Kautilya – India’s ‘Google Boy’ from Karnal

Intelligence is in head not in age. This old saying is a perfect one for this wonder kid who is just eight years now and can memorize things instantly. This little kid, Kautilya was just like any other kid but at the age of 5 the parents noticed this kid’s extraordinary grasping power when he was introduced to atlas. He was able to memorize every country’s name, its capital and its currency. He could answer all the questions in a matter of fraction of seconds. This amazed the parents and thus the journey of fame and name for this little kid from Haryana began.

Kautilya – The Genius Indian Boy from Haryana

Kautilya was born n 12 Dec 2007 in Kohnad village of Karnal in Haryana. He is highly inspired by the ancient Indian teacher, economist and more so a diplomat who has laid down the philosophy known as Chanakya Neeti.  He is known for his intelligence and the power with which he overturned the rule of the majestic Nanda dynasty. Kautilya has even kept his own name on the name of Chanakya who is also known by the name of Kautilya. This wonder kid also wants to keep a pigtail like Chanakya.

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit
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Kautilya- the wonder kid is known for having a great grasp on geography of the world, knowledge about the per capita income of various countries of the world, their GDP, the politics and economy etc. at the age when kids learn alphabets and numerals this kid is able to clearly speak out the names of different countries as well as give detailed account of their economic and political makeup.

Many psychologists have expressed their keen interest in doing a research on this great memory power of the kid. It is said that the IQ of this kid at the age of 5 was 130. His IQ as he grows up may become close to that of Einstein which is believed to be 160 an unusual number for the human race.

Kautilya Google Boy
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This little prodigy has been called to many TV shows and News channels to display to the world his amazing quality of memorizing whatever he reads. He has been asked many questions related to different fields and he gave answers to all of them in just a fraction of second.

He was called at ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ to sit in front of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan to answer the questions thrown at him. He was able to do well there too.

Kautilya Pandit with Amitabh Bachchan
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The boy at the age of two showed interest i dancing but lost interest after a certain period of time. he then developed this interest of reading and learning about various countries and their geographical qualities.

The government of Haryana has awarded Kautilya Pandit with Rs. 10 lakh and has also extended help for the proper schooling and fulfilling other needs of the kid. At this award ceremony the kid pointed out to the mistake in the certificate to the Chief Minister of Haryana which led to a lot of embarrassment to the government.

The Kashi vidwan parishat of Varanasi has also recognized him as “Bal Manishi” or Child Prodigy.

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Dadi Chandro – World’s Oldest Professional Sharpshooter !

Generally people believe that as the age advances the mental and physical abilities of a person diminish but there are many people who can prove this theory wrong. The live example of this is Chandro Tomar.

Chandro Tomar who is popularly known as “Dadi Chandro” or  “Dadi Chandro Tomar” is a sharpshooter. Yes, you heard it right. This woman who is in her 80s now is the oldest sharpshooter of the world! And no, she did not start learning shooting when she was young. It is only in 2002 that she started training as a sharpshooter.

Dadi Chandro – The Oldest Professional Sharpshooter of the World !

Chandro Tomar belongs to a small village named Johri in Baghpat district of the state of Uttar Pradesh. In the Indian villages the women are not allowed to carry out a lot of activities like shooting but she was different as she allowed her daughter and her granddaughter to take up shooting. Her daughter Seema won the world cup of rifle and pistol in 2010 while her granddaughter, Neetu, is also an international shooter. So shooting runs in the family but no one knew that the genes are from Chandro Tomar until 2002 when she accidentally became a sharpshooter.

Dadi Chandro Tomar
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The granddaughter of Chandro did not want to go alone for shooting practice and nudged her grandmother to come alone with her to the shooting club.

Chandro went with her daughter and there she just for the sake of it shot a few shot. The club coach was amazed to see such skillfulness from an old lady. He asked her to join the club as she had very steady hands and powerful eyesight.

This woman who has six children and 15 grand children has competed in 25 competitions since 2002 and has won gold medal in veteran shooting championship in Chennai.

Dadi Chandro
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Just after two years of starting her training Chandro Tomar entered an competition where she defeated DGP. He got so frustrated and angry that he left without a photograph clicked with Chandro claiming that he was humiliated due to losing to a woman. Dadi Chandro has been a participant in the popular talent show ‘India’s Got Talent’.

Even though she has been recognized all over the world the lifestyle and the daily routine of Dadi Chandro remains the same. Every day she cooks, tends to the animals and takes care of all the family members. She goes to the shooting club once a week and after serving food to everyone she goes to the village shooting range at night to practice shooting every day. She goes for shooting in her usual attire with her head covered with sari. If the sari on the head disrupts she tucks it.

Dadi Chandro World's Oldest Sharp Shooter
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It is because of her example that the other people in the village have also taken up shooting as sport including her grandchildren.

This woman is a personification of how the talent cannot remain hidden forever. It will be revealed at the right time and right place.

It was only her open mindedness that led her to this position. Has she not encouraged her daughter and their granddaughter to take up sport, go out to play then there is a great possibility that her own talent would have remained unseen forever.

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Lingo Kid Ravi – The Street Seller in Mumbai who Speaks Multiple Foreign Languages

When it come to learning one can do it anywhere and in any situation. Al that matters is the willingness to learn. One can take inspiration from Ravi Kumar who started selling the peacock fan made by his grandmother on the streets of Mumbai at the age of 8.

At that time this boy from Gujarat knew just one language and could speak in Hindi only but soon he learnt that if he were to make profit he would have to talk in the language of the people who visit Mumbai. He came across many foreigners and learnt their language by just listening to them. Ravi can now speak 10 Official Foreign Languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Iranian languages.

The Talented Lingo Kid ‘Ravi Kumar’ speaks 10 Foreign Languages ! 

Ravi first started off with English and learnt the numbers to tell the tourists of different nationality about the price of the peacock fan made by his Grandmother which he fondly calls the Indian air conditioner.

Ravi Kumar is a living example of was the need and adversity can teach a man and that teaching goes a long way to become his identity. This also shows how a man can make good of his bad situation. Ravi Kumar, who is 22 now is struggling from poverty and wants to educate himself so that he can become a guide and support his family better.

Lingo Kid Ravi
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As a kid he talked to many tourists and picked up a few words here and there so that he could talk in their own language and impress them enough so that they bought his peacock feather fans. But one of those tourists uploaded the video of his conversation with the kid on the internet which became an instant hit and millions of people watched that video. He was given the name of “lingo kid.” The main source of learning for this kid was through talking and asking questions about how to say a word n the language of that particular tourist.

The tourists were more than happy to answer and if there were guides along with the tourists they would also help translating the language to the kid. All this support he garnered from everyone around helped in learning as many as nine languages. Many tourists came to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai just to meet this wonder boy and talk to him in their own language. This caused a lot of amazement to them and they would buy his peacock feather fan too. He was even invited as a speaker at TEDx held at Sabarmati, Gujarat to tell the audience of his incredible story and how he managed to learn the secrets of trade without any guidance and support.

The talent never remains hidden no matter in what condition it is put in. This lad from a very poor background is a real hero who struggled to keep his family going. He could not go to school because of the responsibility of the family of 12 and this has prevented him from reaching greater heights. He wishes to educate himself by taking out time from his busy schedule of selling peacock feather fans, looking after his Grandmother as well as his ageing father.

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Sudhir Kumar Choudhary – Biggest Fan of the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Passion is what it takes to make someone famous. Sudhir Kumar is the passion personified. This man from Muzaffarpur, Bihar is the biggest fan of Indian cricket team and is known for reaching the venue of every match that Indian cricket team plays in India. Sudhir Kumar was born in 1981 and his full name is Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary.

Sudhir Kumar Choudhary – Indian Batting Maestro Sachin Tendulkar’s Biggest Fan

You must have seen that in every international cricket match a man who paints himself in the Indian Tricolor blows a conch when the Indian team arrives on the ground.  Yes, that is Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary. Once in 2003 Sudhir peddled all the way from Bihar to Mumbai on his bicycle just to watch the match between India and Australia. Since then he has never missed a match of India that is being played n the Indian soil.

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary
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This man belongs to a very simple family in Bihar and he does not have enough money to finance his travels so he travels to different parts of the country on his bicycle just to watch the Indian cricket team play. Many a time he would even travel by trains but without ticket to watch his favorite team play. His passion for cricket is amazing as his whole life revolves around cricket.

The best moment of his life came when India won the ICC Cricket World Cup on 2nd April 2011 at the Wankhede Stadium. He was signaled by The God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, to join the celebration of winning the world cup in the dressing room of Indian cricket team. There he got to lift the world cup and pose with it.

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary with Sachin Tendulkar
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This humble man from a very humble background is so passionate about cricket that he even postponed his marriage just to able to see the match. Though Sudhir is a trained teacher he s unemployed. Earlier he worked with a milk company too. Though his parents are against this kind of life style but Sudhir is adamant on continuing the same lifestyle. He has declared that he is born in this world so that he can watch Indian cricket team play. His life is mostly dependent on the monetary support he receives from the public.

There has been a documentary made on his life named “beyond all boundaries” where he is shown to be the greatest fan of the Indian cricket team and cricket as such. The film makers had to travel along with Sudhir for thousands of miles to make this documentary on his life and incredible passion

Sudhir Kumar Sachin's Biggest Fan
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It is not only he in the family that is passionate about cricket, his younger brother shares the passion too. He bought Tendulkar’s biography for this reason but has not been able to read the biography beyond the fourth page of the book.

Sudhir Kumar Chaudahry has his own fan following now and he was helped with getting a visa for Australia World Cup in the year 2015. Sachin tendulkar himself wrote a letter of reference for him asking the embassy to give him special treatment as he is a national icon.

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‘Medicine Baba’ – The Man who gets Medicines from Rich and gives to Poor

The work of social welfare is not only done by the affluent and the celebrities. The people who have nothing at all can also help people n their own unique ways. Medicine baba is one those people who have nothing in the form of bank balance or property but still have so much to give to the world.

Delhi’s ‘Medicine Baba’ collects unused Medicines from the Rich and gives to Poor

Omkar Nath Sharma, a 80 year old man popularly known by the name of Medicine Baba has dedicated his life for the health needs of the poor and unprivileged section of the society. He decided to do so when he saw that the workers who were injured in the metro bridge collapse incidence in Delhi. During that time the two workers died and many got injured. The government hospitals just had the facility for first aid and could not provide proper treatment and medication to the poor. Omkar Nath decided that not anymore such thing should happen with the poor and for this he started collecting medicines and other medical equipments from different localities in Delhi.

Medicine Baba Omkar Nath Sharma
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He says that many people who can afford medicines easily throw away the medicines in dustbins when they are no longer using them. This is unacceptable in a country that is spending less than 1% of the GDP on healthcare and as a result many poor people die due to not being able to afford medicines and other medical equipments.

This is the reason why medicine baba travels on foot for more than seven kilometres everyday and knocks every door to ask for spare medicines that they may have. When he collects a bag full of medicines he goes and distributes it among the poor.

Medicine Baba
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He is not a pharmacist by profession so he does not have an idea about what medicine is for what problem. This is why he intelligently asks for prescription before distributing the medicine to the people. He also gives his medicines in the charitable hospitals that distribute these medicines to the poor and the needy patients.

This 80 year old man has been doing this great work even though he limps while he walks due to the injury he sustained at the age of 12. He lives in a rented room in the slum in Mangalpuri in Delhi with his family that includes his wife and his 44 year old mentally retarded son.

Omkar Nath Sharma Medicine Baba
PC : http://motivateme.in/

His medicine contributions are worth more than $9000 per month (Approx 6 Lakhs) which is remarkable as it is helping many unfortunate people survive because of his generous gesture. He derives no benefits from these medicines and his daily needs are met with by the cash donations that he receives. He wears an orange kurta that has his mission written over it. This helps people to recognize him and donate the unused and unexpired medicines to this kind man.

His dream is to make this initiative of his a movement that would help in establishing medicine bank in every corner of the country that will help poor fight diseases and other medical problems without suffering.

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Jyothi Reddy – From Farm Labourer to Million Dollar US Company CEO !

When hard work and fate combine positively miracles can happen and the same happened with Jyothi Reddy. She used to be a farm labourer in the fields of a small district in Andhra Pradesh but now she is running a recruitment firm in Arizona, USA.

This is a very filmy story of a woman who manages to reach heights of success with sheer hard work and dedication even though she had a humble background.

Jyothi Reddy’s Journey from Farm Labourer to Million $ IT Firm’s CEO

Jyothi Reddy was born in a very poor family. Her father lost his job as a teacher and this led the family to have a pathetic life. The family had no resources and could not even afford to keep all their children. This is the reason why they had to give away their two daughters in the orphanage. Jyothi’s sister ran back to her parents while Jyothi continued to fight her own battle. She was just nine at that time but had a determination that could put any adult to shame.

Jyothi Reddy - Farm Labourer to US Company CEO
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Jyothi’s life was harsh and she had no one to go to and share her joy and sorrow. She had to live in the orphanage while her parents were still alive. This made her really sad but n no way it could crush her dreams. The dream of leading a better life than she was in. The dream of doing something big and substantial led her to the type of life she is in.

While being in the orphanage she studied in government school. She took up a vocational course and realized how important it was for a woman to have a good job. But soon she was married off to her cousin who was just 16 then. Thereafter she gave birth to two children and became a labourer in the fields of her father in law.

Jyothi Reddy - Labourer to CEO
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The journey of her being pathetic ends at the stage when she decided to became the Nehru Yuva Kendra volunteer. This led her becoming a teacher and later on this post was regularized to give her a good enough salary of 18,000 rupees.

During the time she was volunteering she would stitch petticoats at night and sell them for more money which she needed to raise her daughters. All this was not enough and she wanted to do much better than this.

Jyothi Reddy
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The major turning point came when one of her relatives visited from US. Jyothi applied for the Visa of US and there after working for some time at the gas stations and as a babysitter Jyothi Reddy decided to open a recruiting firm of her own. Her firm got a Gujarati boy placed in an IT firm and thereon there was no looking back for Jyothi.

Her firm is said to have an annual turnover of $5 million and this woman who was once just a labourer at a farm earning Rs. 5 a month is now the CEO of a firm in the world’s most powerful nation. She is an inspiration for those who blame situations for their misery.

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Mamta Rawat – The Mountaineer who Rescued 500 People in Uttarakhand Floods even after Losing Everything !

Bravery is to keep other people’s interest ahead of your own and compassion is to feel the pain of others. When these two combine together they give rise to the people like Mamta Rawat.

Everyone is aware of the folds that hit the Garhwal region in June 2013. The torrential rains led to a huge flow of water that erased 64 villages from the face of the hilly region. The aftermath of the river was devastating and it hardly left anything. The houses of all were washed away including the house of 24 year girl named Mamta Rawat.

Mamta Rawat – A Brave Heart Mountaineer to a Flood Rescuer ! 

Mamta is a trained mountaineer from the reputed Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. She was called upon for the mission of rescuing the people as well as searching them. This mission was specifically undertaken by the Institute of Mountaineering to save the lives of the people who were helpless and were in a need of help to get out of the dangerous places.

Mamta Rawat
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Mamta wasted no time and set out to perform her duty. She is a brave heart and carried on with the mission with an unending zeal and saved the lives of 500 people. She carried a middle aged woman on her back for more than 3 km in the difficult hilly terrain so that she could be evacuated with the help of the helicopter.

But while she was on her mission rescuing others and saving their lives her own house got washed away in the incessant rains and flood. However, this did not deter her from her duties and she continued to extend her help by bringing people to safe places and saved many lives.

Mamta is a school dropout and the only thing that she was good at like most of the people of the hills carrying heavy loads up and down the hilly terrain which the normal people of the plains find hard to do even with just their own body weight.

Mamta Rawat Uttarakhand Floods Rescuer
PC : http://www.bbc.com/

This gave her an idea of joining the mountaineering institute. This was supposed to give her the means of earning bread and butter by becoming a mountaineering guide. She somehow managed to collect 5000 rupees and completed her course to become what she wanted to a mountaineering guide.

By securing sponsorships and by using her savings she also managed to complete the advanced course on Method of Instruction and Search and Rescue too. This gave her an opportunity to work as an instructor with NIM. She also works as a freelancer for INME. INME is an adventure sport organization that is based in Delhi and organizes adventure trips as well as training for the school children.

Mamta Rawat Uttarakhand
PC : http://www.bbc.com/

This however does not give her a great earning opportunity and she just manages to cope up with her daily needs. Even though she showed undeterred bravery and compassion for the people who had lost all hope she is yet to receive compensation from the government for her own house. She lives with her family of six under a tin shade now and is waiting for the authorities to notice her plight. Such a brave girl should be given her due to encourage more such brave behaviors from our youth.

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Rajesh Kumar Sharma runs his Free School under the Delhi Metro Bridge for Under Privileged & Poor Children

The children are the future of the nation. This has been reiterated many a time but very few people have done something substantial for the same. There are many children that are deprived of even basic education forget about full schooling and college level studies. Many may say that those kids are unfortunate but it is actually unfortunate for the nation that such a big number of future population cannot be given the basic rights whatever the reasons behind it are.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma’s Free School for Under Privileged Children of Slums in Delhi 

Rajesh Kumar Sharma is one of those few people who have realized the importance of education and how important it is for each and every kid to be educated. This man who hails originally from the city of Aligarh in UP had to drop his college in the third year due to financial constraints. He now runs a general store at Shakarpur but this is not his only identity because the world knows him as a teacher that teaches poor students under a metro rail bridge.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma School
PC : http://www.darpanmagazine.com/

Rajesh Kumar has taken up the responsibility of teaching the children whose parents cannot afford to send them to proper schools. He started this school back in 2007 when he first saw the children in that area just playing or working with their parents. He first had to struggle convincing the parents of these children. All the parents were either farmers or laborers for whom education of children was useless and instead they preferred them to work and earn some extra bucks.

Rajesh Kumar had to argue a lot before he could convince these parents to let their children study until he had two children in his school which started off under a metro bridge. Soon there were many children that were keen on studying and making their future bright.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma Free School
PC : http://indiapulse.sulekha.com/

In this school there is just a roof which is the metro bridge without any walls. The boundary of the metro bridge is painted with black paint to act as black board. The children sit on the mats on the ground and there are a few chairs for the teachers to sit and teach.

In the beginning only Rajesh Kumar was the teacher here but now there are many volunteers who come to teach children in this school. He not only teaches but also takes care of his shop which remains in the care of his brother from morning till 2 pm. Thereafter, he goes to his general store and works there till 10 pm in the night.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma Delhi Metro School
PC : http://indiapulse.sulekha.com/

Rajesh Kumar prepares the children of different ages so that they can get admission in a proper school. More than 60 students of this school have taken admission in the government schools. But, the way he teaches his students always brings his students back to him and many of them first attend his school every morning and then go for the school where they have taken admission.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma used to buy all the stationary and books by his own money initially but now he has been acknowledged for his work and many individuals and organizations have come out for helping him with books and stationary for the children.

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Kalyanasundaram – The Librarian who Donated his Entire Life’s Savings for Education & Upliftment

In India there are many people who have devoted their lives for the cause of the poor and those who are deprived but none is as great as Palam Kalyanasundaram. This lean simple looking man will not impress you by his looks or his voice but his character and his actions are such that no one can remain uninspired by him.

Kalyanasundaram – The Man with a Golden Heart 

This 74 year old man, Kalyanasundaram who retired as a librarian has been known to have donated each and every rupee of his earnings towards the cause of the poor and under privileged. He even slept on the railway station to understand how it feels to be poor.

Kalyanasundaram - Man of the Millenium
PC : http://www.ambar17.com/

This man lost his father at the age of one and was raised by his mother who always taught him the importance of donating and helping the poor. These teachings of his mother have always stayed with him and he did not even marry in order to be able to donate all that he earns.

When he was in job of a librarian he took up other part time jobs to meet his ends and even today he leads a very simple life donating anything and everything he gets in the form of awards to the poor and the needy. He even donated his pension of rupees ten lakh to the poor.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Awards
PC : http://teameverestindia.org/

He tells that he was first inspired to do social service after listening to the speech of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru where he asked the people of India to donate to the defence fund during Indo-China war. He went to then Chief Minister Kamaraj and donated his gold chain. At this time he was a student and went on to get a gold medal in library science. He also did his Masters in literature and history.

His Awards and Felicitations include : 

  • He has been awarded the best librarian prize by the Government of India.
  • He was honoured as being the noblest by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge.
  • The united nations has adjudged him as the most outstanding people of the twentieth century.
  • The rotary club honoured him with the Man of the Millennium award as well as the Life Time of Service Award in 2011.

Mr. Kalyanasundaram has received a lot of money as the prize money but he donated everything without keeping a single penny for himself. The whole award money that he donated till date amounts to Rs.30 crore.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Speech
PC : http://achhikhabre.com/

Mr. Kalyanasundaram has founded an organization by the name of Palam. This organization is dedicated towards the cause of the poor and the underprivileged. This organization basically helps the donors to reach the poor. It is the responsibility of the organization to collect money from the donors and distribute it to those who are in a need of money and assistance.

This man is an epitome of selflessness and inspires many others to come out of the selfish motives and help others who need your help. His dedication and services are incomparable and inspiration to all.

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Sunitha Krishnan – The Gang Rape Survivor to Saviour

The life of the people who take up social cause is never easy because they tend to fight against the wrong doing of the society’s most powerful and affluent people. The same is the case with Sunitha Krishnan. She is a social activist who fights for the cause of the women who have been the victim of sex trafficking.

Sunitha Krishnan – The Brave Rape Survivor who became a Saviour

Ms Krishnan is a daughter of a surveyor and this gave an opportunity to travel all over the world to a girl who was born in Bangalore in the year 1972 . She was inclined towards social cause and worked for the welfare of different communities since early childhood but when she was gang raped by eight men at the age of 15 when she was involved in a neo literacy campaign for the socially deprived community that she became an ardent social activist. This actually gave an impetus to her to speak up against the atrocities that the women went through.

Sunitha Krisnan
PC : http://sayfty.com/

Sunitha Krishnan was sent to jail for two months for protesting against Miss World competition being held in Bangalore. And it is after this that her parents finally refused to align with her thoughts and actions. She then headed to Hyderabad where she worked with Catholic brother Vaghese Theckanath for the people of slum. There she protested against the demolition of the slum for the purpose of beautification.

In Hyderabad Ms. Krishnan started an NGO named Prajwala which was aimed at rehabilitating the women who became homeless after the red light area in Hyderabad was evacuated. For this social cause she had to even sell her jewellery, her utensils and other household items. But it is not the same today as Prajwala is a well known NGO now and gets funded by various organisations of the country. The main aim of the organisation is to prevent the trafficking of the second generation into prostitution and for this they run schools and awareness programs. There are 17 centers that are constantly helping the children of the women in sex business to come out of it and lead a respectable life outside.

Sunitha Krishnan Speech
PC : indiaopines.com

This organisation has more than 200 employees and Sunitha Krishnan is a volunteer at the organisation. She earns her living by writing books, giving speeches and holding seminars on sex related trafficking of women all over the world.

Her marriage to Mr. Rajesh Touchriver gave her an opportunity to spread the awareness through films and documentaries. He made films like Anamika that is the part of curriculum of the National Police Academy.

Ms. Krishnan is working with the governments of various states in India to eradicate sex trafficking of women and children. She is the advisor to the government of Kerala for its Nirbhaya policy for women and children. She is also the member of Andhra Pradesh State Women’s commission.

Sunitha Krishnan Prajwala
PC : http://acelebrationofwomen.org/

In the United States she started a campaign called “Real Men Don’t buy Sex” which was a huge success and received applause from everyone.

She has written many books and made many documentaries to reach people through all the media and create awareness about the women’s plight.

Sunitha Krishnan was criticized and attacked several times but that did not deter her from the nobel work she is doing for the women that are being sold for pleasure and money.

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