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TCS says Automation will lead to more on-demand hiring

TCS says Automation will lead to more on-demand hiring

IT services giant of India, the Tata Consultancy Services would resort to on-demand hiring now, due to increased automation in the software delivery system. A reliable source, associated with the company, has said today. According to data, the company had already given out jobs to 20,000 software personnel, a number which seems to be at par,  with the preceding year.

The hiring of people for the company from other sources is pegged at 4,000, it is said. It is said that Analytics, as well as the Internet of Things and automation, is changing the delivery process in IT sector. “We will definitely go for hiring in a prudent way which is the time of the hour today. International HR head of TCS, A Mukherjee has clarified.

As a matter of fact, TCS has an employee base of 3.94 lakh global employees with a presence in 50 countries and a number of centres spread throughout the globe.

Its policy regarding hiring in the American and other European counties, the company has said that it had been facing various challenges. The main of these were younger generation’s lethargy towards the stream of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects as their choice of studies.

Meanwhile, an analyst company has said that during the next couple of years, more jobs will be created by the use of artificial intelligence in various sectors. These could include healthcare, education and many public sectors. The manufacturing sector will also see the largest number of jobs down.

Of late, the technology and automation related jobs are the favourable ones in comparison to the white-collared ones. On the other hand, allaying the apprehension of jobs getting lessened from the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, the top research firm Gartner has claimed that more jobs will have emerged for the needy than lost. The firm says 18 lakh new jobs will be trashed by 2020, but other 23 lakh new jobs related to artificial intelligence will be created by then.

As per the report, 2020  is said to be will be an important year in the employment sector.

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