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How to Create New Account in IRCTC ?

You may have travelled by trains of Indian Railways many times but with a ticket booked from ticket window or through agent. Creating a new account on IRCTC will let you book a train ticket online through IRCTC. So, whether it is a normal ticket or tatkal ticket, you can follow the IRCTC sign up process given below to book your tickets in few minutes. Usually for booking online tickets we visit the agents who book the ticket for us.

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Once you have an IRCTC Account(IRCTC Registration), it can serve various purpose for you :

  • Booking a Normal Ticket
  • Booking a Tatkal Ticket
  • Print a Ticket
  • Cancel a Ticket
  • Checking Refunds
  • Booked Ticket History
  • Book Flight Tickets
  • Book Retiring Room & a lot more !

How to Create New Account in IRCTC ?

It is really easy to create IRCTC Account. By following the IRCTC Sign up steps mentioned below, you will be easily able to create an account on IRCTC.

Step 1 : Opening the IRCTC Sign Up Page

You need to first open the IRCTC Official Page : www.irctc.co.in

IRCTC Sign Up Link

Now you need to Click on IRCTC Sign Up link for IRCTC registration process. As soon as you click on the Sign Up link of IRCTC, you will be redirected to Individual Registration form of IRCTC.

Step 2 : Filling up IRCTC registration form 

IRCTC Registration Form

You need to first check if the desired username is available or not. Once you select your username, fill up the other details with a valid email address and mobile number. Do remember that you will receive a verification code on the mobile number and email address which you provide during irctc registration process. A wrong or invalid email address would not let you create an account with irctc.

After filling all the details click on Submit.

After that click on OK to proceed with your registration process.

Step 3 : Accepting the IRCTC registration conditions

Now you will be asked to accept the conditions. Click on Accept to accept the conditions.

IRCTC Accept Decline Button

As soon as you click on Accept, you will see a Thank you message on the screen mentioning that an activation link as been sent to your email address and the verification code to your mobile number.

IRCTC Registration Thank you message

Step 4 : Activation of IRCTC Account

Open your mailbox and click on the Activation link.

IRCTC Sign Up Activation Link

Once you click on the Activation Link, You will be asked to put the Mobile verification code which you have received on your mobile number.IRCTC Mobile Verification Code

As soon as you enter the mobile verification code on the irctc activation page, your irctc sign up process will be complete. You will also receive your irctc account details in your mailbox.

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