Anand Arnold – India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

You must have heard about heroic tales of the past about iconic figures battling for life and surviving critical conditions. But, we fail to realize that an indestructible soul and a never-dying spirit can be a subject in the present world. Here is a story of a young man from Ludhiana, Punjab, who is a living legend,for he is India’s only wheelchair-bound bodybuilder. Here is his inspiring story.

Meet Anand Arnold – The First Wheelchair Bodybuilder of India

Anand Arnold, a young and dynamic 28 year old man from Ludhiana, battled his way through adverse diseases like a paralytic attack and cancer. At a delicate age of 15 years, his will power made the phoenix rise from the ashes and he became the first ever wheelchair bodybuilder, India ever had.

A True Story

All that Anand Arnold could dream about, as a small boy, was to become a bodybuilder. He started hardcore training when he was as young as 13 years old. He was so good at it, that he was awarded the same year. But, unfortunately the young fitness pro was struck with a sudden tragedy. At the age of 15, doctors declared that Anand Arnold was suffering from cancer of the lower spinal cord. He was soon operated, but sadly the surgery lead to paralysis.

Anand Arnold - India's First Wheelchair Bodybuilder
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Being bedridden for almost three years, Anand decided to be strong and stand against all odds. He fought back and came over the horrible incident. He had only one thing in mind, which was to become the best bodybuilder in India. Bound on a wheelchair, he began an intensive workout and training despite of his disabilities.

How Illness Took a Toll

Anand says that he was overwhelmed when he first won the Mr. Gold Ludhiana award at the age of 13. All was going well until there began an extremely sharp and unbearable pain in his lower back. When he could not take it anymore, Anand Arnold was taken to the hospital immediately.

After lots of tests and diagnosis the doctors came to the conclusion that Anand was suffering from last stage lower spinal cord cancer. The immediate thing the doctors could do was to operate him. But the operation was not very successful as it paralyzed Ananad’s lower body.

Inspiration to Stay Head Fast

Anand continue that he was on the bed for three years and felt helpless. His near and dear ones would worry for him, but nevertheless, Anand did not lose hope.  With a positive attitude, he focused on getting back what was lost.

Anand Arnold Wheelchair Bodybuilder
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One fine day, he asked some students, who used to get trained under Anand, to carry him to the gym, where he started with basic shoulder exercises.It was that very moment that made Anand Arnold realized his true destiny in life. His coach and mentor for life, Mr. Ravi Parashar guided Anand towards an intensive fitness schedule and diet planand would boost his morale.

Anand Arnold’s Advice

Anand Arnold wants the world to understand his simple motto that you have to convert your weaknesses into your most useful strengths, for a successful life. Anand Arnold’s struggle story is truly inspiring for many.

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Ansar Ahmad – India’s only Mouth Barber

You might have seen videos going viral on the internet about barbers who use flames or Samurai swords as some very absurd and bizarre hair-styling trends. But, if you have ever been to the city of Varanasi and yet, not heard of the famous, Ansar Ahmad, then think about visiting again. This famous barber, owning a shop in the Jagatganj area of the city is popular for his spectacular skills of cutting people’s hair, holding a scissor in his mouth. The early line up of customers is nothing, but a certificate of Ansar Ahmad’s perfection on his job.

Ansar Ahmad - India's only Mouth Barber
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How did Ansar Ahmad acquire this talent?

Ansar Ahmed, the popular barber of the city of Varanasi, has some fantastic skill to display. But, his talent of using his mouth to cut hair did not arise out of passion. Ansar recalls the time when he met with a severe accident in the year 2001. The injury took a toll on his hand. With only one hand to work with, it became difficult for him and his family to survive. He had to look out for an alternative, as cutting hair was the only job Ansar was doing since his childhood. With utmost dedication of three years, he learned this fabulous skill of cutting hair with a scissors in his mouth.

Doing it over and over for so many years now, Ansar Ahmad takes just 25-30 minutes on a single customer’s hair. His fans believe that no matter if it is his hands or his mouth doing the job, a perfect hair makeover is assured.

Ansar Ahmad for the Guinness

Awed by the attention Ansar is receiving from the media and all the praise from his fans, he held a campaign on May 3, 2016 at his very own, Liberty Salon in Jagatganj, Varanasi. The main aim of this camp was to get registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Ansar planned to set a record of cutting people’s hair for 25 long hours, non-stop, holding scissorsin his mouth. All of the talent, completely free of cost.

Ansar Ahmed Varanasi Barber
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The camp was a huge hit and a lot of people from all over the city and of course, some national and international tourists visited his salon for a makeover.

Ansar’s Next Big Step

Being dependent on the skill of cutting hair since he was young, Ansar Ahmad felt that it was extremely tough to manage life in extremely difficult situations. Since the accident, 16 years ago, Ansar has realized the pain of the impaired people. He now wishes to start up an institute for the physically challenged people.

His list includes a training center for the handicapped and the visually challenged people, where he would train them for unique hair cutting skills. He also aspires to train young disabled children of his village, for the same skill set as his own.

A Lesson to Learn

Ansar Ahmed’s breathtaking skills and a huge fan-following, sets a great example of gearing up in life and struggling against extreme situations. Watching Ansar Ahmad work on his skill, is a sight that touches the heart with all its might.

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Abhishek Choubey – India’s Shoulder Blade Puller

Not everyone in this world is blessed with extraordinary superpowers, India’s very own Abhishek Choubey is setting a fine example of enigmatic physical strength and stamina. According to Abhishek, he can pull heavy weights just with the help his shoulder blades. The guy also claims to be the only guy of his age who is capable of pulling heavy gear in his style. The guy pulls heavy loads like a car etc. by his shoulder blades alone. Abhishek Choubey is looking forward to establishing a world record soon.

Abhishek Choubey - India's Shoulder Blade Puller
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Abhishek Choubey – Man with the Steel Blades

Abhishek Choubey is from the incredible Madhya Pradesh state of India, the 18-year-old gentleman recently pulled an astounding 1.1-tonne car with a cord tied to a wooden piece which was placed around his shoulder blades. Abhishek Choubey pulled the 1.1-tonne heavy gear for 27.5 staggering metres. It is truly magnificent to see how he manages his both, technique and strength while performing the stunts.

Abhishek Choubey
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Abhishek Choubey realised his potential of heavy weight pulling at an early age of eight, since then he has been performing various extraordinary tasks. He is known as the “Steel Blades” in his hometown in the Sagar region of the Madhya Pradesh. In his latest stunt, he pulled a Hyundai Accent for flat 27.5 metres in front of an applauding crowd, the guy was awarded for his astonishing skills.

Tactics behind the Stunts

Abhishek Choubey uses a unique wooden plank with an embedded hook designed by his father Mr A Choubey. He further added that he used to get different hooks from the market but the grip and comfort of readymade pieces hampered his performance, so his dad designed and made a homely manufactured wooden plank for him. Now he is capable of pulling two different cars at the same time with his shoulder blades alone.

Abhishek Choubey Shoulder Blades
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Abhishek Choubey also advises that this job of heavy gear pulling is not everyone’s cup of tea, he added that once his friend was performing one of his tasks and failed miserably and his friend had to see a doctor for the same. It is obvious that Abhishek Choubey is blessed with a special power and he truly admires it too. He exercises every day for 2 hours straight, he takes a good care of his shoulder blades.

Parental Support

Abhishek Choubey’s parents are pretty happy with their son’s popularity and ability. His father has supported him from the very beginning and he wishes to see his son’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records soon. His father wants him to continue his endeavours and also want him to continue the studies. It is applauding to see how the some of us are chosen by the God to perform great tasks, superhuman capabilities are not common at all. Abhishek Choubey’s journey inspires us to explore our potential. The thirst for the Guinness world record will drive him to push himself harder; we can expect huge endeavours from him in the future.

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Jagwinder Singh – India’s ‘Super Singh’, An Armless Cyclist and Arts Teacher

In today’s time when youngsters need motivation to even join a gym, Mr Jagwinder Singh, a gentleman born without arms is breaking the stereotypes by cycling 25 kilometres every day. It sounds strange but it’s true, Jagwinder Singh belongs to Patran a small village in the vicinity of the Patiala city of the Punjab state. The story of Jagwinder Singh is an inspiration for the mankind, he didn’t let any hindrance come in his way of achieving his dream, he’s working and practising hard every day to participate in the Paralympics. He did not let his disability to stop him from achieving his dreams.

Jagwinder Singh - A Paracyclist from Patran, Patiala
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Jagwinder Singh aka Super Singh – Inspiration for Many

Jagwinder Singh also known as the “Super Singh” is a sheer motivation for the many of the youngsters in the region. He recently had participated in the deemed Chandigarh State cycling competition tackling normal humans with no disability and the guy won an astounding Gold medal. Apart from his passion for cycling, Jagwinder Singh is an avid art lover and a teacher. His parents didn’t have enough money to buy him a bicycle, so the determined Jagwinder Singh decided to teach art to students. Despite the hitches of human life, he managed to save enough money for his bicycle and today Jagwinder Chiefs a very energetic routine and satisfy his thirst for adventure.

Coming Challenges

Jagwinder Singh - India's Super Singh
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The Super Singh dreams of bagging first position at the Asian Para Cycling Championship in 2017. He aims to glorify India on a global level, the inspiration factor for Jagwinder Singh was when he watched 2012 Paralympics and decided to not let his disability destroy himself. It was difficult for Jagwinder Singh to balance and ride normally in initial days but with the help and constant support of his friends and parents, today Jagwinder Singh rides his cycle pretty well than any normal person. Now the guy travels around 25 kilometres almost three times in a week. His family and friends are waiting eagerly for the Paralympics to see Jagwinder showcase his handwork and talent.

Don’t let disability shatter you

Jagwinder Singh is happy to become an inspiration for many, he believes that if he can do much while tackling disability then a normal person will surely learn something from his daily endeavours. Even now Jagwinder Singh uses his feet to paint, to cook food and even to work on his computer. The proud father of Jagwinder Singh also added that when Jagwinder joined the school, kids used to make fun of him and he also faced various other social difficulties but his son never lose his morale and burning desire to do something kept him going.

Jagwinder Singh - Armless Arts Teacher
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One should never get disheartened by his weak points, one must always strive to do the best work of his entire life every day. Jagwinder Singh’s favourite cyclist if Canadian champion Joseph Veloce, he wishes to win Gold medals in Paralympics just like him.

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Surendra Kumar Apharya – The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!

There is a very thin line between “Skill” and “Talent” and it’s a subject you can debate on, but there are people who, with their acts and actions, will confuse you, will amaze you in such a way that you may forget the topic and start gazing at them only. When they perform it becomes an act of astounding skill, a magnificent performance of talent and spectacular show of concentration, practice, hard-work and perseverance. And mind you, there are not much people around, who are like this. And one such skillfully talented individual is- Mr.Surendra Kumar Apharya.

Surendra Kumar Apharya – Astounding Guinness Book Record Holder

The Archeological Survey of India at the Jaipur branch has this extraordinary wizard who can write on a single grain of rice and a single strand of hair. This is just not all; he has been carrying forward the traditional tenth century Rajasthan miniature arts and holds quite a few Guinness World record.

Surendra Kumar Apharya - The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!
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He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for writing 1749 characters on a single grain of rice. He has been holding this record for the last 25 years. He got his name on the Book not just once or twice but seven times. He also holds a record of writing 249 characters on a single strand of human hair. This master of miniature arts has also written three Speeches of Jawaharlal Nehru, which otherwise if written normally will become an average sized notebook with eighteen pages, on a postage stamp measuring – 19.6mm X 17.8mm.

His Journey

It all started when one fine day, after reading an edition of “Guinness Book of World Records”, Surendra decided to do something extraordinary. He started writing on small things like a grain of rice. He faced a lot of failure and frustration, and even criticism from his own family members when this act of writing took long hours of practice. But his patience, hard work, and concentration gave him all the accolades.

Surendra Kumar Apharya Miniature Writer
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He finally mastered the art with the help of correct use of the lens, thinnest of brushes, and controlled precision writing. He practices yoga so that his hands do not vibrate while he writes. He can even hold his breath for two minutes when required. Then started the journey of awards and he got all the recognition for his talent, from the Government. His challenge to a Japanese record for inscribing most characters on a grain of rice (184), in 1989, when he was 38 years was the turning point.

His Stimulus

Surendra is an inspiration and his story is a stimulus to many, which is evident from the fact that his wife has been trying to beat the record of splitting human hair. So far she’s been able to do that -24 times. His dedication and the willpower that he has to achieve a set goal is itself a vision. No doubt this is not the end, as he moves ahead on his journey, with the next milestone of writing either Gita or Quran in an area of 1 mm.

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Joseph Sekar – India’s Birdman who Feeds 4,000 Parakeets every day

Emotions are unique to humans and so is the emotion of “Love”, which is as distinctive as love is. You just cannot define love by examples, acts, words, or by reading about it. You need to feel it and it comes to you automatically. Similarly, no words are required to make the other person feel your love; you just connect with them automatically by “Love”, felt by them. This is just what happened after a devastating Tsunami hit the southern part of India during 2004. This love gave birth to the “India’s Birdman” in Chennai.

Tale of Tsunami

Tsunami in Chennai
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When the devastating Tsunami went back it left tales of sadness, sorrow, and pain. But it also gave birth to a lot of new things, numerous journeys and beginning of new relations; the relationship between man and nature, man to man and man and animal. What started as, just, kind gesture of feeding two tsunami- struck, hungry parakeets by Joseph Sekar has today become a way of life and a daily routine. The generosity has turned into love which is mutual.

Humble Cameraman

Joseph Sekar is a humble camera repairman and lives in the fast-paced city of Chennai. He started feeding two parakeets, ten years back, and today the number has increased to 4000 parakeets. The two parakeets, fed first by Sekar, brought few more next day and the number kept on multiplying day by day. Similarly, his love for them has elevated and is evident from the fact that he spends around 40% of his earnings on feeding these 4000 parakeets twice a day. He wakes up at 4:00 the morning to prepare the meal, by boiling 60 kgs of rice and grain. He repeats this during the evening.

Joseph Sekar India's Birdman
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He then, in a very organized manner, puts this cooked rice on fourteen wooden planks and spreads them across the roof of his camera shop. The birds start arriving at 6:00 a.m.and keep arriving till the last grain of rice is not finished. Similarly they again visit the roof at 4:00 p.m.and until 6:00 p.m. Daily expenses of Sekar, in feeding, the birds is Rs.500/-. He also takes care of sick and injured birds and frees them once they are healed. All this has given him the name – “Birdman of Chennai”. The picturesque view of Sekar feeding 4000 parakeets is a regular show in the morning since last ten years and is witnessed not only by the neighbors but also by strangers who get spellbound by this act.

Neverending Love

Joseph Sekar Chennai
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Sekar, who is now 64 years old, is growing old and feels that his body supports him less these days. But his love and affection do not show any sign of such thing. The love between the birds and Sekar has graduated over the years and based on the care and trust they have on each other. When Sekar says “just like people keep parakeets in a cage, the parakeets have put him in cage”, it clearly means the never ending love between Sekar and his parakeets will never fade away.

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Sundar Ramu aka Dating King – The man who Dates for a Noble Cause!

Everyone have good and bad things and thoughts within them. But when good overcomes the bad you do good positive and motivating things. You not only do act positively for yourselves and for your beloved but do a lot of noble things for strangers, thus serve mankind. Humans are social in nature and they do things which ultimately help the society and fulfill a social cause. History has seen legends doing things, sacrificing their lives for the good cause and social reforms. You also can do your bit just like this Chennai-based Photographer and actor, Mr.Sundar Ramu, did!

Sundar Ramu – The Dating King of India

Sundar lives in Chennai, India dates women across the Globe and has plans to date 365 women a year. He already had dated 110 women in a span of four months since Jan’ 2015. It all started when Sundar, the young smart guy started feeling alone and spending time with the crowd, as his profession asks him to live in a crowd, was not satisfying for him. He decided to explore life and people, lots of them, and real lively people. Maybe he was looking for an emotional connect when he decided to date women. Of course, he never was looking forward to a relationship.

Sundar Ramu Dating King
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Initially, he started dating women around his neighbourhood and people he knew. A very strange clause in his dating was any women dating him have to take him for the date and pay for the meal. She has the option of cooking herself also.

Sundar’s Dates

He dated his Sweeper- Chandra who, a mother of three cooked for him and both of them ate the food under the shade of trees in the apartment he resides. He also dated a woman who picks garbage in his building. The list is endless with the youngest woman being 21 years and the oldest 105 years old woman from a village near Pondicherry.

Sundar Ramu - Dating King of India
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Sunder took the pain of driving ten hours on his own to meet the date and come back. Sundar has on his list of dates the famous actress- Shriya Saran, dancer-choreographer Rukmini Vijaykumar, DMK leader Stalin’s wife, Mrs. Durga Stalin, actor Lekha Washington, and actress Aishwarya. He dated journalists like Rupali Mehra also.

The Nobel Cause

What is the fun in all these dates and why women just get ready to date this guy? What is the noble cause behind all the dates? If you are looking for an answer then the answer is very amazing and innovative. As the meal on the dates is paid by the women, Sunder saves all the money for that day, thereby saving money.

Sundar Ramu Dating
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He uses this money to sponsor a meal for members of an NGO. This is a regular practice and is done every month. This way the women who dated him the whole month also help him to serve to a noble cause and get the chance of getting their names added to the list of sponsors.

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Sandeep Bacche’s Wonder Auto Rickshaw in Bandra, Mumbai!

The world has both positive and negative characters and invariably we face the negatives much more than the positive ones. But just like a coin has two faces it is true that positive people and positivity surrounds us everywhere. The existence of mankind is because of the balance which is being created by both these forces. Talking of positive people, they always give us in terms of materialistic things, emotional quotient, or may be social service. But when this giving becomes the way of life and it is done irrespective of the social strata, and is done as per the capacity of the individual it becomes – Generosity. That is why people call – Mr. Sandeep Bacche the man who is “Millionaire at Heart”.

Sandeep Bacche – The Humanitarian Auto Rickshaw Driver

Also known as “Munna Bhai SSD”, Sandeep Bacche lives in Bandra, Mumbai and is 38 years old. He is an auto rickshaw driver since the last fifteen years and is quite famous in media as well as the commuters here in Mumbai. He is been awarded by CNN-IBN for his services towards the needy. What makes this National Cadet Corps dropout so famous? There is a saying that what you give comes back to you. That is what has happened with Sandeep.

Sandeep Bachhe Auto Rickshaw
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He has been providing services, to the best possible way as per his capacity, to the customers who travel in his auto. The list is endless and we may start with very simple but unique one. His auto has a newspaper for the customer, but in addition, he also has a sheet of paper which gives the day’s rates of ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, weather forecast, foreign exchange values and stock updates. Amazingly he also has kept an LCD in his auto for the customers to view and a ‘Pay Phone’. Next in the list are the mobile charger and the Wi-Fi connection to be used by the passenger. A ‘First-Aid’ box, a ‘Fire extinguisher’, ‘drinking water’ and even ‘hot coffee’ at just Rs.5/-.  He ensures that the customer gets full comfort and is well evident from the fact that his auto has ‘tissue papers’ and ‘ comfortable seats’.

Social Cause

Sandeep does not stop just here; he tenders his services to the society also by means of things which are kept in his auto. He has a “Donation box” where you can donate in exchange for a candy. The money will go to the cancer relief. He charges discounted rates for differently-abled, visually-challenged, and senior citizens. No charges for medical facilities. Just married couples are offered 10% discount.  In addition, he spreads a lot of social messages by means of ‘Hand-made’ cutouts, on saving girl child, stop pollution, eye donation and saving water.

Sandeep Bachhe Auto Driver
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To be a philanthropist you need not be educated, get spiritual lessons, or be rich your services are enough. The way you think, your point of view, your eagerness to serve the needy and challenged should be the only reason behind it. Sandeep Bacche is remarkable, amazing human being and he leaves a very strong message of “Positivity” and “Service to mankind” in every possible way, he can.

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Haresh Mehta’s Cardboard Furniture

You don’t need a very academic’s to be talented has been proved by a lot of people across the globe and over the years. What you need is to identify and nurture that talent. Talented people live everywhere, may be in your neighborhood, and may be within your own house. One such spectacularly talented, innovator, a fighter and a visionary lives in Mumbai and has proven that if you are strong headed and talent then sky is not the limit to showcase your flair. A college dropout this person not only has created a niche for himself but has given the society a unique way of living without damaging the nature. His name is – Haresh Mehta.

Paper Shaper – Haresh Mehta’s World of Corrugated Boards

Haresh Mehta’s family business of making cardboard boxes made him grasp the knowledge of cardboards and corrugated boards. But when the family members were busy making money out of the business Haresh was busy in innovating with the Card boards. He started designing different shapes and sizes of boxes and articles from then. He never bothered about what people used to say about him those days. He is a fighter, which is evident in the fact that he is a Cancer Survivor. He started making cardboard furniture and the very first furniture he made was a “Cardboard Sofa”.

Haresh Mehta Jayna Packaging
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To everyone’s surprise the sofa not only took the weight of people but was easy to assemble and dismantle. They found it light, durable and economical option as against wood and metallic furniture. The ability of the corrugated boards to fit into each other without the use of any nut or screw makes it more durable and easy to move. Today Haresh has made a lot of other furniture like – bed, chairs, table, rocking chairs, lamps and much more. A visit to his office will take everyone to surprise as there is not even a single item which is not made of cardboard, even his pin stand. The best part of this furniture is that they are eco-friendly. Being made of cardboards they are biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.

No Formal Education!

Haresh has not taken any formal education or certification in designing these corrugated board furniture, it’s all in his DNA. His R&D, printing and packaging is all done in his brain.

Haresh Mehta's Cardboard Furniture
PC :

His works are simple yet stylish and that’s why he has earned clients like – Unilever, Coca-Cola, Cadbury’s to name a few. Today he has more than 200 awards under his belt for his works in the field of packaging design and display solutions. Mr. Mehta has taken up the reins of convincing the local bodies for the Corrugated Board “Coffins”.  He is trying to convince the Church clerics and the municipal authorities for the green burials with these coffins which are eco-costly and eco- friendly also.

Haresh Mehta Cardboard
PC :

It is quite amazing to find a person who never bothered about becoming a business tycoon but utilize his talent and innovation for the betterment of the society and Mother Nature.

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Poonam Singh – India’s first ITI Certified Lady Mechanic

In the era of women empowerment, women have made a landmark move and achieved a place in various fields of science, politics, education and much more. Be it engineering, doctorate or even artist’s women have constantly fought for their rights and stood up for themselves breaking the typical stereotypes of the Indian society. One such empowering story is a 24-year old Poonam Singh. Coming from a small village in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Poonam is India’s first ITI certified automobile mechanic at Maruti Suzuki. At this stage, where there are a large number of career options available, car garage is the least chosen one, actually, can say 1 out of 10 women choose it as their career. In the year 2014, a total of 60 women enrolled for the course in motor mechanics and in the year 2015, the figure of 60 increased to 70 and in 2016 the number has reached to a 200.

Poonam Singh – India’s first ITI Certified Lady Car Mechanic

Poonam wakes up as proud women every day and with her head, high goes to work at a dealership store of Maruti Suzuki. Doing the job that only men do, typically in India, she is the first women in India to complete a course as an automobile mechanic and also an apprenticeship from ITI (Industrial Training Institute) a government run organization. ITI basically proves training on cars, provides practical experience, industry visits, and interaction with the top engineers and managers from the industry. She is the first from her family to have a company job and won a National award by the President of India for the same.

Poonam Singh - India's first ITI Certified Car Mechanic
PC :

Coming from an area where company jobs are hard to get, Poonam earns about INR 12,000 per month plus various incentives based on her performance. She works as a supervisor in Maruti Suzuki and the job profile includes supervising every car that enters the dealership premises and making sure that the cars are serviced well and delivered on time to the respective clients. With achievements comes struggle, when Poonam initially started her career and started working at the service center she felt awkward and different among all the boys and men working there and remained absent from work for about 2 weeks. Realizing this the manager advised, got her back to work and also helped her overcome this problem. Poonam put’s in a lot of hard work and is very fortunate that she was a part of the second Maruti Suzuki batch that has benefited from up gradation of technology and encourages much more students to do the same.

In Meerut, the supervisor at Mann service center, Poonam says that she never expected that she would end up making a career in a male-oriented industry and that machines, auto parts, and cars really interest her. She not only performed exceptionally during the ITI training but also got promoted twice and now works with one of the most reputed brands in the automobile industry in India. Unlike other women in their 20s, Poonam stands out from the rest. Not just because of her achievements, but also a girl coming from a small village and traveling to work daily wearing shirt and trousers!

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