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An early monsoon is here; on the way via Kerala

An early monsoon is here, on the way via Kerala

There is a good news for people suffering and cursing hot, humid and scorching weather. Monsoon is arriving, way ahead of its scheduled prediction. In fact, its on the way to Kerala, and will hit tomorrow, three days ahead of the usual day.

The flurry of this cool, rainy weather is ascribed to south-west monsoon. Technically, this monsoon is termed as very powerful, and responsible for 70 per cent of the rainfall in the country.

The next prediction of its distribution amongst the various States and region will begins in a couple of days, after analysing the relevant data, as per the information provided by M Mohapatra, the Director of Indian Meterological Institue. It will forecast distribution pattern of rainfall in different areas from June to September 2018.

In previous year too, the rainfall had arrived on exactly 30th of May, but preceding three years, it had a track record of delayed onset. It is presumed that the conditions are favourable for further advance of the monsoon into a considerable areas of Central Arabian Sea, regions of Kerala, parts of coastal and south-interior Karnataka, some parts of east-central and north-east Bay of Bengal and north-eastern states in the next two days.

The data shows that the earliest arrival of Monsoon was on May 18, 2004, while the late arrival was experienced on June 18, 1972. Out of 47 years, there have been 20 years when Monsoon arrived on June 1 or before wherein in 10 years saw Monsoon reaching even before May 26.

In this age technical of advancement, natural rains still play a major role in irrigation and production of crops. In a few traditional pockets of some states, farmers wholly depend on the rainy water. Moreover, a number of pockets witness drought like condition sans rains or scanty rains.

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