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Arbaaz Khan confirms his association with IPL betting after bookie Sonu Jalan’s arrest

Arbaaz Khan confirms his association with IPL betting, losing Rs.3 crore

After the long back and forth scenario for Salman Khan concerning the Black Buck case, the elder brother Arbaaz Khan is also making news with his association to IPL betting. Recently, the Bollywood based actor-producer confessed to the local police about his involvement with betting over the IPL matches. This confirmation of confession came from the officials at Thane’s cell for anti-extortion that was involved in these investigations from the very beginning.

The confession was recorded at the police station after he was brought along with the alleged bookie named Sonu Jalan who was arrested previously with association to the case. The racket was busted by the AEC dated 15 May along with 4 people from Mumbai which included Sonu Jalan staying under the alias of Sonu Malad. He is said to rank among the top scaling bookies in the whole country.

During the case investigation, the officials established a connection amidst Jalan and the elder brother of the Khan family as confirmed by the Senior Inspector of the case named Pradeep Sharma who is also the head official of AEC. Both Arbaaz and Jalan knew each other for more than 5 years.

In a statement recorded by the officials, it has been confirmed by the alleged betting king that Arbaaz Khan used to pitch huge amounts for the game along with many prominent names from the bollywood as well as business industry who invested a huge capital in terms of IPL betting for both teams as well as the players.

The statement provided by Jalan is in complete synchronization with the notes written inside his diary which was regularly maintained by him. Currently, the diary is in the possession of Thane Police. A machine was acquired from his home by the police that is used to hold several lines at a single go and acts like a small call exchange service. During the investigation, the police found another name surfacing during the investigation. The name belongs to a renowned politician from Pakistan but confirmation about the association is yet to come.

Reports also suggest that Khan was being blackmailed into investing more on IPL after his past transactions and loss during IPL betting. The story is yet to be confirmed after hearing both sides of the scenario. Police sources have provided insights into the fact that Arbaaz might have invested more than INR 3 crore for IPL betting. However, nothing can be confirmed as of now with lack of concrete evidence.

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