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Awfis to Disrupt Coworking Space in India

The largest coworking space company in India, Awfis, plans a major expansion in India with a recent $20 million series C funding from marquee investors Sequoia India and Innoven Capital and The Three Sisters.

The additional funding will be used to disrupt the shared working space industry in India, by putting an emphasis on metros and tier-2 cities.

The founder of Awfis, Amit Ramani, has this to say about their aggressive growth plans:

“Our priority is to deepen the penetration in existing markets and enter new cities with focus on tier-II locations. In the next one year, we will strengthen our presence by foraying into cities such as Chennai, Kochi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Peshawar and Jaipur while adding more centres in Chandigarh. We will have at least two centres each in Ahmedabad and Kochi. We want to take our seat capacity from 25,000 to 40,000 in next one year by creating presence in 15 cities.”

With the explosive growth – and competition – in the coworking space arena, companies are increasingly focusing on productivity and improved ergonomics to create a better experience for customers.

Customers these days want better ergonomics in shared workspaces, according to Jon Muller at Ergonomic Trends: “I’ve seen a huge rise in standing desks in the coworking spaces I’ve visited, when just a couple of years ago, they were considered a novelty.”

A recent study at Coworker.com shows that ergonomic furniture round up the top 3 most requested features by customers in co working spaces, proceeded only by faster wifi and conference room access.

The study breaks down the most requested list of ergonomic furniture customers would like to see in their shared working spaces:

  • 39% would like to see ergonomic chairs
  • 39% would like to see standing desks and/or laptop stands
  • 9% would like to see ball chairs
  • 8% would like to see standing mats

Top companies such as Awfis and WeWork are not doubt paying attention to this trend as they compete for business in India and beyond.

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