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How to check YouTube Earnings in Adsense & YouTube Analytics ?

Know How to check YouTube Earnings in Adsense & YouTube Analytics ?

Hello Friends ! Many of you might already have a YouTube Channel. You may have uploaded a bunch of Videos on your Channel and even associated Adsense Account with your YouTube Channel. However, you are unable to find YouTube Earnings Report in your Adsense Account. (Note : If you have not associated an Adsense Account with your YouTube Channel, You should do it first to get your Earnings Processed)

Here you will find the process to check your Total Earnings of your YouTube Account.

In our Previous Article we have explained how to Enable Monetization on your YouTube Channel & Start Earning with it.

You can check your YouTube Earnings in 2 Possible Ways :

  • By YouTube Analytics

  • By Adsense

How to check YouTube Earnings by YouTube Analytics ?

Step 1 : Login to your YouTube Account & Click on My Channel

Youtube Earnings Report My Channel

Step 2 : Click on Video Manager at the top

Youtube Earnings Report Video Manager

Step 3 : Click on Analytics on bottom left hand side

YouTube Earnings Report Google Analytics

Step 4 : Checking your Total Earnings 

You can check your Total Estimated Earnings in US $

Youtube Earnings Report Estimated

How to check YouTube Earnings in Adsense ? 

Step 1 : Login to your Google Adsense Account

Step 2 : Click on Performance Reports at the top

YouTube Earnings Report Performance Report

Step 3 : Select the Report Type as Products 

YouTube Earnings Report Report Type

How to check YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Step 4 : Scroll down and you need to click on  Hosted Account for Content

YouTube Earnings Report Hosted account for Adsense

Step 5 : Check your Total Earnings in $

YouTube Earnings Report Adsense

According to my experience, the earnings in YouTube Analytics are not real time. YouTube earnings in Analytics may take 1-2 days to get updated. However, in Total Earnings shown in Adsense is real time and gets updated every second.

Adsense Payout : When your Total Earnings get to $10, you are permitted to Add Your Payment Method. A minimum Payout of $100 can be made. However, you can fix your minimum payout for any value more than $100. The Payment Cycle is from 1st of the Month to the Last Date of the Month. The Gross Earnings of Previous Month gets updated from 10th to 15th of the month.

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