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How to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline ?

Airtel is one of the leading telecom companies in India with a huge subscriber base. It provides the users with best mobile and landline services. In Airtel landline there are wide range of features. Considering that you already have an Airtel Landline installed at your address. In our previous articles we have already discussed the procedure to activate call conferencing and call forwarding. Today, we will tell you how to activate call forwarding in Airtel Landline. Before we proceed with the call forwarding activation procedure in Airtel Landline we will take a brief idea about what call forwarding feature is and what are the benefits of using call forwarding service.

How to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline ?

Let’s get to know about what is call forwarding feature before we start with the activation of this feature in Airtel Landline phone.

What is Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline ?

Call Forwarding feature in Airtel Landline allows you to divert or direct all your incoming calls to another number. By using this service, you can forward calls to your voice mail or to another number where you can be reached or where someone can answer your calls on your behalf.

What are the benefits of Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline ?

Now that we know about the call forwarding feature, let’s know about the advantages and benefits of call forwarding feature in Airtel Landline.

  • If you are using this service callers can reach you the first time without trying many different numbers.
  • Flexibility to forward calls from a distant location also.
  • This service is easy to activate, deactivate and change Call Forwarding from any touch tone phone.
  • You don’t have to worry about missing important calls.
  • Your calls can be forwarded to your cellphone.
  • Calls can also be forwarded to a long distance number.
  • If you are working till late night you can forward the calls from your home to your office.
  • If you stay home from work, you can forward your work calls to your home.
  • Short ring always reminds you that your calls are on Call Forward.

Options for Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline 

Call Forwarding (No Reply) : In this case, the calls to your telephone will be forwarded to another phone or mobile number, after ringing continuously for 25 seconds.

Call forwarding (Unconditional) : In this case, all your incoming calls will be forwarded or diverted automatically and immediately to another telephone or mobile number.

Call forwarding (Busy) : In this case, all the incoming calls to your landline number are diverted to another telephone or mobile number when your line is busy.

Procedure to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline

Now that you understand what is call forwarding and you know its benefits, let’s know about the activation procedure of call forwarding in Airtel Landline.

In order to Activate Call Forwarding on your airtel fixed line phone, you need to dial the numbers given below with the option you want to choose.

Call forwarding – Unconditional
Activation 114+Telephone number

Call forwarding – No Reply
Activation 1222 + Other TelephoneNo.#

For MP & Chhatisgarh Subscribers
Activation 126 + Telephone number

Call forwarding – Busy
Activation 1220+Telephone number#

For MP & CG Subscribers
Activation 120+Telephone number

Procedure to Deactivate Call Forwarding in Airtel Landline

There might be a case when you don’t want to use the call forwarding service in your landline anymore. So, for that you need to follow call forwarding deactivation procedure in Airtel Landline.

In order to Deactivate Call forwarding on you Airtel Fixed Line, you need to dial the number mentioned below according to option you chose.

Call forwarding – Unconditional
Deactivation 115

Call forwarding – No Reply
Deactivation 1223#

For MP & Chhatisgarh Subscribers
Deactivation 127

Call forwarding – Busy
Deactivation 1221#

For MP & CG Subscribers
Deactivation 1221

Important Note – Call Forwarding Service in Airtel Landline is free of monthly charges and is available in all circles throughout India. However, Normal usage charges at Rs. 1.2/pulse apply on forwarded calls.

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