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As New Coronavirus Cases Dip, Health Ministry Says Nothing Relaxed

After 4 consecutive days brought in high infection cases ranging between 70 and 80, the country has recently seen a substantial decrease in the number of cases. About 43 new coronavirus cases were registered in the past 24 hours, as confirmed by the Indian health ministry. Even yesterday, as the number of cases, reached the ark of 73, the total positive cases soared to a whopping 606 for India.

As of now, the total confirmed cases are 649. Apart from that, four more individuals have succumbed to the illness that takes the total death toll to 13. Lav Agarwal, a senior official from the Health Ministry, mentioned that there has been a decrease in the growth rate. However, this is no way allows us to get relaxed or be worry-free in any way.

Even though this is slow or stable growth, the officials recommend people to stick to the quarantine. People need to be aware of the benefits that come from social distancing. Further, the government has ensured that the public shall get complete access to essential commodities which mean there is no need to crowd the shops.

On 24th March 2020, the government announced a countrywide lockdown of 21 days to curb the effects of COVID-19.


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