Prayatna Sharma – World’s Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior

Great talents have always been produced by India. A young teenager’s name is added to the list who has made a name in the history by breaking the world record. Prayatna Sharma, a 15 year old boy, studying in standard tenth,  from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, India has become the fastest in the world at backwards skating. He has set a world record of skating backwards and his name has been included in the Guinness Book of World.

Prayatna Sharma – The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

His success has proved that age doesn’t matter if you have a passion to achieve something and you work hard  for it. Hard work and aim to achieve his goal has made this school boy a world champion of backward skating. His achievement is a matter of immense joy and pride for India.

His Guide and Trainer

Prayatna Sharma was five years old when he started training skating under his father’s guidance. Skating was his hobby. He woke up early in the morning,after doing his exercise had milk and went on the roads of the city for his practice. He practiced skating for two hours daily in the morning.

Prayatna Sharma - World’s  Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior
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In the beginning Prayatna  was practicing forward skating. But  he wanted to do something different. So he started practicing backward skating under the guidance of his coach. He practised for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening daily. At the start it was difficult for him. But daily practice helped him to perform backward skating  with balance.  After a practice of 5 to 7 years  with the help of training from his coach, he achieved great speed and perfect balance in backward skating. His father and other family members were of great support.

His Achievement

Prayatna Sharma was very keen to achieve his  goal of becoming the world’s best reverse skater. His efforts  and long years of practice gave him full confidence over his unbreakable speed and perfect balance, so he decided to create a world record that no one had so far achieved.

Prayatna Sharma - The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

On 21st June, Prayatna Sharma created a world record of the most fastest backward skating for 1 kilometer in just 2.08 minutes. He smashed all the previous world record and made an entry in the Guinness books of record.

His speed was more than some two wheeler vehicles or even faster than 100 cc bike.

His Dreams

After creating a world record of fastest reverse skater, Prayatna Sharma has an intention of doing something more higher. He aims  to do something bigger and enter the world of professional ice skating. For him ice skating is a  fascinating sport.

At present his goal is to work hard and practice a lot to achieve success in ice skating.  He has a dream of winning  an Olympic medal for his country in ice skating. He wants to honour and make India proud by his achievements. He will put in all his efforts to make his dream successful.

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Abhishek Choubey – India’s Shoulder Blade Puller

Not everyone in this world is blessed with extraordinary superpowers, India’s very own Abhishek Choubey is setting a fine example of enigmatic physical strength and stamina. According to Abhishek, he can pull heavy weights just with the help his shoulder blades. The guy also claims to be the only guy of his age who is capable of pulling heavy gear in his style. The guy pulls heavy loads like a car etc. by his shoulder blades alone. Abhishek Choubey is looking forward to establishing a world record soon.

Abhishek Choubey - India's Shoulder Blade Puller
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Abhishek Choubey – Man with the Steel Blades

Abhishek Choubey is from the incredible Madhya Pradesh state of India, the 18-year-old gentleman recently pulled an astounding 1.1-tonne car with a cord tied to a wooden piece which was placed around his shoulder blades. Abhishek Choubey pulled the 1.1-tonne heavy gear for 27.5 staggering metres. It is truly magnificent to see how he manages his both, technique and strength while performing the stunts.

Abhishek Choubey
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Abhishek Choubey realised his potential of heavy weight pulling at an early age of eight, since then he has been performing various extraordinary tasks. He is known as the “Steel Blades” in his hometown in the Sagar region of the Madhya Pradesh. In his latest stunt, he pulled a Hyundai Accent for flat 27.5 metres in front of an applauding crowd, the guy was awarded for his astonishing skills.

Tactics behind the Stunts

Abhishek Choubey uses a unique wooden plank with an embedded hook designed by his father Mr A Choubey. He further added that he used to get different hooks from the market but the grip and comfort of readymade pieces hampered his performance, so his dad designed and made a homely manufactured wooden plank for him. Now he is capable of pulling two different cars at the same time with his shoulder blades alone.

Abhishek Choubey Shoulder Blades
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Abhishek Choubey also advises that this job of heavy gear pulling is not everyone’s cup of tea, he added that once his friend was performing one of his tasks and failed miserably and his friend had to see a doctor for the same. It is obvious that Abhishek Choubey is blessed with a special power and he truly admires it too. He exercises every day for 2 hours straight, he takes a good care of his shoulder blades.

Parental Support

Abhishek Choubey’s parents are pretty happy with their son’s popularity and ability. His father has supported him from the very beginning and he wishes to see his son’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records soon. His father wants him to continue his endeavours and also want him to continue the studies. It is applauding to see how the some of us are chosen by the God to perform great tasks, superhuman capabilities are not common at all. Abhishek Choubey’s journey inspires us to explore our potential. The thirst for the Guinness world record will drive him to push himself harder; we can expect huge endeavours from him in the future.

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Surendra Kumar Apharya – The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!

There is a very thin line between “Skill” and “Talent” and it’s a subject you can debate on, but there are people who, with their acts and actions, will confuse you, will amaze you in such a way that you may forget the topic and start gazing at them only. When they perform it becomes an act of astounding skill, a magnificent performance of talent and spectacular show of concentration, practice, hard-work and perseverance. And mind you, there are not much people around, who are like this. And one such skillfully talented individual is- Mr.Surendra Kumar Apharya.

Surendra Kumar Apharya – Astounding Guinness Book Record Holder

The Archeological Survey of India at the Jaipur branch has this extraordinary wizard who can write on a single grain of rice and a single strand of hair. This is just not all; he has been carrying forward the traditional tenth century Rajasthan miniature arts and holds quite a few Guinness World record.

Surendra Kumar Apharya - The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!
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He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for writing 1749 characters on a single grain of rice. He has been holding this record for the last 25 years. He got his name on the Book not just once or twice but seven times. He also holds a record of writing 249 characters on a single strand of human hair. This master of miniature arts has also written three Speeches of Jawaharlal Nehru, which otherwise if written normally will become an average sized notebook with eighteen pages, on a postage stamp measuring – 19.6mm X 17.8mm.

His Journey

It all started when one fine day, after reading an edition of “Guinness Book of World Records”, Surendra decided to do something extraordinary. He started writing on small things like a grain of rice. He faced a lot of failure and frustration, and even criticism from his own family members when this act of writing took long hours of practice. But his patience, hard work, and concentration gave him all the accolades.

Surendra Kumar Apharya Miniature Writer
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He finally mastered the art with the help of correct use of the lens, thinnest of brushes, and controlled precision writing. He practices yoga so that his hands do not vibrate while he writes. He can even hold his breath for two minutes when required. Then started the journey of awards and he got all the recognition for his talent, from the Government. His challenge to a Japanese record for inscribing most characters on a grain of rice (184), in 1989, when he was 38 years was the turning point.

His Stimulus

Surendra is an inspiration and his story is a stimulus to many, which is evident from the fact that his wife has been trying to beat the record of splitting human hair. So far she’s been able to do that -24 times. His dedication and the willpower that he has to achieve a set goal is itself a vision. No doubt this is not the end, as he moves ahead on his journey, with the next milestone of writing either Gita or Quran in an area of 1 mm.

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Jyoti Amge – World’s Shortest Woman from Nagpur, India

Many a time the people may lose heart because they are physically different from the rest of the people who are considered normal. The physically different people may find it hard to carry out certain functions because almost everything is constructed and manufactured in a way that suits the “normal” people. But, this is not necessarily a hurdle that can stop them. The Guinness World Record holder for being the shortest woman on earth is an example that proves the same.

Jyoti Amge – The Shortest Woman of the World 

Jyoti Amge who is the world’s shortest woman alive is full of life and brimming with confidence all the time. This woman who was born on 21st December 1981 but her height is same as it would be of a two year old child. She is 2 mm short of 63 cm or about 2 feet tall and weighs near about 12 pounds.

Jyoti Amge
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In her childhood she was diagnosed with a skeletal problem that leads to dwarfism known as achondroplasia. In this the skeletal growth is hampered due to non-formation of cartilage. Jyoti once suffered a fracture in her leg which failed to join because of her condition. Instead of bone the fractured portion got joined by fibrous tissue. This made it impossible for her to walk without splint. It is the problem in this condition that the bones fail to grow and if there is a fracture

Jyoti is brave ad a fighter to the core. She knows that she is not like normal kids but she studied in a normal school with other normal children. It was only her chair and table that was small . Her confidence was always sky-rocketing and she believed that she can become a film star.

Jyoti Amge American Horror Story
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It is said the no dream is too big and her dream of becoming an actress was fulfilled by the American Horror Story where she got a major role to play.

Owing to her short stature jyoti got to visit many places all over the world and meet different people. Though at present Jyoti is the shortest woman but she is not the shortest woman of all times. This record is still with Miss Pauline Musters of Netherlands who lived in the second half of the 19th century. This beautiful woman who is no taller than an average two year old child has indomitable spirit and loves makeup and dressing up. She takes help of her sister to get her dresses customized for her.

Jyoti Amge Worlds Shortest Women
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Being in American Horror Story got her many fans and friends. The people from the TV industry love her and her spirit. She is a favourite of all the people who watch AHS but she opted out of the show after one season.

There are many people who lose hope when they face adversity and for such people Jyoti is a great inspiration of what a person can achieve whether or not he or she is considered physically normal. This woman of India is a constant source of inspiration for many and would remain for years to come.

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Ram Singh Chauhan – The Indian Man with Longest Moustache of the World

The people do several things to get noticed and having a great looking moustache is definitely a head turner. But having a moustache 14 feet long is not most of the people aim for. Ram Singh Chauhan who is an officer in Rajasthan State Tourism is the Guinness World Record holder of having the longest moustache (14 feets) in the world.

Ram Singh Chauhan, the 56 year old man from Rajasthan is a real craze for the tourists who want to get a photo clicked with him. Earning a record of this sort is not an easy task as it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance before one can reach this level.

Ram Singh Chauhan – The Man with World’s Longest Moustache 

Ram Singh started to grow his moustache in the year 1982 after being inspired by another Rajasthani named Karna Bheel. Since then he hasn’t cut his moustache except for some trimming of the edges. According to him the moustache is the symbol of manhood and it is very disheartening to see almost all the boys going clean shave these days.

Ram Singh Chauhan Longest Moustache
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The ritual of nurturing the moustache of Ram Singh is quite tedious and it takes almost two hours every day he first gently cleans his moustache, then combs it and after that he massages it with oil. He uses coconut oil or olive to massage his moustache. This man is no less than a celebrity and has been visiting places all around the world where people call him for competitions and championships.

Ram Singh Chauhan has not just grown his moustache for himself but also would like other men to keep moustache. He also gives out tips on how to grow a good moustache such as :

1) Start Early : He says that the moustache that comes in the teenage years is the best and has the potential to grow the longest. As the age progresses the age of the moustache hair reduces so it is advisable that the boys must not shave off their early moustache. Ram Singh has never shaven his moustache. He just trims at the level of the lips.

World's Longest Mustache, Ram Singh Chauhan
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2) Proper Grooming : According to chauhan one must groom the moustache well if they wish to grow it long. He massages it with coconut oil and washes his moustache every 10 days in which he requires his wife’s help that is rendered happily by his wife.

3) Family Support : Chauhan says that in the initial years his wife id not like him keeping the moustache but gradually as he started getting recognized for his moustache she also accepted it as one of the family members. Now she also helps Ram Singh in grooming the moustache. So having family support is also of importance for your passion.

Ram Singh Chauhan Worlds Longest Moustache
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4) Endurance is the Key : The new growing moustache can be itchy and irritating but if you want to have a good one you must endure the pan. Ram Singh finds it difficult to sleep with this long a moustache but he is proud to be sporting one himself.

5) Do not fall Prey to Peer Pressure : Many youngsters do not like to have moustache these days and this must be discouraged as moustache is a symbol of manhood and must be sported by males belonging to all age groups.

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Ziona Chana : Indian Man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren !

You might have seen a lot of joint families with a lot of members. Have you ever heard of a single family with 183 members ! You got it right, an Indian man named Ziona Chana from Mizoram has set a record of having a 183 member family. Surprisingly, he has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren (167 members including Ziona). In addition to 167 members he also has 16 daughter-in-laws making a family of 183 members. This family lives in a 4-stories building in a small village near the border of Bangladesh & Burma.

Ziona Chana having Worlds Biggest Family

Ziona Chana : The Man with 183 member family

Ziona Chana says that once he married 10 women in 1 year. The sons and their wives and all their children live in the same building, in different bed rooms but share a common kitchen.

Ziona Chana having Dinner
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The house that they live in has over 100 rooms, and is located in Baktwang village, Mizoram. Ziona’s wives sleep in a giant dormitory. This huge family of 183, consumes about 90 kg of rice and 60 kg of potatoes every day. When the family wants non-vegetarian food then it takes 30 whole chicken for the complete family to prepare dinner.

Cooking is done by the wives, the daughters do cleaning and washing work and the men work outside like farming, jobs and other things.

Ziona Chana's House

Ziona says even today he is ready for another marriage and can afford to have one more wife. He also says that he is  lucky that God has given him so many people to take care of. Ziona met his first wife at the age of 17.

Chana keeps the younger women near to his bedroom and the older members of the family sleeping away from the bedroom. Also, there is a rotation system for the members who visits Chana’s bedroom.

One of the wife of Mr.Chana, Rinkmini who is 35 years old says that ‘We stay around Ziona as he is the most important person in our house. He is also the most handsome person in the Baktwang Village.’ Rinkmini adds that Mr. Chana noticed her on a morning walk in the village 18 years ago and wrote a letter to her asking for marriage.

Ziona Chana's family praying
Ziona Chana’s family praying

Another wife of Ziona Chana, Huntharnghanki says that the entire family has a good bonding. She also adds that the family shares mutual love and respect.

Mr. Chana’s religious sect has about 4,000 members, and he says that he never stopped looking for new wives. Chana also says that ‘To expand my sect, I am willing to even go to the U.S. to marry’.

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