online and gives you an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

2. Deesa, Gujarat

Sky Diving in Deesa
PC :

Deesa is a city besides a lake. This city experiences a great clear weather that is necessary for the adventure of skydiving. This destination is famous for providing finest quality of all three types of jumps- tandem, static line as well as accelerated free fall. There are many skydiving camps organized by Sports Authority of Gujarat and Indian Parachuting Federation. You will have to shell out a total of Rs 16,500 for Static Line Jumps, Rs 33,500 for Tandem Jumps and for Accelerated Free Fall Rs 37,500. You will have to reach by 7 am to go for the jump and you can book it from the website of Indian Parachuting Federation. You will not get any place that offers to provide you skydiving facilities at such rates anywhere else in India.

3. Pondicherry

Sky Diving in Pondicherry
PC :

Pondicherry is a union territory and is also one of the most beautiful towns in India. The spectacular view when you fall from the sky is one of the main attractions of this place. You can experience two types of jumps- tandem jumps and static jumps. For the static line jump you will have to pay Rs 62,000 for 5 jumps whereas for a single jump you have to shell out Rs 18,000. The jumps are conducted every day from 7 am to 9 am in the morning. You are suggested to wear comfortable loose clothing and sports shoes for the jump. You can book the jump on the website of Waltair Escapade Thrills. This scenic place gives you the view of the sea and the mountains at the same time making it a memorable experience.

4. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Sky Diving in Aamby Valley
PC :

All the adventure seeking Mumbaikar and Punite has this skydiving destination in their wish list as this provides one of the best skydiving experiences of India. This daring sport is one of the most thrilling ways for the hard working people of these cities. The valley around this place is the most spectacular view for the people who jump for a skydiving experience. The cost of the jump here is reasonable as compared to the other destination in Maharashtra and you can only indulge in the tandem jumps here. The rates vary according to the days of the week. You will have to pay Rs 20,000 for the tandem jumps if you jump on the weekdays while on the weekends it is expensive by Rs 5,000. You can book the jump on the website of 360global.

5. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Sky Diving in Dhana
PC :

This place is has an air strip and is known to organize many skydiving camps for the people who love to try a hand in different adventure sports. They provide the facility of skydiving from the height of 4000 feet. For a tandem jump you will have to pay 35,000 on the weekdays and Rs 37,500 on the weekends whereas for the static jump you need to pay as much as Rs 24,000. Tandem jumps are short lived, do not need any training and last for 3 hours whereas static lie jumps that are a total of 5 in number need you to give at least 2 to 3 days. Chimes aviation academy takes the booking for the jumps.

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5 Best Places in India for Camping

The people who love to be with nature also love camping. Camping gives you the feel of nature in its most raw form. All you have between you and the outside world is a tent. You cook outside you live outside and this is why you get to know nature very up and close. India is full of rugged natural beauty and camping in India is therefore a great experience in itself. In the western world people love to go camping but in India this trend has recently started and is catching up fast. More and more people are getting to know the fun associated with this kind of living for a few days away from the hectic work life of the city.

Top 5 Places in India for Camping 

So, here is a list of 5 best places in India for Camping :

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one place that props up in every best five list. This place has its own charm and the beauty of Ganges flowing from this place adds to everything that Rishikesh has to offer to its visitors. This beautiful place is an exciting getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can pick a tent and enjoy your stay on the banks of river Ganges. The best time to stay in these tents is summer because in winters it could get really chilly for anyone to stay outside especially at night. There are many camping companies that provide you with stay in the tents, food and hot drinks throughout your stay. The stars the moon and the hills form the best backdrop for your stay with nature in Rishikesh. While you are in Rishikesh, you can also explore some other thrilling adventure activities in Rishikesh.

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2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Camping in Jaisalmer
PC :

As much is Jaisalmer famous for its forts, palaces as well as architecture, it is also famous for the night out in camps in the desert. The vast open spaces with clear skies over your head make Jaisalmer the best spot for camping. The camping among the ever changing sand dunes is an experience in itself and one must not miss it at any cost. The vast open spaces over sand let you gaze through the sky and count the stars at your own luxury without a soul to disturb your peace of mind. During your stay in the land of sand dunes you can ride a camel or go for desert safari during the day while after mesmerising sunset you could enjoy a walk on the cold sand or enjoy the local folk dances. In this place sunset and sunrise both are breathtaking.

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3. Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Camping in Bhandardara
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Mumbai is a city that does not walk it actually keeps running all the time. The hustle and bustle of the city is very tiring but just at 3 hours drive from this city you will find one of the very quiet places of India and that is Bhandardara. This is a very little known hill station and probably this is the reason why not too much rush s seen here. This hill station is located at 2,500 feet above sea level and presents a picturesque getaway from the city life. There are amazing waterfalls, and wonderful greenery that make this place a perfect site for camping. You could swim in the natural lakes here and set up your tent close to the lake to have that perfect camping experience.

4. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Camping in Ladakh
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This is one of those places that a hard core camper craves for. Ladakh offers the most picturesque yet dry kind of camping place in India. This is a camping experience that is incomparable to anything else. you can find such stark contrasts nowhere else but in Ladakh. On one hand there is a big beautiful lake while on the other hand this very lake is surrounded on all sides by dry rocky desert. The best time to visit this place is during summers from May to September. You can camp here in the Sangla Valley, Tsomoriri Lake, West Ladakh Camp etc. the mesmerising beauty of Ladakh remains the same through all the camping sites. You could even witness the flocks of migratory birds returning to their natural abode and indulge in apricot picking or rock climbing activities.

5. Coorg, Karnataka

Camping in Coorg

This place is one of the most beautiful hill stations in South India and has beautiful landscape to compliment your stay in tents. The morning among the tea and coffee plantations give you the most refreshing start ever. You can go to the source of Kaveri River that flows into the Bay of Bengal in Tamilnadu. You could reach Coorg either from Bangalore or Mangalore with equal convenience. You could just pitch your tent besides a stream and enjoy the beauty of nature. The night skies are filled with stars whereas the grounds shimmer with thousands of fireflies just besides you making your stay worth it. Here you could camp anywhere but the best place to camp is Bettigiri.

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5 Best Places in India for Skiing

The people who love snow have special love for skiing too. All the adventure sport lovers just love to slide over the snow and feel the thrill in the snow. Though India lies in the tropical belt of the world but there are mountains of the Himalayan range that are so high that they receive snow during most of the year and this provides a golden opportunity to those who wait all the time to have fun in snow. The skiing is a sport that involves you to tie a ski board to your feet and with two sticks for balancing as you slide over the surface of snow. This may appear to be an easy task from far but it takes a lot of hard work to master the skill, though tourists and honeymooners do it once or twice just for fun.

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Top 5 Places in India for Skiing

In India there are many places that offer you a great skiing experience such as :

1. Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Skiing in Pahalgam

Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most revered places for the sport of snow skiing. At this destination skiing is taken really seriously and professionals enjoy skiing over the snow here. Of all the regions of the western Himalaya this area is considered to be the best. Pehelgam not only offers the best skiing sites in India but also offers the view that one can die for. The high rise magnificent Himalyan range and the skiing in that cold climate is an experience in itself. Even the trekkers love to be in Pehelgam due to its scenic beauty and amazing fauna and flora. You can ski here from December to March and you will face no problem of accommodation in this place.

2. Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Skiing in Gulmarg

Jammu Kashmir is rightly called the heaven on earth. The amazing scenic beauty that it has to offer forces you to go back to the place yet again. it lies in the Baramla district of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is known to be the “heartland of winter sports in India.” It is actually the best skiing destination that India has and can be visited between December and March when the snow is thick. Gulmarg literally means the road of flowers and if you visit this place in spring then you would know why it was named so. Apart from skiing one can also enjoy world’s highest cable car named Gulmarg Gondola and enjoy the scenery of Gulmarg from a height.

3. Solang Nala, Himachal Pradesh

Skiing in Solang Nala

Manali is known to be Honeymooner’s paradise but this place is just not for the romantics. The people who like to experience the thrill of going up and down the snow swiftly are also attracted to Manali equally. The Solang Nala of Manali is known all over the world for the winter sports that are organized there in the month of January. There are many tournaments held here during the season. Also, there are many training workshops organized in order to teach the amateurs all the basics of skiing. Apart from Skiing this place is also famous for many other adventure games such as parachuting, paragliding, skating and Zorbing. This place remains alive all throughout the year because the tourists are attracted to the many sports that are offered to them.

4. Munsiyari, Uttaranchal

Skiing in Munsiyari

Munsiyari literally means the place with snow. This famous skiing spot is situated on the banks of Goriganga River and is an emerging tourist destination. The tourists from all over the world reach this place for various reasons. This place serves as the base for the mountaineers that start their climb from here. The glacier enthusiasts also start their journey from this place. If you are a trekker who loves to go to high altitudes then too this place is from where you will start from. Munsiyari was an important halt for the traders that traded on the salt route. The skiing is one of the best things one can enjoy here as it offers an opportunity.

5. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Skiing in Manali

Nothing can beat the snow capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh when it comes to skiing. The spotless snow which looks like a spread of white all over the place is the perfect call for all the lovers of snow and adventure. The skiers from all over the world arrive here at Manali for waxing the snow of this region. Manali has many spots where one can enjoy the sport of skiing such as Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass. All these spots are open for the skiers from February till mid of April after which the snow starts melting and skiing cannot be done. This place is a paradise for the honey mooners and adventure seekers alike.

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5 Best Places in India for Hot Air Ballooning

Having seen the Hollywood movies where the hero proposes the girl in a hot air balloon one must have definitely dreamt of a balloon ride when they visit a foreign country. But, now you do not need to go to a foreign country for having a flight in hot air balloon because there are many places in India itself that are offering you this great new experience of floating in air. This concept is new to India but is picking fast and good because the number of adventure seekers in India is no less than any other place in the world.

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Top 5 Places in India for Hot Air Ballooning

If you are really interested in having a hot air balloon ride then here is a list of the places in India that offer you this thrill

1. Lonavala, Maharashtra

Hot Air Balloon in Lonavala
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Lonavala has always been a place for the romantics and this is the reason that so many Hindi films and their songs have been shot in Lonavala. This gem of a place is located in Maharashtra near Mumbai and gives you a great view from the land itself. When you go up in the hot air balloon up to the height of 4000 ft then the scenic beauty becomes almost breathtaking. The lush green hills, the river the amazing terrain, all add to the mystical beauty of Lonavala and this experience becomes one of its kinds. It takes almost an hour up there but it is here that you actually realize that time flies by because when you come down you are left wanting more. You can book the ride with Sky Waltz and it may cost you Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12000 per person.

2. Hampi, Mysore, Bidar, Karnataka

Hot Air Balloon in Hampi
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Karnataka is a beautiful state that offers exotic Western Ghats and the lush green forests for the visitors. But, this is not it. The visitors who are there in the months of December and January can enjoy the four day long hot air balloon festival during which you can enjoy the ride in a basket hung with a balloon that is flying off in the sky like a moving rainbow. You get to do sightseeing and you also can have a great time visiting Hampi and having a look at the ruins of the ancient temples and forts of this place. Hampi has a great historical importance and one must not miss and opportunity of viewing the ruins from such an angle and such a perspective. You get to go up to 5000 ft and remain in air for one hour duration for a charge of 8000 rupees per person.

3. Delhi NCR

Hot Air Balloon in Delhi & Haryana
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The national capital region is one of those unique places that give you all that is glitzy and glittery. The amazing view of the lighted houses throughout the region will keep you mesmerised all through your journey in hot air balloon. If you want to witness the calmness and beauty of nature then too there is a provision in the form of Damdama Lake which give you serene view and peace of mind. You can enjoy this ride with your family in just INR 9000 to 13000 per person. The prices may vary from one company to the other that provides this service of hot air balloon ride. This one hour of journey with your family and friends going to be a ride of the lifetime.

4. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur
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Rajasthan is known for its rustic beauty. The barren terrains and the magnificent forts along with colourful and warm people make this place the most amazing place to visit. On top of it if you get to see the aerial view all with your naked eyes then probably that experience is comparable to nothing else in the world. The hot air balloon ride over Pink City is the most marvelous activity that you can enjoy during your visit to Jaipur. The perfect winds and the weather conditions make the trip to the heavens something worth remembering. The children are given concession of almost 50% and can take the ride in INR 6000 per person whereas the adult need to shell out a whooping 12000 rupees for the same ride. This one hour journey is worth the money you spend on it.

5. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Hot Air Balloon in Agra
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The city of love, Agra where an Emperor made the most marvelous monument Taj Mahal for the love of his life is the perfect choice for any romantic couple to have a hot air balloon ride together. This could create the perfect moment for anyone who is planning on proposing the love of their life. The opportunity of viewing the Taj from the top is just incredible and it should never be missed. The height gained by the balloon is mere 500 feet but it gives the clear view of the Taj. This ride is not too long and you get to stay up there on the balloon for 15 to 20 minutes. You just need to pay a meagre amount to get the most amazing view.

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