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What to do if asked for Bribe for Passport Police Verification ?

You must be aware that taking bribe is a criminal offence. If you have been asked for Bribe from any official while applying for passport or during police verification, we will tell you what to do. A lot of people have been facing this issue as they are being asked for bribe for Passport Police Verification. Usually after your Passport Application is processed and sent to your Police Station, the police official who comes for the verification may demand for some amount to verify your details.



Important Note : Do remember that if all your passport documents and information is in place, no police officer or passport officer has the power to stop your passport police verification at any given point of time. So, you do not have to be afraid of anything or anyone and never offer bribe or money to any officer during your passport verification process.

What to do if asked for Bribe for Passport Police Verification ?

Just remember that your don’t have to pay bribes in any case. If you are being demanded a bribe from any passport official in respect to any passport related service, you may immediately do the following :

1) Note Down the Name of the Passport/Police Official

First of all you must make a note of the full name of the Passport/Police Official who demanded the bribe from you.

2) Note Down the Mobile Number of the Passport/Police Official (Not Mandatory)

After that you must make a note of the Mobile Number of the Passport/Police Official who demanded the bribe from you. Even if you cannot get the Mobile Number, the name is enough.

3) Contact the Vigilance Officer

n case of demand of bribe by any Passport official in respect of any Passport-related service, you may immediately contact Chief Vigilance Officer of Ministry of External Affairs at the address or phone number mentioned. Please mention your E-mail address, Phone Number, File Reference Number (if available) during your communication with the Vigilance Officer.

i) Address : Shri S. B. Saroha, Under Secretary (PV-Vigilance), CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Room No. 5,Patiala House, Tilak Marg, New Delhi – 110001.

Tel No. : +91 11 23387281

Fax : +91 11 23387281

Email : [email protected]

ii) Address : Shri Arun Kumar Chatterjee, Joint Secretary (CNV) and CVO, Ministry of External Affairs, Room No. 163, South Block, New Delhi – 110011.

Tel. No. : + 91 11 23011357

Fax No. : +91 11 23792285

Email : [email protected]

4) If Complaint is Not Addressed, Contact the Central Vigilance Commission

In case your complaint is not addressed properly by the Chief Vigilance Officer of Ministry of External Affairs, you may also report to the Central Vigilance Commission.

Address : CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION, Satarkata Bhavan, A-Block, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi – 110023.

EPABX : 011- 24600200

FAX : 011- 24651010/24651186

Email : [email protected]

We hope that this article helped you to file complaint against bribe for passport police verification ! Do remember that if you don’t take steps against bribe today, you will never see a bribe free India. Take a step, teach lesson to those who are wrong!

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