Arun Raikwar – India’s Magnet Man

Arun Raikwar, a 37 year old Indian man hailing from Madhya Pradesh, gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘attractive man’. With what he calls ‘super human powers’, this is how Arun Raikwar became India’s Magnet Man.

Arun Raikwar – The Magnet Man of India

As controversial as it sounds, Arun Raikwar discovered his unusual ‘super power’ a few months ago as he was working on some handy work in his home. Bizarrely, a nail stuck to his skin, as if being pulled towards his body by some magnetic force. Not knowing any better, Arun Raikwar boasts about his body emitting ‘special waves’ which allow him to become a human magnet, attracting steel spoons, nails, and other household cutlery all over his chest. Arun says that his magnetic powers are strongest around his chest, stomach and back.

Arun Raikwar - India's Magnet Man
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In a recent video graphic interview, Arun displayed his magical skills by sticking a bunch of spoons and nails all over his chest. This was captured by a camera as it showed Arun extremely proud of his ‘magical powers’. He has visited a doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong with his body, or there is no real danger to him. However, when asked if he wanted to know the scientific reason behind his ‘magical powers’, Arun answered with a blatant ‘No’. According to him, the mystery and magic behind his super human powers make him feel special.

However, after a recent doctors visit, Arun came across some devastating news. Shailender Shukla looked keenly into Arun’s case, only to come to the conclusion that the magnetic field around Arun’s body has abnormally increased, thus showcasing his magical magnetic powers. This super power however, is not permanent, as his body will eventually restore back to its original magnetic field, making him an ordinary man once again.

Arun Raikwar - Magnet Man of India
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Arun feels extremely delighted whenever the locals request him to showcase his special magnetic powers. He feels like some sort of a celebrity, being India’s first Magnet man. However, he also admits that he is saddened by his own condition. Even though Arun’s wish is to one day enter the Guinness Book of World records for his unique talent, he parallelly wishes that his super powers go away with time. Even though he likes the temporary attention presently, he would not like to be a spectacle all his life.

A photographer by profession, Madhya Pradesh’s very own Arun Raikwar is now being photographed by media and interviewed about his super powers. He admits that the attention and feeling of uniqueness was good in the beginning, but now he is started to get annoyed by it. His only wish is to enter the Guinness Book of world records before his super powers inevitably vanish just as fast as they started. Arun day dreams about one day showing off his name and records in the Guinness Book to his grandchildren. Till then, we can only hope that Arun enjoys his fair share of attention as he continues to be India’s Magnet Man.

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Dinesh Verma – India’s Only Scooter Stuntman

Dinesh Verma, hailing all the way from Punjab in Northern India is known for two things only; his daredevil nature and his super pimped out scooter. Now at 31, Dinesh has been performing deadly stunts on his scooter since he was just a teenager at 16 years of age.

Dinesh Verma – The Only Scooter Stuntman of India

While you will find a number of amazing stunts men performing deadly stunts on their bikes, Dinesh is one is a kind in India as he performs all of these stunts on a scooter. Dinesh boasts that a scooter has a smaller engine, the entire weight of the scooter being misbalanced to one side, and the wheels are smaller than a bikes, making his stunts that much more dangerous and difficult. He is one of his kind who dares to perform these deadly stunts on his unique scooter.

Dinesh’s Early Start

Dinesh owned his own scooter since he was a teenage, and often heard things which suggested that bikes were the only two wheeler appropriate for stunts. However Dinesh brushed off all warnings, considering them only weak excuses. He was set out to show the world that his small scooter could perform even more dangerous and awe striking stunts than a bike.

Dinesh’s Scooter Stunts

Dinesh Verma - India's Only Scooter Stuntman
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Dinesh believes that he can perform each and every stunt that a rider can perform on his bike, and even do more! He is seen to perform stunts such as bar tricks, cliff hanger, doughnut, fire shows, biscuit eater, burnouts, Christ, switchback, stoppie, zero circles, hyper spin, high chair, just to name a few. Some of these stunts are things which ordinary people have never even heard of, but are completely awe struck when they watch his performing them.

Dinesh takes great pride in his little two wheeler, customizing his scooter to make it look as jazzy and attractive as possible. With a body of abstract art and wheels turned green, Dinesh’s scooter turns quite a few heads on the street, even when he is not performing his dangerous stunts on them.

Dinesh Verma Scooter Stuntman
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Dinesh is aware of the risks that come with his profession. Crashing, falling and accidents are a great risk, especially considering the kind of dangerous moves he performs on his scooter. However, he puts his safety first as he is always seen wearing a helmet for protection.

Even though Dinesh might have found the profession of his dreams, he admits that he does not make enough money off of it to maintain his scooter. Some months are better, which other months can be very difficult. When asked about his future plans, Dinesh remarks that he would love to get married, but only to a woman who understands his dreams and passion and allows him to pass down his skills to his children.

Everyone hopes that Dinesh can find the lady of his dreams who is strong enough to support his deadly profession. Till then, we can only hope to see more of Dinesh’s superb stunts on his colourful little scooter and wish him all the best.

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Mohit Lakhmani – India’s Paper Sculptor

With a passion which is as quirky as his personality, Mohit Lakhmani, a young designer from Delhi, creates some of the most eccentric pieces of art that you can find.

Mohit Lakhmani is a designer and artist who specializes in a lot more than just paper sculpting. He is a master in infographics, motion infographics, data visualisation, contemporary art, and photography! Sounds like quite a handful! But what Mohit is most popularly known for are his paper sculptures.

Mohit Lakhmani – A Paper Sculpture Artist

One of his most famous pieces features the face of Barrack Obama which he created by individually stitching 500 pieces of paper together to create a perfect little sculpture of the great icon.

Mohit Lakhmani Barrack Obama Sculpture
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How does he Create these Paper Sculptures ?

The art of creating paper sculptures is not an easy one. The first step to creating his world famous paper sculptures is to create a blue print on the computer. After he creates this blue print, he defines each and every element individually on the blue print. This is then printed out, and carefully switched together to create a realistic looking sculpture. As we can all guess, each art work can take him days to create, some even more.


Paper Sculpture Designs by Mohit Lakhmani
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Mohit Lakhmani’s sculptures are unique, truly one of a kind. Why, you may ask? We have all heard of clay, mud, even metal sculptures. But a paper sculpture is something that is extremely unique. And Mohit is a master at creating them. Mohit’s other paper sculptures include designs of houses, cars, animals, war tanks and much more, made purely out of paper. This designer surely has a lot of talent and patience to create these delicate pieces of art work! Mohit’s paper sculptures have become very famous as he is gaining more and more popularity in several countries.

Meaning of his Sculptures and His Inspiration

Many of his art works have deep, hidden meanings inside them. Much like any other artist, Mohit also finds his art work to be an outlet for his innermost feelings, emotions and thoughts. Mohit gained immense fame as his innovation resume was covered by the world famous Forbes magazine. When asked where Mohit gets his inspiration from, he gives credit to Origami; a Japanese form of paper folding art.

Future Plans

Mohit’s dream and passion in life is to open his own paper sculpture art museum one day. This will feature all of his best paper sculptures to showcase to the entire world. Mohit’s passion, determination and raw talent is a perfect example of how one individual can take a simple idea and turn it into something so big and beautiful that he gains popularity for his work all over the world. In this digital age where everything is computerised, Mohit’s paper sculptures showcase the perfect balance between technology and raw, handmade skill and talent.

Mohit Lakhmani Resume

A founder of his own company now which he calls MGL Infographics, Mohit has no plans of slowing down with his passion. Creating more complex and beautiful paper sculptures is his motto, as he strives to reach his goals and open his own art sculpture museum one day.

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Bhasins – A Unique Aviator Family that has Clocked 100 Years of Flight

People who carry their family traditions, values and even business, is something which is common. But here there is a family of aviators who carried their names in the aviation from three generations. The Bhasin’s who proudly introduce themselves as a family who carried working in the aviation from three generations. The whole Bhasin family worked and still working in the aviation business as aviators. The Bhasin’s are one of the unique Indian family who clocked 100 years of flight in their overall journey.

Bhasins - A Unique Aviator Family that has Clocked 100 Years of Flight
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Bhasins – A Unique Aviator Family

The Bhasin’s family has delivered their work in the aviation from their grand father’s time. The Bhasin family is basically from Delhi, India. The Bhasin’s started their journey of 100 years in aviations from their grandfather. And from there the family of two parents and two children continued the legacy of their grand father’s proud possession.

Jai Dev Bhasin

Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin is a sole person who started his career in the aviation. And from there he has become one of the first pilot commanders of the country in 1974 among seven of them. The Bhasin family, especially Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin delivered his impeccable service to the country with pride and honor. And from there the Bhasin family started their amazing journey in the aviation.

Rohit Bhasin

Rohit Bhasin
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This Bhasin family majored their services in the aviation. And also delivered their true passion and respect for the country. Captain. Rohit Bhasin is the second in the chain who followed the footsteps of his father. Captain. Jai Dev Bhasin was a proud father and an aviator, when he saw his son pursuing the same career. And also excelling in his position as a second aviator in the Bhasin family.

Nivedita Jain Bhasin

Nivedita Jain Bhasin
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A proud wife and daughter-in-law, who completely followed her father-in-laws pathway. And who proved to be one of the third youngest woman captain of the jet plane. Captain. Nivedita Jain is a mother of two talented children, who pursued their career sin the same field as their parents. Captain Nivedita Jain is a first woman commander who received a charge of Boeing 737 jet plane for the first among the three in the Indian history.

Commander Rohan Bhasin

Commander Rohan Bhasin is a proud son of Captain Rohit and Nivedita Bhasin. He grew up in the family where all he saw was his parents dressing as pilots and delivering their incredible work. Commander Rohan Bhasin decided his career as an aviator in his early childhood days. And now he has become one of the aviators in the family to continue the legacy.

Commander Niharika Bhasin

Being the youngest one in the family, the commander Niharika Bhasin looked up her parents and brother for inspiration. Like her brother Rohan, she always pursued her love for planes in the field of aviation. She grew up looking at her mother getting ready as a captain pilot each day. Her mother made her an excellent person and a pilot that she is right now.

These 100 years of glory as aviators brought all sought of honor in the Bhasin family. Hope this tradition continues in their family and even crossed generations of aviators in the same field.

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Himanshu Garg – India’s Engineering Genius from Agra

Technology and knowledge lead to creative ideas and exposure. In this century people believe in delivering excellence in their work. And create their own future and opportunities. And all these mentioned qualities can be delivered by a person, who is a genius in their own way. And here that genius is Himanshu Garg. Himanshu Garg a boy who changed all perspective about technology and knowledge.

Himanshu Garg – Engineering Genius of India

Himanshu Gard is basically from Agra, Delhi. And his talents lead him to a path where people admire his work. Moreover, government recognized his work and talent by facilitating him prestigious awards. Himanshu Garg is called as one of the India’s Engineering Genius from Agra.


Himanshu Garg is a genius engineering kid, who changed scenario of device handling and management. With the help of creative engineering ideas and internet knowledge a youngster from Agra developed different amazing devices.

1) Anti-collision train system

Anti-collision system for trains is developed for the sake of train and their passengers safety. Himanshu Garg created and developed this Anti-collision train system just provide overall protection to train systems, and avoid all sorts mistakes caused by human errors. This train system avoids unexpected train collision at a same time. And such type of train collision can be avoided with the help of GPS attached to the overall train systems.

2) A fire Alarm

Himanshu Garg also developed a common fire alarm which a sense chances of fire damage. These fire alarms created by Himashu Garg helped people avoid unexpected fire accidents. The overall work of these fire alarms can be managed with the help of the installation of small fire device. These fire alarm systems are now installed in all school, college, apartments, hotels and also in many prestigious places. This fire alarm detects smoke and sprinkles water all over the place. And meanwhile it it sounds an alarming sound all over the place to avoid damage.

3) Anti-theft System

Himanshu Garg believes in designing such device which can safeguard human lives from any type of danger. And with such intension Himanshu Garg developed an anti-theft alarm system which can be helpful for all people. These anti-theft systems can be installed in all places, which needs prestigious security protection for their valued possession. Moreover, these anti-theft systems prevents theft, but also creates alarming sounds in the place of theft.

4) Universal Remote Control System

This universal remote control system controls any sort of device without its provided remote controller. Himanshu Garg created a device which helps handling and controlling any device. This device acts as its remote control. And it even provide better living opportunities with less devices. This universal remote control system avoids maintaining different sets of remote control for different devices.

Himanshu Garg is a talented youngster, who spent most of his time using the internet and books. Moreover, his interest over the internet and knowledge about books showed him a path of success, with the intension of building a better and safer life for people. Additionally, all these achievements and creative activities of Himanshu Garg made him India’s genius engineer from Agra.

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Vava Suresh – A Wildlife Conservationist Who Has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

Vava Suresh is a humble wildlife conservationist, who believes in saving the wildlife animals. Vava Suresh, specially focused on saving all types of snakes. And even tried educating people about the behaviors and handling of any type of snakes. The main purpose of his activities and workshops is that how to know the actual behavior of snakes. And that is because people fear snakes and without any knowledge about them, they just attack and kill them.

Vava Suresh – The ‘Snake Man’ of Kerala

Suresh has been called Vava Suresh popularly by the people. And this has given to him from his native people which is in Malayalam. Vava Suresh is basically from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He is one of the Indian wildlife conservationist, who emerged as an expert snake handler. His fascination over snakes and their behavior made him study more about snakes. Until now he saved more than 30,000 snakes. And returned them safely to the wildlife.

Vava Suresh - Kerala's 'Snake Man' who has saved more than 100 Cobras!
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Most of the time people attack snakes near them, without knowing their behavior. Moreover, they just assume that snakes only bite with their venom and kill. But Vava Suresh made an effort to change that mindset of people around Kerala.

Conducted open and Safe Demonstrations

All types of snakes need to be handled in a particular manner. Apparently, people lack understanding that and they get attacked by snakes. Therefore, to avoid all such things, Vava Suresh took an initiative to educate people about snakes. And even made them understand before panicking, they incorporate some of the ideas to avoid snake attacks without harming those snakes. And for that sake he conducted open snake handling demonstrations.

Faced injuries more than 300 times

Being a snake expert, even Vava Suresh had been attacked by most venomous and dangerous snakes. Moreover, he had suffered some serious injuries because of these snake bites. He had been kept on a ventilator and ICU for several days to overcome snake injuries. But after all this life threatening snake attacks, Vava Suresh kept educating people not to kill those snakes, just because they are dangerous. He always encouraged people to safely capture the snake instead of killing them.

Rescued more than 100 Cobras and 30,000 regular Snakes

All his life Vava Suresh captured more than 30,000 snakes. Snakes have become very important for him. And providing proper awareness about them has become his life goal. He has captured many snakes and returned them to the wildlife safely without any harm to snakes nor people. He even refused a government job offered at the Kottur nearby forest. And claimed that if he would accept such job, then he will have discontinue his life objective to save snakes and lives as well.

Vava Suresh has Rescued more than 100 Cobras and 30,000 regular Snakes
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Vava Suresh took care of snakes and even nurtured them like any other pets. His efforts to make people realize that snakes are not that dangerous, created a huge difference in the Kerala area. People contact him in his nearby place, whenever they see a snake. And Vava Suresh arrives there immediately and capture that Snake and release them in some place safe.

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Mann Kaur – 101 Year Old India’s Oldest female Athlete!

Do you plan a workout session for the next day, every evening and end up in your bed in the morning? Do you want to desperately shed those extra kilos, but become lazy when it comes to a fitness regime? Then it is time for you to turn your head to this 101 year old lady from India who will be your fitness inspiration for a lifetime.

Mann Kaur – India’s Oldest female Athlete

Meet, Mann Kaur, the 101 year old Indian athlete from the state of Punjab. She is the oldest female athlete who recently won a gold medal at the World Master Games held in Auckland. The vigor and enthusiasm that she radiates cannot be found easily, even in the young sportsmen of our times.

Mann Kaur’s Journey

At the point in life where people would look forward to a retired and sedentary life, 93-year old Mann Kaur made the crucial decision to set her foot into athletics. Now, Mann Kaur has made India proud with the nickname of “Miracle From Chandigarh”. This happened when she won a gold medal in a 100 m sprint race held at the World Masters Games, this year in Auckland, New Zealand. The record-breaking 74 seconds that she took to complete the sprint, were the most amazing seconds of her life, she says.

Mann Kaur - India's Oldest female Athlete
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Mann Kaur’s 79-year old son, Gurdev says that they had to train Mann vigorously, for past five months. She could complete a 100 m run in a minute during training. It was difficult for the 101-year old to immediately react to the gun shot at the start point, initially.

Mann’s Off-late Athletic Career

Mann Kaur made India proud as she bagged four gold medals in the World Masters Games in New Zealand, this year.

Mann Kaur’s Athletic Career
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Even after being the oldest competitors to participate in the games, Kaur competed in the javelin throw and 100 m and 200 m Shot-put throw events, as well.

Mann Kaur surprised the crowd at the final event held at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakere suburb of West Auckland. She took her gold medal count to four by throwing a javelin for 5m 12cm and set a new Guinness World Record.

Mann Kaur And The Skywalk

After showing her inspirational determination and courage on the field, Mann Kaur decided to do something different, again. She decided to do a 192-metre skywalk above a famous landmark in Auckland.

Mann Kaur And The Skywalk
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Mann attracted a lot of paparazzi as she held her son, Gurdev’s hand to tiptoe along the narrow-edged platform, towering as high as the sky, above Auckland’s city centre.

Mann added that everyone should come to the Sky City once, to try the skywalk.

Mann Kaur’s Secret To The Gold

After knowing about the mesmerizing story of the 101-year old woman athlete, Mann Kaur, you are forced to think about her mantra to stay fit. Mann says that she was restricted to a completely vegetarian diet, which included a fermented milk drink called “kefir” and flat bread made up of sprouted wheat.

Mann Kaur’s Secret To The Gold
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With a good amount of regular exercise and outdoor sprint practice every alternate day, Mann assumes that anyone can achieve big in life if the determination is in the right direction.

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Mukesh Thapa – The Man Who Paints With a Single Strand of Hair!

You must have heard of people who can write simultaneously with both hands or about those who can make beautiful portraits using sand. The world is full of people with immense talent, which sometimes challenges the way, nature works. But, a very few of these talents, get recognition. One such record breaking talent lies in the magical hands of Mukesh Thapa from the heavenly state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Mukesh Thapa - The Man Who Paints With a Single Strand of Hair!
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Mukesh Thapa’s Single Hair Story

Mukesh Thapa, a Dharamsala-based painter, was born on the 29th of March, 1979 in Himachal Pradesh. The aw-striking flair that this man dons, is that he makes mesmerizing and realistic paintings using just a single hair that he pulls out from his beard. The artist has, ever since, exhibited his knack at a lot of personal, national and international exhibits. The main attraction in these exhibits has been Mukesh’s self-portrait, that he painted using a brush he made out of his beard hair. The beautiful strokes, a single hair can make, is surely a rare talent and can only be seen in Mukesh Thapa’s over 600 wonderful paintings.

Mukesh Thapa’s Popularity

India is blessed to have people with some of the most unique talents. Many artists get a chance to display their capabilities at the right time. But, there are many others who do not get proper recognition and fade away with time.

Luckily, for Mukesh Thapa and his single hair strand paintings, the journey to fame has been beautiful and smooth. With the exposure that they have got from around the world, Mukesh has registered his masterpieces in the Limca Book of Records.

Mukesh Thapa Paintings
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It is astonishing to know that, Thapa did not get trained in the art of painting. Yet, his passion can be clearly seen through the outstanding paintings he paints only by using a single human hair. Though, the talent Mukesh had, could be seen in many other areas in which he has also won a lot of awards but, he never felt as passionate about any other hobby, the way he felt for this unique form of painting.

Mukesh Thapa’s Single Hair Masterpieces

We all know about a lot of famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, who have given the world, their gift of art, which lies intact through centuries in some of the largest museums in the world. All such great paintings take a lot of patience and time to be made perfect according to the artist’s imagination. A realistic portrait comes out to be a more difficult task as the painter needs to show the exact emotions and expressions, that he has either physically seen or imagined.

Mukesh Thapa Art
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Mukesh Thapa’s work of art spreads on the canvas with beautiful colors, only with the use of a single small hair strand. And this takes the difficulty level to the rise. Mukesh says that his paintings need a lot of patience and observation, peaceful environment and a clear mind. He adds that a single painting may even take upto six months till final finishing. Mukesh, has also recently, won the Bold Brush Award, which was an online competition.

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Prem Singh – Indian Cook who can fry with bare hands

Prem Singh, an Indian cook who took ‘lending a helping hand’ a little too literally! This 65 year old fry cook from Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India, stuns and shocks local customers by showing superhuman powers.

This superhero is ordinary clothes is said to have an extreme tolerance for heat- withstanding up to 200 degree Celsius of hot, boiling oil! Prem Singh first discovered his superhuman abilities about 25 years ago, when he happened to dip his fingers into a vat of boiling hot oil. Not suffering any blisters or burns, he decided to try it again. This is when he discovered his superhuman powers.

Prem Singh - Indian Cook who can fry with bare hands
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Now, 25 years later, Prem Singh runs a local street food stall in New Delhi, performing his stunts for customers from all over the country. He serves over 150 kilograms of fried fish daily.

Prem Singh – A Delhi based Cook who fries fish with bare hands

Prem Singh does not use his hands for frying fish all the time, however, when a customer requests to see his superhuman abilities, he simply cannot refuse! Viewers are shocked as they watch the 65 year old fry cook dip his hands into a vat of boiling hot oil to fry his delicacies. Not only fish, Prem Singh’s dainty little road side stall in Karol Bagh also delivers other north Indian delicacies on the regular, such as seekh kebab, mutton tikka, tandoori aloo, paneer tikka, etc.

The Beginning

Prem Singh was first lured into this art of frying with bare hands when he would watch his father as a child doing the same. As a curious kid, he tried dipping one finger into the boiling hot oil. Surprisingly, he suffered no burns or blisters. Gaining more confidence slowly, he started dipping two fingers, and then three. Soon, he became a regular superhero, just like his father, using his bare hands to fry fish at his local stall.

Is he really a superhero, or is there some explanation to this?

As it turns out, Prem Singh’s supernatural abilities do have a scientific explanation. This is known as the Leiden frost effect. This theory states that it is possible to not suffer from any pain, burns or blisters when submerging ones hand in very hot liquids; if the individual first submerges his hand in cold water.

Prem Singh - Cook who can Fry with Bare Hands
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By doing so, the boiling hot liquid will only affect the cold water on the individuals hands, turning it to steam. This steam acts as a protective barrier, allowing the individual to not suffer from any injuries from the hot liquid. However, this effect lasts only for a short period of time and the individual must be swift in removing his hand from the hot liquid to avoid injuries or burns.

Prem Singh Delhi Cook
PC :

We are not sure whether it is his delicious fish fries that make customers return to his stall, or whether it is his superhuman powers which lures customers back. What ever his trick is, Prem Singh has become a walking legend all over India due to his super powers. Customers from far and wide come to his humble stall simply to watch his powers in real life, making his India’s famous cook who can fry with his bare bands!

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Ramesh Babu – The Barber who owns a Rolls Royce

This inspiring story is of an ordinary businessman of Bangalore with an extraordinary set of skills – Ramesh Babu. Ramesh Babu is commonly known as the barber who owns a Rolls Royce. This skilled hair stylist owns a modest salon, making a living off hair cutting and hair styling. His clients however, consist of a mixture of celebrities, military officers and politicians.

Ramesh Babu – The Billionaire Barber who owns a Rolls Royce

Surprisingly, his main income does not come from his job as a skilled hair stylist for VIPs. Instead, it comes from his rent a car services of 67 luxury cars. After saving up his hard earned money from his two ‘humble’ businesses, Ramesh Babu is seen to drive to work in a 3.1 crore Rolls Royce Ghost. He is one of the five people to own this luxury car in Bengaluru.

Ramesh Babu - The Barber who owns a Rolls Royce
PC :

Ramesh Babu owns 67 alternate cars which he gives out on a rent a day basis. His rate for allowing customers to rent the Rolls Royce for a day is Rs.75,000.

Ramesh Babu’s upward curve of Success

The initial spurts of a hard working individual were seen in Ramesh Babu when his father died in 1989, leaving behind his salon to Ramesh Babu. His mother started to work as a domestic help, leasing out their salon for just Rs.5 a day. Ramesh Babu decided to start working in his father’s salon, at the same time forfeiting his education. The salon soon became a well-known, trendy hair styling spot as Ramesh Babu’s skill and fame rose slowly.

Ramesh Babu Barber
PC :

The turning point in his life was seen when he purchased a Maruti Omni which he started renting out to people for their personal use. As a car lover since childhood, Ramesh Babu’s decision to buy his first car became the major turning point in his life. Slowly, talks of his car rental business, along with his skills as a hair dresser started growing. He opened up a taxi operating business by the name of Ramesh Tours and Travels.

By 2004, Ramesh Babu was into the luxury car rental business and self-drive business.

What cars does Ramesh Babu own?

Ramesh Babu’s first luxury car was a Mercedes E-Class luxury sedan at the price of 38 lakhs. Slowly, his fleet of cars started growing, now standing at a whopping 400+ luxury cars owned by this humble hairdresser. He not only owns luxury cars but also mini buses, vans, and other imported vehicles such as Mercedes C, E and S class, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, BMW 5, 6 and 7 series, and an enormous fleet of  Mercedes vans and Toyota mini buses.

Ramesh Babu Car Collection
PC :

Although Ramesh Babu is known in India as the richest hairdresser, this man has not let go of his humble roots. He charges a mere Rs.65 for his haircut. It is due to his intense love for cars and his booming car rental business that he now stands out amongst the crowd as India’s richest barber with over 400 cars. This is the real life story of a man’s journey from rags to riches.

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