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Demand for Data Science Courses in Bangalore

Data science was a very new term until a few years ago. And now it’s become a hot term. The term Data Scientist was coined by Danish computer scientist Peter Naur, according to GreenBookBlog. Talent Supply Index (TSI) by Belong reported that there is a 400% increase in the demand for data scientists in India across varied industry sectors and that too at the time when there is slow growth in the supply of such talent.

Data Science has become pervasive over the years. This is clear from the data reported by Belong, a predictive outbound hiring startup, that data science is now involving business operations such as targeted advertising and forecasting demand, product recommendations. This report shot up the demand for data scientists by 417% in the last one year. 

Bangalore is known as the technology hub of India, most of the engineers work here and almost all aspiring candidates live here to find a new job or upgrade their existing jobs. So Bangalore is best suited to data scientist if they wish to have a career of their dreams. The city has the highest number of software companies in India and it goes without saying that it is worth taking up a data science course in Bangalore and become a high paid data scientist.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the science of extracting useful data from large amounts of unstructured data. This is done with scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and software to find useful insights. So Data Scientist is the one who handles huge amounts of data and has the intellectual curiosity to make discoveries of big data. With the emergence of huge amounts of data, traditional technology was not able to handle it, so it is called Big Data. 

Data Science helps you to create models, methodologies, and algorithms that provide practical utilization.

Benefits of a Career in Data Science

According to Harvard Business Review, a Data Scientist “is a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of Big Data”. So Data Scientists are the highly desired professionals in Big Data Analytics and IT Industry. Data Scientist is ranked as first in 25 top jobs in 2019 by Glassdoor. There is a shortage of skilled data scientists and the demand for them is increasing exponentially. 

Top industries where data scientists are in demand are healthcare, insurance, energy, and retail banking. Glassdoor has estimated that there are going to be 2.7 million career opportunities for Data Science and analytical roles by 2020. This means that there is a 28% annual growth in job opportunities for data scientists, data developers, and data engineers worldwide. 

How can a Course in Data Science Help?

A data scientist needs to be very strong in skills like programming, statistics, mathematical reasoning, and business data because he/she is responsible for extracting valuable insights from the raw, unstructured data. To become a data scientist, you need to be a certified professional so as to enjoy lucrative packages and perks. There are a lot of online training institutes that can get you certified and let you write your success story. 

These courses help you develop the skill set that is required to become a data scientist.

The course makes you take a distinctive approach so that it enables you to extract useful insights and use it to solve the challenges arising in business.

Employers are aware of the fact that the professionals who have the ability to use data analytics and can apply scientific methods to resolve business issues are the most important employees. The courses teach you how to build self-service infrastructure and designing the tools to automate the tasks that are repetitive and need data cleaning, its preparation, and analytics. You learn how to execute complex data-driven operations such as predictive modeling and automation without going deep into the coding of complex algorithms.

The courses available online can help you learn the analytical skills and enable you to use the tools wisely and efficiently. You learn to perform research, analyze execute and represent statistical solutions to make practical insights. You are taught how to manage large amounts of data in spite of the limitations in bandwidth, hardware, and software. 

Most importantly, it lets you have hands-on experience in data mining techniques that include cluster or statistical analysis, graph analysis, detection of patterns or making decision trees. Data is available from a variety of sources and a course teaches you how to analyze it from different perspectives and find out the hidden insights.

You learn R programming or Python because they have a complete set of modeling capabilities and provide a platform for building interpretive models. These are the most popular programming languages for data science these days. To understand data analytics easily, you learn to create visualizations. Moreover, you learn to develop operational models, systems and tools by application of repetitive methods and techniques. 

Over To You 

Bangalore is recognized as a talent hotspot of India and leads the job market with 24% of analytics jobs in India. The city pays 13.0 lakhs per annum to data scientists, which is just followed by Mumbai where it is 13.7 lakhs per annum, as stated in Analytics India Magazine. Bangalore has been second highest from the last two years with a 25% increase in the salary of a data scientist. So, many professionals are now willing to upgrade their skills and stay relevant in the ever-changing IT landscape. One can take up an online training course in data science and get started. 

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