The Boxing Girls of Dighwara Village in Bihar

In our country where still disputes are going on,over equal rights and education for women, Dighwara a village located in Saran district of Bihar have shown to the entire nation that women are as equal to men even in sports. Girls from this village faced several opposition and challenges from their family and society, but yet with great efforts they achieved their goal and are successful in winning medals and becoming Boxing Champions.

Dighwara Boxing Club 

In Dighwara village where parents get their daughter married at the age of 18 it was quite surprising to see girls as boxing champions. But the Dighwara Boxing Club brought hope, honor, confidence, respect and sense of equality to the girls of this village. Roshan Singh a physical instructor at three local schools noticed that many of his students were fit, disciplined, dedicated and had a passion towards boxing.  With the help of a local college he set up a boxing club within the college campus  with a makeshift boxing ring constructed of bricks, sand and cement. He motivated many of his school students including girl students to join the club and took an initiative to train them.

The Boxing Girls of Dighwara Village in Bihar
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In the beginning he started coaching 6 to 8 young girls. Later there were 20 of them.The club has now 50 odd members. These girls have been travelling all over India, winning one medal after another at the district, state and national levels and making Bihar a proud state. The club has started collecting fund to purchase the necessary equipments required for boxing. All who are talented and has a passion for boxing were trained. This was also.possible because of the spirit and dedication of the coaches, Roshan Singh and his friend Dhiraj Kant.

The Boxing Girls of Dighwara

Dighwara has produced female boxers who have bagged more than 50 medals in various levels of championship. Twelve years old Priyanka  lived in the next village, half an hour from Dighwara. She took a bus at 4 in the morning to reach for practice. After practice she attended school and after school upto 8 in the evening she practiced boxing. She was opposed by her parents. Similarly 12 year old Varsha was also not supported  by her parents.

The Boxing Girls of Dighwara
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But they only focused on their game. It was their dedication and efforts that helped them to achieve their goal and win medals on State and national level. Priyanka won the ‘Most Promising Boxer’ along with a silver medal, and Varsha bagged a bronze medal. In the Women’s National Boxing Championship Priyanka won three medals.  They were first active sport persons  in the village. Later many girls joined the boxing club and won medals for their country.

Dighwara Boxing Girls Future Plans

Priyanka and Varsha  would like to motivate more and more girls in boxing and make them self confident. So they have planned to do a diploma in sports coaching.

Dighwara Boxing Girls Future Plans 
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But before that with rigorous practice and guidance from their coach they intend to participate in many more national and international championship and win medals for our country.

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Mahesh Savani – A Proud Father of 436 Daughters!

Mahesh Savani, a Surat based businessman and owner of P P Savani group is well known for his humanitarian work. He followed the footsteps of his father Shri Vallabhbhai Savani. Mahesh was former a diamond merchant and now a reality businessman and philanthropist.

Mahesh Savani has always made headlines for his social work. He has supported girls who had no parents and needed financial help. He got them married by arranging mass wedding, played the role of a father and performed kanyadaan and gave them gold, silver and necessary household items. He also sponsored the education of martyred soldiers’ children. This is not the end, his social work still continues. His journey from a  diamond merchant to realty king and then to a philanthropist is truly inspiring.

Mahesh Savani – A Diamond Merchant

Mahesh was born in a well to do family of Saurashtra’s  Ranparada village. His father had built up a diamond business in 1978 which he and his two brothers expanded. He completed his diploma in civil engineering and joined his father’s business in 1990.

Mahesh Savani - A Proud Father of 436 Daughters
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He expanded the business which gave a good turnover upto 2003. But later he got involved in few cases against him in diamond import.The years 2004 to 2007 were very difficult for him. He had full support of his family. Finally he was acquitted from the case.

Mahesh Savani – A Reality King

After his acquittal from the cases, he put up a reality business in 2008, which gave him instant success and till now he has made a deal of thousands of crores alongwith his brothers.

Mahesh Savani - Father of 436 Daughters
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Mahesh Savani does this business under P.P.Savani Group. He constructs schools, housing, townships, universities, hospitals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Both his son’s after completing MBA has joined the group.

Mahesh Savani – A Philanthropist

In 2008 one of his distant relative passed away, Mahesh got his two daughters married,  and also performed kanyadaan by playing a father’s role. He also helped them financially. He was touched by this incident which made him think of those countless girls who had no father and are financially weak and cannot afford the wedding expenses. Mahesh Savani decided to help them.

Mahesh Savani with his daughters
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In 2010  he organised the first mass wedding, where as a fatherly figure he did the kanyadaan of all the girls and he provided them with clothes, jewellery, utensils and other things to set up a home.  In the wedding ceremony girls belonging to any caste or religion are married off as per their respective customs and religion. Every year he organises at least 300 mass weddings and spends lakhs of rupees for this noble cause. He is also sponsoring the education of  students of many schools in Surat who have lost their parents or who are financially weak. Recently he has provided financial help to the martyred soldiers’ children and also sponsored their education. He gets immense pleasure by helping the needy. According to him “Service to human being is service to God.

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Arun Kumar Bajaj – World’s only Sewing Machine Artist!

Arun Kumar Bajaj the world’s only sewing machine artist, born on 2nd June, 1983 hails from Patiala, India. He has gained name and fame for his machine sewn paintings.

Arun Kumar Bajaj was good at painting when he was in school. But the sudden death of his father Ashwani Bajaj when he was 16 years old compelled him to leave school and join  his father’s tailoring business. He runs a tailoring enterprise in Adalat Bazar of Patiala that specialises in stitching traditional achkans and sherwanis.

Arun Kumar Bajaj – The Needle Man Of India 

Arun Kumar Bajaj is known as the Needle Man Of India. He is a tailor by profession, but painting was his passion so he decided to combine the two arts. He started trying out new ideas or methods to create innovative work with needle and thread. Gradually, his unique embroidery that looks similar to paintings became famous in India and abroad.

Arun Kumar Bajaj - The Needle Man Of India 

Arun Bajaj was famous for his sewing work and had made paintings of many famous personalities. France and Western culture are famous for embroidered tapestries, but Arun’s work is different from all of them as it is entirely done by sewing machine and not by hand. His paintings were amazing. He also held exhibitions of his paintings in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and other cities. He sold some of the paintings out of which one fetched him nearly 3.5 lakh at a sale at Dilli Haat in the capital.

Popular Works and Awards

Portraits of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Jesus Christ, Guru Gobind Singh, Lord Krishna, Mother Teresa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal are some of his popular works. The  6 feet by 4 feet Lord Krishna’s portrait  made by Arun Kumar Bajaj, using 28,36,000 metres of thread, completed in 3 years was registered in the India Book of Records on February 4, 2015. It was also registered in  Unique World Records on September 24, 2016.

Arun Kumar Bajaj - World's only Sewing Machine Artist

Arun Bajaj presented the  Union minister Smriti Irani , a large, 4×2 feet ‘painting’ of the court of Ranjit Singh, the fabled Maharaja of the Sikh empire with nearly 2,000 human figures – courtiers, soldiers, noblemen, etc, in all their regalia. It took him over a year to complete it. Recently, he also presented Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a stitched portrait.

Aim in life

Though Arun Kumar Bajaj was a tailor by profession, his passion for paintings didn’t  allow the artist in him to die. He had no intention of remaining a tailor forever. He had a desire to become popular by creating some innovative work.

Arun Kumar Bajaj - The only Sewing Machine Artist in the World

Arun Bajaj did a creative work by combining both sewing and painting together. He wanted the whole world to recognize him and his work. He worked hard to achieve his goal and was successful. He aims to make more and more creative paintings.  Arun Kumar Bajaj popularly known as ‘The Needleman of India’ is now planning to get into the Guinness Book of World Records and make India a proud nation by his unique paintings.

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Kushi H – India’s Cruncher girl from Mysore!

Yoga was originated in India. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that strengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility, improves health, relieves stress, centres your thoughts, relaxes and calms you.

Kushi H is the 13 year old teenager who has set up an amazing world record by performing the most difficult yoga asanas ie. the Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana / Back Plank Recline Cruncher 15 times in a minute and became the pride of Mysore.

Kushi H – The Cruncher Girl from Mysore

Kushi is the daughter of S Hemachandra and H Kumuda, the Reserve Bank of India officers studying in St. Joseph’s Central School, Mysore. Kushi was facing breathing problem so her father took her to yoga classes to resolve it. The breathing problem was resolved but later she realized that she has an interest for yoga. She has been practicing yoga since less than 3 years and has excelled in it.

Kushi H - India's Cruncher girl from Mysore
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She has won many awards at national and international level. But the remarkable one is the world record that she has made by performing 15 times the  back plank recline cruncher in a minute. By setting a new world record she has added to India’s excellence in the meditation and exercise form.

Awards bagged by Kushi

Kushi has won several awards such as ‘Yoga Praveen’, ‘Karnataka Kalashree’, ‘District Youth Award’, ‘Yoga Kesari’, Mysore Rathna’, ‘Best Exceptional Achievement’ and ‘Yoga Ratna’. She has bagged two gold medals at Shanghai First International Yoga invitation tournament held in China in 2014. In 2014, she also won a silver medal in an international Yoga competition in the under-17 category in China. In 2016, she won two gold medals, for solo artistic and rhythmic pair and two silver medals in four events in Vietnam. She has won four gold and a silver medal in the recently concluded 7th Asian Yoga Sports Championship organised by Yoga Sports Singapore at Kallang Community Club.

Awards bagged by Kushi H - Cruncher Girl from Mysore
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At the age of thirteen she was inspired by a contestant  an American yogic Kenichi Ebina who performed Back Plank Recline Cruncher a very difficult asana on the popular TV show  America’s got talent. She started practicing the same. During the practice session she performed it 13 times for one minute. But in the presence of representatives from the Golden Book of Records at a community hall, in Mysore she broke her own record by performing it for 15 times in a minute.

Kushi’s Future Plans

After her great achievement of creating a world record, Kushi plans to create much more such records. She wants to make India proud by her achievements. She wants to give her best so she intends to practice more and more to achieve success.

Kushi H - The Cruncher Girl from Mysore
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Kushi also wants to become a yoga teacher and go in depth to do research in the field of yoga. This will be of great help to her to create new records and achieve her aim in life. Apart from this she also wants to become an IAS officer and work sincerely for betterment of our country.

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Prayatna Sharma – World’s Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior

Great talents have always been produced by India. A young teenager’s name is added to the list who has made a name in the history by breaking the world record. Prayatna Sharma, a 15 year old boy, studying in standard tenth,  from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, India has become the fastest in the world at backwards skating. He has set a world record of skating backwards and his name has been included in the Guinness Book of World.

Prayatna Sharma – The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

His success has proved that age doesn’t matter if you have a passion to achieve something and you work hard  for it. Hard work and aim to achieve his goal has made this school boy a world champion of backward skating. His achievement is a matter of immense joy and pride for India.

His Guide and Trainer

Prayatna Sharma was five years old when he started training skating under his father’s guidance. Skating was his hobby. He woke up early in the morning,after doing his exercise had milk and went on the roads of the city for his practice. He practiced skating for two hours daily in the morning.

Prayatna Sharma - World’s  Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior
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In the beginning Prayatna  was practicing forward skating. But  he wanted to do something different. So he started practicing backward skating under the guidance of his coach. He practised for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening daily. At the start it was difficult for him. But daily practice helped him to perform backward skating  with balance.  After a practice of 5 to 7 years  with the help of training from his coach, he achieved great speed and perfect balance in backward skating. His father and other family members were of great support.

His Achievement

Prayatna Sharma was very keen to achieve his  goal of becoming the world’s best reverse skater. His efforts  and long years of practice gave him full confidence over his unbreakable speed and perfect balance, so he decided to create a world record that no one had so far achieved.

Prayatna Sharma - The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

On 21st June, Prayatna Sharma created a world record of the most fastest backward skating for 1 kilometer in just 2.08 minutes. He smashed all the previous world record and made an entry in the Guinness books of record.

His speed was more than some two wheeler vehicles or even faster than 100 cc bike.

His Dreams

After creating a world record of fastest reverse skater, Prayatna Sharma has an intention of doing something more higher. He aims  to do something bigger and enter the world of professional ice skating. For him ice skating is a  fascinating sport.

At present his goal is to work hard and practice a lot to achieve success in ice skating.  He has a dream of winning  an Olympic medal for his country in ice skating. He wants to honour and make India proud by his achievements. He will put in all his efforts to make his dream successful.

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Saarang Sumesh – India’s Youngest Robot Maker

Saarang Sumesh is a child prodigy and India’s youngest robot maker who created his first robot at the age of 4 years. Saarang is a class 2 student who hails from Kochi and has participated in a science exhibition – TECH FOSS 2K16 which acted as a platform for him to display his models alongside 25 projects of other engineering and technology graduates. For the purpose of guidance and support, his father accompanies him frequently to small robotic clubs in Kochi and other places.

Saarang Sumesh – The Youngest Robot Maker of India

Sumesh has worked on a smart seat belt project, in January recently. He has also displayed a cleaning robot along with a robotic hand. This seven-year-old boy has already created models like autorickshaw robot, a Lego calculator and a humanoid that can fire bullets. As per reports, Saarang has programmed his cleaning bot to function autonomously. He has also developed a walking stick for the visually impaired and for his next project Saarang will work on Sumo-fighting robots.

Interesting facts about Saarang

Saarang Sumesh
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Becoming the youngest robot maker only at the age of 4, his inventions are highly inspired by social and routine issues. Inspired by him, his school has created a special innovation lab too. Highlights of his Smart seat belt project are as below:

The belt could sense if a vehicle is actually upside down and in cases like these the belt will automatically unbuckle. The accelerometers can also detect the collision and the belt will not open suddenly. He has designed the water and fire sensors in the device in such a manner that they detect them automatically. For Circumstances of fire without accident, fire alarm in the device set off, seatbelts will open automatically and the driver will be able to park his vehicle and escape safely.

Origin of the idea

Saarang Sumesh - Youngest Robot Maker of India
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The device was invented when he heard his parents discuss the problems of normal seat belts in school buses that do not release easily post an accident and prove to be a fatal for children. Saarang aimed to make this for kids in school buses and was thus struck with the idea of a smart seat belt. He has made the robots utilizing a Lego Robotic Kit.

Other robots created by Saarang Sumesh are:

  • Tricycle
  • LEGO NxT robot
  • Arduino projects using Raspberry Pi
  • Digital clock
  • A Hand speed game
  • A Cleaning Robot
  • Smart Seat Belt
  • A humanoid robot firing bullets

Achievements of the youngest Robot Maker

Saarang Sumesh TedX
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In TECH FOSS 2K16, a science exhibition in Kochi, Saarang’s stall was the most crowded and people flocked to have a glimpse of the three robots he displayed. He has attended many tech fests like Maker Week End at Cusat, LEGO league at Coimbatore and was the youngest speaker in TEDX along with exhibiting his creations at the largest Maker Faire at Silicon Valley, USA in the year 2016. Many are impressed by his presentation skills. To the audience’s dismay, Saarang never fails to explain the uses of the robots he displays in a fantastic and precise manner.

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Gladson Peter – One man Band

Looking at Peter Gladson perform on stage is literally hard to fathom because he is a lean 24-year-old who artfully balances 13 instruments on his back that weighs around 20 kg and masters the art of playing them all in an extremely synchronised manner. Gladson is known to be India’s first and Mumbai’s only ‘one-man band’, who has the ability to play over 45 musical instruments with ease. He is also a singer and songwriter who is versatile and at ease with several genres of music.

Gladson Peter - One man Band
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Gladson Peter – One man Band who plays 45 Instruments

His songs resolve on positivity, thankfulness, love and worship. He has been greatly influenced by bands like Switchfoot and Sounds of the Nation. Till date Gladson has performed 40 shows or more in Maharashtra and also in various other parts of the country. His first corporate show was in the year 2016.

Musical Journey

In Spite of playing many instruments since the age of three years, he was just a regular guy in school. He has given greater emphasis to various physical activities along with participating in many state-level competitions. When he began facing physical problems in Class XI, he underwent a year of treatment and attempted to appear for his Class XII examination all over again but failed in his endeavour.‘Never give up’ is a motto firmly imprinted in his mind, which helped him to clear the class 12th gradually.

Though being warned by the doctors against strenuous exercise and carrying heavy musical instruments, Gladson was determined. In Spite of being a good drummer, he decided to play the ukulele, a Hawaiian instrument because drum kits were expensive. It is his natural talent to learn any instrument just within an hour and that has led him to be successful in music irrespective of the challenges. He started off with NSPA (Natural Streets for Performing Arts), and performed publicly on the ukulele and was soon playing the bass drum, snare drum, acoustic guitar,  harmonica, kazoo, slide whistle, tambourine, ghungroos along with participating in TV shows.

Source of Inspiration

On February 22, 2016, Gladson started his ‘One Man Band’ and began with 11 instruments initially. His greatest source of inspiration is his Dad from whom he has inherited the attitude of ‘never give up’. His father has worked hard to earn for his family. He  inspires Gladson a lot. He has motivated Gladson to follow his passion, no matter the hardships.


Gladson Peter - One man Band who plays 45 Instruments
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In no time, ‘One Man Band’ received appreciation from various sources and youngsters look up to his performance as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Acclaims for his performances have come from all over the world when Mark Di Giuseppe, the Legendary Straniero and Trashman Blues, another One Man Band from Italy, appreciated and recognised his natural affinity towards music and recognised his work as tough yet effortless, especially the use of the melodica attached to the guitar. It is not just the accolades, but this exceptional talent has fueled Gladson’s passion for music, giving him a purpose to life.

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Khivraj Gurjar – India’s BMX Yogi

Daredevil Grandad as he is famously called, Khivraj Gurjar performs yoga on a bike just on an edge of 300 ft-high cliff. His breath-taking extreme yoga moves are totally unbelievable. This timeless Daredevil actually risks his life by walking over a ledge with a 100 metre drop that too without any safety equipment. He is a 68-year-old man who performs yoga poses on a BMX bike as he is suspended over a deadly 300 ft drop.

Khivraj Gurjar - India's BMX Yogi
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Khivraj Gurjar – BMX Yogi of India

Khiv Raj Gurjar, from Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan in India, is the world’s finest result of the phenomenon called ‘extreme yoga’. This pension-age daredevil spends at least an hour every day running up to 45 individual yoga poses on his bike and is an inspiring example for his age. He does this while being perched on the edge of a 300 ft cliff. Gurjar balances and performs yoga postures that are very complex on high cliffs without any fear or the thought of falling from the mountain. He has reached the epitome of self control and can literally do anything on the mountain without any sort of panic.

How did it Start?

Khivraj Gurjar - BMX Yogi of India
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Khivraj Gurjar has been performing extreme yoga for the past 20 years and he attributes it the credit of helping him to cope up to a personal intense tragedy. On the 4 November 2014, Khivraj unfortunately lost his son, grandson and wife in a terrible road accident. It was a heart wrenching. accident that shattered him and has taken time to heal. He used this energy and pain into yoga. Khivraj had already began practicing yoga at the age of 12. He used to visit the cliff since a very young age and would do his stunts since childhood.  But the tragedy of losing his family members provoked him to master this hobby as a passion that has made him well renowned today as Khivraj Gurjar, India’s BMX Yogi.


Khivraj Gurjar
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As a child, Khivraj Gurjar  used to go visit the cliffs after school. One day after the tragedy of the sudden and tragic demise of his loved ones, he bought a BMX cycle and diverted all his energy and sadness into doing extreme yoga. In the summer season, Khivraj prefers to exercise at the beginning of the day, to prevent the impact of intense heat. While performing yoga on cliffs, one slip would mean a probable death. In spite of his talent, skills, hardwork and dedication his family still worry about the dangerous nature of Khivraj’s extreme balancing act.

Opinions of Family Members

Khivraj’s grandson fears the yoga stances his grandfather performs under huge risk on high mountain cliffs. However, his granddaughter Yoga Gurjar who is 15 years old feels proud because he is the source of grit and inspiration for her and aims to follow his footsteps someday. She is very confident and believes that her grandfather who does stunts on mountains is like an in-house superhero for her. Khivraj has also represented India at a national level as a cyclist and also competed in India’s national football league.

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Harpreet Dev – The Man who drives in Reverse Gear

Harpreet Dev is an Indian taxi driver who rose to fame and is well-known in his hometown of Bhatinda, Punjab because of his astonishing reverse driving skills. He is 30-year-old and has been driving his cab in reverse for about 11 years. Harpreet believes that he is so used to driving in reverse that now he doesn’t trust himself to drive in forward direction anymore. He also has a special government license that lets him drive backwards in every state in the northern part of India.

Harpreet Dev - The Man who drives in Reverse Gear
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Harpreet Dev – The Back Gear Champion

Harpreet has always wanted to do something different and unique in life. If put it in simpler terms Harpreet reversed the complete gear mechanism of the car. He did so in order to get maximum speeds when driving backwards. Back in 2005, Dev drove backwards in an unbelievable journey all the way from Rajasthan in India to Lahore in Pakistan. He did this with an aim of promoting peace between the two countries.

How did his unique journey start?

Harpreet’s passion for reverse driving began in the year 2003, when his faithful Fiat Padmini as be called it, got stuck in reverse gear late at night. He was outside the city and had no money. Therefore, he had the thought of driving the car backwards till Bhatinda. From then onwards he learnt to drive backwards which gradually instilled confidence in him.

Harpreet Dev - The Back Gear Champion
PC :

That is when Dev realised that he was really on to something big. The next morning Harpreet painted on the side of his car, the words ‘Back Gear Champion’. He also redesigned the gearbox of his car to have four reverse gears and just one forward.

How he manages this?

It has taken years of practice for Harpreet to drive comfortably backwards at the speed of up to 50 miles per hour. He has also attached an ambulance siren to the top of the car in order to warn unsuspecting drivers and pedestrians regarding his peculiar driving skills. He is proud about the fact that he has taken care of this to protect other drivers on the road.

Future plans

Unfortunately, Harpreet’s dream of making it into the Guinness Book of World Record stays unaccomplished because he realised later that a person named John Smith, from the UK, already has this stunt to his credit. To break Smith’s record, Harpreet had to make a non-stop video footage of his reverse driving skill but was unable to do so.

Harpreet Dev Reverse Gear
PC :

Harpreet’s peculiar driving habit has won him fame in his hometown. However, at the same time it has had some serious negative effects as well on his health. He now suffers from severe back and neck problems. These frequent pains in the neck has accompanied with severe vomiting in the past. He has also been affected with severe backbone problems from driving very fast in reverse, because his entire body gets extremely contorted.

Harpreet strongly believes that it has been totally worth the while. Achieving a rare and difficult thing is never easy. According to him not giving up is what counts.

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Badri Baldawa – The man who drove from Mumbai to London

Age is just a number stands absolutely true in the case of Mr. Badri Baldawa a 73-year-old man who has covered 19 countries in 72 days. On March 23 2016, Badri Baldawa, a steel exporter and chartered accountant with his 64-year-old wife and their 10-year-old grand daughter embarked on a road trip from Mumbai to London that is about 22,000 km, in their BMW X5, across 72 days.

Badri Baldawa - The man who drove from Mumbai to London
PC :

Badri Baldawa’s Mumbai-London Road Trip

The longest distance driven on one day was 930 km that was from Warsaw to Brussels. One such day they had breakfast in Warsaw (Poland), lunch in Cologne (Germany), and dinner in Brussels (Belgium). The Indian embassies hosted dinners for them in Lithuania, Russia and Brussels. Photographs were taken daily and emailed to the Baldawa children, who uploaded all of them on a blog and on their Facebook page.


In 2016, the couple began charting out the route which was an unusual one. They drove across India to Imphal. From there, they moved to south to Myanmar, Thailand and then Laos. Then they moved to China before entering Russia and ultimately the Schengen area. They spent 24 days driving from Mumbai to Imphal.

Badri Baldawa's Mumbai-London Road Trip
PC :

They wanted to explore several places within the country, and particularly expose their UK-based granddaughter to the country’s diversity. All hotels had to be booked in advance and in places like eastern Europe, guides were needed who could help them navigate.

The Actual trip

They headed to the southeast of Asia from Manipur. Further, in Thailand the tourism ministry set up a cultural event for all of them. They drove for 16 days across the northwestern region of the country when they entered Kunming in China. They drove 400 km every day, for 12 hours on an average, and took sufficient breaks to see the places.

What they saw

The pit toilets in rural China and Russia were shocking. Yet, they could not forget the cleanliness in all the places. All cultures, depicted high level of civic responsibility, even in the rural areas. Though the roads in China had the best infrastructure, the roads in the mountainous regions were the most astonishing. In northeast India, the roads were wound around the hills yet there were high-speed highways at the same time that connected all the mountain tops along with the long tunnels that passed through the mountains.They were also enchanted by the extremely peaceful coexistence of elephants, rhinos, buffaloes and deers in Kaziranga National Park.

Badri Baldawa
PC :

Now, the Baldawa couple is on a mission to share their story and travels along with their key message that age is just a number. They also want to convey that there will be many difficulties on a mammoth plan like this one. But it is up to the travellers to take them up as challenges, overpower them and stay determined, rather than  being overpowered my them. Though Mr Baldawa has been to the Antarctica, in 90 degree South his next ultimate goal is a zero gravity space walk!

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