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5 Best Places in India for Paragliding

The only thing that brings the dreams of a human flying like a bird, to reality is paragliding. This thrilling adventure sport lets you move through the sky with the winds in the same manner as the birds do. You just do not glide through the winds but can also maneuver your direction and change your speed.

Top 5 Places in India for Paragliding

If you talk of paragliding you will only here names that are situated outside of India. But from quite some time India has been a paragliding destination for the people from all across the world. These destinations give you such amazing views and unforgettably pleasant experience that you would want to go back.

1) Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Billing
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This place is situated in the beautiful valley of Kangra and is supposed to be the best place if you want to experience the ultimate paragliding session. This place is actually the landing place for the paragliders who set off from a place that is situated at a height of 2600 m. So while one talks of billing the topic will remain incomplete without the description of Bir. Bir is known for being the spot from where you can put to use your regular thermal and ridge lift technique. This place is well connected from Mandi and is situated almost 70 km from there. The best time to visit this paragliding amazement is from the month of March till early period of June when the monsoon has not started and the air light. Thereafter the air becomes laden with moisture and you would experience heavy torrential monsoon rains every now and then.

2) Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Manali
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Manali is not just a getaway for the honeymooners but also the paradise for the paragliders. The main attraction of this place is the exotic scenery it provides for the lovers of this adventure sport. This place that is situated in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh is the perfect spot for going paragliding on a sunny day and that is why people from all over the world come here to experience this enthralling activity in Manali. When you take off from the slopes of Solang valley you rise high up in the sky to soak in the exaltation of the mesmerising Himalayas that are seen from the valley so beautifully that you would want to go back again and again. The height, the weather and the winds are just perfect here for paragliding.

3) Nandi hills, Bangalore

Paragliding in Nandi Hills, Bangalore
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People may think that in south there is no scope of paragliding but the truth is that paragliding in the southern portion of India is a great experience and has been in vogue for quite some time now. It is rather one of the prime locations in India as far as paragliding is concerned. These hills are situated around 68 km from Bangalore and are a part of the many aero sport activities that take place in Nandi hills. The landing at the landing strip by the Hebbal Lake of Bangalore is more beautiful than the take off here. The IT city is not just about the technology but also a lot of fun in the lap of nature. These days many techies have taken up this adventure sort as their recreational activity.

4) Pawana, Maharashtra

Paragliding in Pawana
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Pawana is one of the best places in India to do paragliding. This place is situated close to the Pawana dam. The site that is used for the take-off has a beautiful view comprising of the river Indrayani and one town named Kamshet. The Pavana Lake that is pristine and beautiful, adds to the very attraction of the sport here. This place is frequented by many professional paragliders who are tempted by the amazing concept of lake, river and dam at the same place. You can get a chance to interact with these experienced gliders and learn by their experience. Pawana Lake offers the opportunity of paragliding throughout the year and is therefore a great opportunity for all those who do not want to give up their paragliding experience for anything.

5) Kunjapuri, Uttarakhand

Paragliding in Kunjapuri
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The Shivalik Range is one of the most picturesque mountain ranges of the world. The paragliders choose the Shivalik Range because of its panoramic view that enables them to view various peaks such as Swarga Rohini, Chaukhamba, Gangotri, Banderpunch etc. these peaks are not only beautiful but also of strategic importance for India. You can choose to do the paragliding at sunrise or at sunset just to catch the glimpse of the sun when it rises or sets. This time of the day is just mesmerising and lingers in your thought for a very long time. The way sky changes colors is just beyond any description. This place is truly heaven on the surface of Earth.

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