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5 Best Places in India for River Rafting

Indian sub continent has a lot to offer to everyone. Where there are vast plains for safe residence, there are also rough and rugged terrains that offer a safety barricade from enemies and harsh weather for the people living in plains. It is these rugged terrains that are now being put to use for commercial as well as entertainment purposes. People from all over the world are finding new grounds for satisfying their hunger for adventure.

Top 5 Places in India for River Rafting 

One of the adventure sports that have become a real deal is that of white water rafting or river rafting due to the high speed rivers flowing down the Himalayas ad other mountain ranges in India. Here is a list of 5 best places for engaging yourself in river rafting

1) Manali, Himachal Pradesh

River Rafting in Manali

Beas River in Himachal Pradesh is one of the best suited rivers that allows for the adventure sport of white water rafting. You will find various grades of rafting spots in and near Manali ranging from grade 1 to grade 4. This basically means the whether you are an amateur or a pro at rating you will have the time of your life rafting in this river. The rafting zone spreads from Pirdi to Jhiri and along the way you will encounter pretty good rapids and drops that will force your heart to skip a beat during this 14 km long route.

If you are keen on rafting in Beas River then you must do so from around the end of September to July.

2) Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

River Rafting in Ladakh

Ladakh has been famous for its pristine lakes and unpolluted environment for a very long time but the discovery of the 20 km stretch that allows for the thrilling adventure sport of white water rafting. Indus River originates in the mountains of Ladakh and finds place in the list of the longest rivers of India. This river flows between the mountains that are endowed with natural beauty and will make it difficult for you to decide whether you should enjoy the scenery or pay attention to your adventure sport. Such distraction is desirable and only available when you engage in white water rafting in Indus River that provides you with an amazing one kilometer long rapid at Nurla. The rafting here can be best experienced between June and the whole of August.

3) Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is not just a place for the pilgrims. This is equally attractive for the adventure sports enthusiasts as there are many adventure sports that happen in Rishikesh but the tourists from all over India as well as the entire world throng the place from the month of March till June to experience the most thrilling white water rafting of this country. The rafting experience is also a very long one. It starts from Shivpuri and ends at Lakshman Jhoola. The whole river is in this area is dotted with grade 5 whirlpools, rapids as well as drops that are bigger than many others in the country.

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4) Kolad, Maharashtra

River Rafting in Kolad

Kolad is famous for a great rafting experience in Maharashtra. This place has river Kundalika flowing and that too with currents that are favourable for the sport of river rafting. This river starts from the Sahyadri and ends in the Arabian Sea. The place where this river originates is known by the name of Bhira. This river is controlled by a dam. It is only in the monsoons that excess water is released from the dam that this river becomes alive and suitable for rafting. The gush of the water 7 released from the dam hits the rocks and boulders that lie in the river bed leading to big whirlpools and drops that has thrill that is  comparable to none. This 14 km long stretch  is most  enjoyable for the white water rafting during the end of June. At this time the river is full of water and gives the type of ride that you want

5) Darjeeling, West Bengal

River Rafting in Darjeeling

Darjeeling has been known to be the wonderful hill station of West Bengal and is carried out in the clear of waters of Teesta River that has it origin in the Kanchanjunga Mountain Range. The stretch is a route of about 15 km and has to offer not only a great rafting experience but also amazing picturesque scenery all around this river. The starting point of this river is also the starting point of white water rafting here. The route offering the Rafting experience is 15 km long. It starts from Tarkhola and ends in Melli. The rivers in this region are not suitable for the sport of rafting in the monsoon season and therefore you must choose to engage in white water rafting in the months of the year that are relatively dry. The best time to go for rafting in Teesta River is from December to the whole of June.

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