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Google Adsense Publisher Meet at Gurgaon

Google Adsense conducted Publisher Meet at 3 Locations in 2016 i.e., at Indore, Lucknow and Gurgaon on 24th February, 9th March and 15th March respectively. I received a mail from the Adsense Team on 13th of February regarding the Pub Meet. This mail had an option to request invitation which I did for Gurgaon Location. I received an Event Confirmation mail from the Adsense Team on 1st of March’2016.

Google Adsense Pub Meet @ Google Gurgaon Office

Adsense Pub Meet Venue : Google Gurgaon Office, Unitech Signature Tower-II
, Tower-B, Sector-15, 
Part-II Village Silokhera, 
Gurgaon 122001.

This event was quite informative as it had seminars from some people from within Google and from some Google Certified Partners like Adpushup, Readwhere, Nabler & Cybermedia. The Seminar was focused on a lot of topics out of which I have mentioned some which I felt are most important.

Hindi Content

You might already be knowing that maximum number of publishers on Adsense are English Language Publishers. However, the competition and saturation is increasing in English searches day by day. Google Adsense now supports a lot of regional languages as well.

The initial Seminar was focused on Hindi Content. There are only a few Publishers in Hindi Language which is surprisingly only about 0.1 % of the total number of Publishers Worldwide(As told by people from Google).

One Major Problem why people do not attempt to write in Hindi is because of difficulty in writing in Hindi Language. So, to solve this issue Google has come up with 3 Options which you can try.

(a) Google Translate

(b) Google Indic Keyboard

(c) Google Input Tools

Once you use the above mentioned tools, you might find it easy to write in Hindi Language. Thus, publishing and earning by Hindi Content will be a lot easier for you.

Account BAN in Google Adsense

Site Level Action

  • Site Warning : In case one of your Site does not comply with one more more Adsense Policies but is fixable, you might get a Warning from Adsense Team. You will be given a 72 hours period to fix this issue.
  • Site Disabling : In case one of your Site does not comply with one more more Adsense Policies and is not fixable, your Site(s) may lead to an instant Ban.

In both the above cases, your Google Adsense Account might still not be affected as it is a Site Level Action. So, you will be able to run your Ads on all other Site(s) except the one that is affected.

Account Level Action

  • Account Warning : In case your Account does not comply with one more more Adsense Policies but is fixable, you might get a Warning from Adsense Team. You will be given a 72 hours period to fix this issue.
  • Account Suspention : In case your Account does not comply with one more more Adsense Policies which is of higher extent than the earlier case, you will be given a 30 day period to make the necessary changes in your Website or to check your Traffic Sources etc.
  • Account Disabling : In case your Account does not comply with one more more Adsense Policies and is not fixable, your Account may lead to an instant Ban.

Stress on Adult Content Sites : Google Adsense Team gave immense stress on ‘ Not to Use Adsense on a Site which has Adult Content  or Non-Family Safe Content ‘. Any such site would get your Adsense Account disabled with immediate effect. A clear definition of Family Safe Content is any content which you can share with your family and kids without feeling ashamed of it.

Is it fine to display Ads using 2 Different Adsense Accounts on the Same Website ?

One of the Publishers asked this Question. The answer given by the Adsense Team was as follows : ” You are free to display Ads on the same Website using the Ad Codes from 2 different Adsense Accounts. Usually this happens when you have 2 or more Partners in the same Website. Make sure that the Ads do not overlap. Also, the Adsense Rule of 3 Ads per page must be followed. ”

Can we have 2 Adsense Accounts from the Same IP ?

Most of us have this Question at the back of our mind and one of the Publishers asked this as well. The answer was as follows: ” You can have 2 Adsense Accounts from the Same IP as long as the Payee Name and Address do not match with each other i.e., the same person cannot have a Second Adsense Account. ”

Mobile Optimized Sites

The number of people who access internet has been increased to a great level because of increased usage of Smartphones. So, there was a Seminar by the Google Webmasters Team for getting your Site Optimized for Mobile. As the websites optimized for Mobile are also given a Preference in Google Search Rankings.

5 Things to Check out for :

1) Testing your Website : You must take a test of your Website and see whether it is Mobile Friendly or not. If it is not, then it is the time for you to Go Mobile.

2) Consider your Users : Keep in mind your Users and build a Mobile Site which is useful for your Customers.

3) Who should Build it for you ? : You can build it by your own if you can or otherwise there is always an option to hire someone for you.

4) Speed : Do remember that your Users won’t like to wait for the content to load. So, you must review and improve your Pagespeed.

5) Support : If you have any questions, the you are free to ask at the Webmasters Help Forum.

Google Certified Partners

There were Seminars given by 4 Companies which are Google Certified Partners.

(a) Adpushup : Ankit from Adpushup came and told us how can we monetize our Adsense Revenues using their Service. The Ad locations are easy to change and experimenting is made easy. In one of the case study the RPM almost doubled after using their service. They provide a 30 day trial which is absolutely worth trying.

(b) Readwhere : People came from Readwhere who gave great seminars on how we can use their service to build and maintain a Mobile App(Both iOS and Android). All this does not require any coding.

(c) Nabler : Some people from Nabler also came and talked about properly using Analytics. They also insisted on integrating Analyics with Adsense to have a better understanding of the earnings.

(d) Cybermedia : There were seminars from Cybermedia as well which is offers content and publishing services to engage buyers across multiple platforms.

All the Partners, Google Adsense and Webmasters Team answered the queries of the Publishers very nicely and looking at it I would like to attend such an event in the future as well. Also, I would like to mention separately that the Lunch offered at the Google Gurgaon Office for Google Adsense Publishers was fantastic !

Later, I also received a one minute Feedback Mail of India Publisher Meet – Gurgaon on 18th of March’2016. As I was really satisfied by the Event and I could not get that knowledge from anywhere else, I filled up the complete Feedback Form :).

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