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How to Find a Lost Phone on Silent Mode in your House

Find Lost Phone on Silent mode

There is a usual problem with almost every mobile phone user that you keep your phone somewhere in your house or office and you forget it. If your phone is on Normal Mode, you would call on your number from other Number and find your phone. But, if you phone is on silent mode you would really find yourself in a mess. Don’t worry, as in this post we will tell you how to find lost phone on silent mode.

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Before we tell you the procedure to find lost phone on silent mode, you must try to be calm and try to remember where you saw your mobile phone last time or whom were you talking to when you last used your cell phone. Once you remember the place, you can come back to that place and start looking for your phone. Still if you are not able to your phone, you could call your mobile telecom provider and ask them to provide the GPS location of your cellphone. If they are not able to or allowed to provide the GPS Location, then you must try the process mentioned below.

Is it possible to Find a Lost Phone on Silent Mode?

It may be impossible to find a normal or an ordinary mobile phone, but if you are using an Android Smartphone or iPhone, you can easily search for it. But do remember that your Smartphone must be connected with data connection or Wifi Network.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone on Silent Mode?

Android is undoubtedly the most popular operating systems of all. Android Device Manager by Google helps you to easily find a lost lost phone at your home or office.

Let’s know the procedure !

1) Open a browser on your computer or laptop and visit : Android Device Manager Page.
2) Sign in to your Gmail Account which is associated with your Android Smartphone or Device.
3) After you login to your Gmail Account, you will be able to see the list of devices which are connected with your account.
4) Select the lost device and you will get 3 options i.e., Ring, Lock and Erase.
5) Click on “Ring” button and confirm the confirmation box and you’re done.

Just within few seconds, your smartphone or device will ring at its full volume even if it is on silent mode. Try to listen the ringtone carefully and locate your lost phone easily.

Please note that there is also a free app by Google by the name Android Device Manager which is available on Google Play Store and is pre installed on every Android device. Still If your phone does not have this app, then download it now. You can set it up by going Settings >> Security >> Device administrators.

How to Find Lost iPhone on Silent Mode ?

Remember that before you start locating iPhone on Silent Mode, you must make sure that you had turned on “Find my iPhone” in your phone’s settings. If yes, the you just need to follow the below instructions.

1) Visit www.icloud.com on your computer or laptop and login to your account.
2) Click on “Find my iPhone” icon.
3) Now Click on “All Devices” at the center top and select your lost device which you want to find or locate.
4) Now you need to click on “Play sound” button. That’s it and your phone will start ringing on full volume in a few seconds.

These are the two easy ways to find lost phone on silent mode, if it is at your home or office. If you have any queries or feedback, you may leave your comments below.

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