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BSNL Broadband with Minimum 2MBPS speed to All from October 1

BSNL Broadband with Minimum 2MBPS speed to All from October 1

Try Reliance Geo 4G, Airtel 4G, Tikona Too

Broadband is the trending fad now. We use Smartphone and may browse websites, use apps remain active on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, but you depend on your broadband internet most of the time. It is so because usages of the web applications through smart phones or tablet phones really suck. Your budget will surely make you bankrupt if you go on a venture on downloading movies, mp3 songs, addicted to YouTube video and online games.

Lowest Speed of Broadband in India

Do you know India offers the slowest speed to its customers? Even after TRAIs guidelines, way back in the year 2009, nothing has been done by the ISPs , including public sector telecommunication giant BSNL to ensure guarantee of a dedicated minimum speed of 2 MBPS in the country. If the same recommendation is being implemented now, there is nothing fancy, and no IT Initiative venture under PM’s Digital India Mission seem to be involved.

The Losses of BSNL

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) had been the leader of the internet service provider (ISP) in India but with the entry of a number of private operators as ISPs, but owing to poor service, its monopoly has dwindled to a great extent. If the BSNL has announced the upgradation of 2 MBPS speed in all scheme, it is just a step forward in implementing the directives of a government body. It is hoped with the phenomenal growth of its broadband customers, BSNL may be able to offset its current deficit of Rs. 8,000 per year. According to an official estimate, Rs. 7200 crores of losses are due to only broadband and allied services. The amazing fact is that during the NDA government’s earlier regime in 2004, this huge loss was a big profit of Rs.10,000 to the telecommunication ventures of BSNL.

To keep the existing subscribers in its fold and enroll new subscribers, it has played a move that was likely to outsmart other players, but a number of major players in broadband sector are already present in the field. It has just guaranteed a speed of 2 MBPS to all its subscribers irrespective of their affiliations, and plans. It means a subscriber who was getting a speed of 512 KBPS earlier on his home plan, will get  2 MBPS speed plan and 512 KBPS after the cap.

Nothing New, FUP Remains

The fair usage plan (FUP), a cap on usage of certain data in a month and reduction of speed to a 512 KBPS afterwards affects the quality of the service of broadband. Does BSNL have a better FUP plan? The slow speed hampers the efficiency and performance of the establishments and individuals who may be dependent on the ISPs. The best thing of the broadband service should have been the scheme in which there is no FUP. Contrary to the belief, it is not so. The BSNL plans will still be capped by FUP.

As a matter of fact, the services of the BSNL broadband had never attracted because of their lukewarm behavior, lack of empathy and unprofessional attitude towards its customers. Moreover, it is felt that they lack training to resolve users’ grievances and not geared to the technical management of the issues. This had resulted the giant telecommunication to shed a large chunk of its userbase in favour of the upcoming and available options of new age ISPs like Tikona, Airtel, Reliance, Spectranet, Initia, and others, including those who offer services through cable system.

In the current situation BSNL offer of 2 MBPS speed to all its users, throughout the month, it will become only one out of the other most inexpensive broadband services of the country. Though currently Tikona offers the cheapest service in Rs. 500 in a month it gives 2 MBPS 12.5 GB data 512 KBPS speed thereafter. A shortcoming of the plan is that the service is still not available allover India.

The BSNL’s claim notwithstanding, the users are yet to evaluate video streaming and buffering quality of the BSNL broadband. The speed upgradation should also accompany the excellent service network, helpful customer care experience and hands on availability of the modems, cables and related infrastructure. The trained manpower with minimum response time and cordial relations could go long way in regaining the confidence of those customers who snapped ties with the service due to one or other reason earlier.

Inexpensive 4 G Rolling Calling

Industry insiders claim that news of rolling up of 4 G services by some big players in telecommunications sector has pushed the Government to take the decision in haste otherwise a big dent in the already eroding userbase of BSNL was apprehended.

Moreover, it is rumoured that Reliance Geo is launch its services of 100 MBPS speed on a very low tariff and some complimentary plans have already been given to test the efficiency and quality as well as the optimum speed of the service in different part of the country. Airtel has already launched its 4 G services and people are getting hassle free quality service and video streaming.

Nothing Worthwile, Believable by BSNL

The industry watchers are looking the so called big announcement with a pinch of suspicion. Since other players are already bundling better and inexpensive services with satisfactory back up, the users will think twice before switching over to BSNL, which does not have a good track record. It is better if BSNL develop quality service, prompt and efficient customer redressal system and then only one can think of availing their services. The BSNL lost about 1.78 crore wireless and 20 lakh wireline subscribers during last one year only. So, one can get comparative assessment of other ISPs and take a rationale decision instead of relying BSNL’s plans, which are not much attractive otherwise in the scenario.

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