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How to choose the right fan for your interiors?

Fans are the must-haves in every house. They come to your rescue, especially when you are in India and have to bear the scorching summer heats that worsen over time. Fans provide ventilation while ensuring relaxation. Over the decades, the fans have been remodeled and have become a significant part of interior decor. While there are varieties of fans in the market, you should know a couple of things before choosing the right fan for your interior.

5 Fans That Create A Unique Style While Serving Their Purpose

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, as the name suggests, are fixed on the ceiling of the room. These relatively easy to install fans ensure to ventilate the whole room and come with an extremely affordable price tag. With time, ceiling fans witnessed a change in style and technology, and now they come in various unique designs, and a few equipped with lights as well. You need to necessarily have a ceiling fan in every room, irrespective of the other cooling options.

Modern homes deserve the goodness of luxury, accompanied by comfort. Designer fans add more value to space. This range of fans is equipped with high-class lighting and designer blades. Thus providing illumination and optimum ventilation. Some of these fans also come with remote control and can work as night lamps. You get to choose from an array of designs to complement your aesthetics.

Wall Fans

Wall fans offer various options in terms of size, and you can go for whatever suits your need. Since the wall fans push the air horizontally throughout the room, you need to place them carefully to get maximum air and have a relaxing time. These are a great option when you want to save space.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are a great option when you want something durable at an affordable price. These fans have a simple design, weigh less, and are meant to provide optimum ease while saving energy. Pedestal Fans can be placed in any corner of your house, making it a great option to add to the interior of your home. Furthermore, they are also a great option for the outdoors.

Table Fan

Table Fans are the most economical and comfort providing fans. These portable fans provide high-speed air circulation and run for hours together. It makes table fan a great addition in your child’s study room or in-house office space. While these fans are relatively small, they do maintain the style quotient.

Irrespective of the changing seasons, installing a fan in your house is a necessity. Choosing the right fan might get complicated if you don’t know about their features and the right things to consider. If you are having trouble in making the right choice, then you should check the wide range of options offered by Crompton. Additionally, you should always choose a fan that complements the interior of your house and provides high-speed air circulation. Apart from that, be sure to check the details of the motor and look for energy-saving features.

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