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A Heart Touching and Emotional Story of a Kashmiri Boy working in Goa!

On my recent trip to Goa, I came across many interesting places. After having stayed in North Goa for 3 Days, I and my wife planned for a stay at Bogmallo Beach Resort in South Goa near Airport. After our check in to Bogmallo Beach Resort, and a rest of 2 hours we planned to visit the adjoining beach. As we didn’t had our lunch, we planned to have lunch at a restaurant just before stepping on to the beach.

Bogmallo Beach Restaurant

An Emotional Story of a Kashmiri Boy working in Goa! 

This restaurant is located on the left corner just before you enter the beach adjoining Bogmallo Beach Resort. The food was a lot cheaper there as compared to the Resort, so I ordered a Veg Pulao, some starters and drinks.

Bogmallo Beach Corner Restaurant

The waiter who served us looked very innocent and new to the place. I asked him his name. He answered his name is Ravinder. After that I had a conversation with him.

Following was the conversation between me and him :

Anirudh : Are you new to the place?

Ravinder : Yes I have been working at the restaurant from a month or so. (He was talking so slowly and so innocently and in a tone of a North Indian).

Anirudh : Where are you from ?.

Ravinder : I am from Jammu & Kashmir.

Anirudh : Why did you come so far just for a job ?

Ravinder : There are a lot of issues going on in Jammu & Kashmir and I wanted to work out somewhere. Also, we don’t get as high salaries in J & K as in other states.

Anirudh : You could have tried for a job in other nearby states like Punjab, Delhi, UP, Haryana etc. ?

Ravinder : I tried in Delhi and other places, but I couldn’t get a job there (He said very emotionally).

Anirudh : Why couldn’t you get a job there ?

Ravinder : I am from Jammu & Kashmir, that’s why !

Anirudh : I never knew that people in India are so biased. A person wants to work, he wants to earn and people don’t want to offer him a job just because he is from Jammu & Kashmir ( I felt really bad about him and all other people from J&K who struggle to get a job outside their state).

Ravinder : Everyone doesn’t talk to me like you did, so I don’t share about me (He said with an innocent smile).

In the mean time I and my wife went to the beach for about 2 hours. We wanted to keep our belongings like Camera, Mobile Phones etc at the restaurant. But the restaurant owner was not agreeing. Ravinder talked to the owner of the restaurant and he then allowed us to keep the stuff.

Bogmallo Beach Goa

Later after 2 hours we collected our belongings and went to the resort. Before dinner we came back at the same restaurant for a quick drink for about 45 mins or so. I continued talking to Ravinder.

Anirudh : Did you have difficulty finding a job in Goa ?

Ravinder : Yes, I had some difficulty here also. But I finally got a job here as a waiter.

Anirudh : How much do you get here ?

Ravinder : I get Rs.6000, fooding and lodging as well. I also keep getting tips. The owner of this restaurant is very nice. I have no complaints.

Anirudh : You must be missing your family here ?

Ravinder : Yes, i do! (Emotionally)

Anirudh : Would you like to work a bit nearer, say in Delhi or UP ?

Ravinder : Yes, if I could get better salary I would love to work in Delhi, UP or any other nearby states. It takes lesser time to reach Jammu from there.

Anirudh : I would surely look out for a better job for you. What is your Mobile Number ?

Ravinder : I would be really thankful to you if you could help me with a better job. My Mobile Number is 07038192231. 

Anirudh : What kind of salary are you expecting ?

Ravinder : Anything like Rs.7000 – 8000 per month will be fine. If I could get a place and food to live in, it would be even better.

Anirudh : I will try and search something for you, and will let you know. You look young, what is your age ?

Ravinder : I am 23 years old. I have stayed in Malaysia also.

Anirudh : Oh great! How come you reached Malaysia and what were you doing there ?

Ravinder : I went there for doing a job but….

Anirudh : But what ….

Ravinder : Actually I found a Punjabi boy in Jammu. He showed me dreams that I could get a good job in Malaysia. He was in regular touch with me. He told me to collect Rs. 1.5 lacs and give it to him and he would offer a very high paying job to me.

Anirudh : What happened then ?

Ravinder : I somehow collected Rs. 1.5 lacs through my relatives, parents and friends and reached Kualalumpur. He came to the Airport, asked me to hand over the complete money to him. I handed the complete 1.5 lacs to him and he said he will come along with a taxi in just 2 minutes and he never ever came back (Almost Crying).

Anirudh : Oh god that’s so disheartening. You came all the way from India after trusting an Indian Boy for a Job and this is what he did with you. What did you do then ? Didn’t you search for him ?

Ravinder : I couldn’t find him. I didnt even had money to go back home. There I met a boy from Pakistan who helped me a lot to get a Job. I worked for 3 months in Kualalumpur and collected enough money to return back to India.

Anirudh : Ravinder, your story is really very disheartening. I would wish God, that he helps you out in every possible manner. I really salute your courage. At 23 yrs of age, if I was in your place in Malaysia I would have totally broken up. You are really a good example for those who give up in life!

Ravinder : Do look out for a better job for me. I would be ready to do any household work or any such thing.

Anirudh : I would definitely get back to you if I could find a suitable job for you. It was really nice talking to you. I have a dinner at the hotel waiting for me now and have a flight to catch tomorrow.

Ravinder : Ok, have a safe flight. (he said very politely).

This was my complete conversation with Ravinder. This is totally a real conversation and I didn’t make even a single sentence out by my own. I want to give this message to everyone that, there are good and bad people everywhere. So, whether you meet a person from J&K or Kerala, Mizoram or Bihar, from Pakistan or London, don’t just judge a person by his place, start judging people by their nature – the person inside them.

You may have heard similar stories or met similar people but this boy – Ravinder was in a big problem and he came out by his own. I salute Ravinder’s patience, hard work and courage. I want to tell this to all the youngsters who give up easily on life. Look at Ravinder who never ever gave up and always thought positive even when he had almost no one to help him!

Important Request to Everyone :

For all those who have gone through my article, can Contact Ravinder on this Mobile Number : 07038192231 .This is the mobile number I have from him. Althought, I am also looking out for a job for him. You can help him by providing a job too.

The Mobile Number may change in future if he moves to some other place. This article would still give you a message. Please don’t just walk away when you feel or hear someone in pain or some kind of problem. Empathise and try your best to help him/her. If each one of us come forward, help each other and spread happiness, it would be a really wonderful world.

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