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How to get Balance Loan in Idea ?

This article will tell you how to get Talktime/Balance Loan in Idea. With the introduction of Talktime/Balance loan service it is clear that telecom service providers want to give better and new services to their customers at affordable price. In case of emergency, balance loan service will help you to get Rs.4, Rs.5 or Rs.10  Balance in your mobile number immediately. This loan amount has to be repaid by you on the next day with an interest depending upon the loan amount. Some of the operators have limited options to choose from a list Talktime loan plans. However, some operators are flexible in terms of plans and they let you choose the desired amount as per your wish. You can follow the process below to get advance Balance to you mobile number in less than a minute !

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How to get Talktime / Balance Loan in Idea ?

Just like you can get Internet Loan, you can also take Balance Loan in Idea. They will give you a particular amount of Balance Loan which you need to repay in form of balance.

Conditions to get Balance loan in Idea

  • Balance loan service is available only for the Idea subscribers whose Idea connection is older than 3 months.
  • Do remember that there should be no previous loan pending on your Idea number.
  • You must be using Idea prepaid SIM card.
  • The balance on your Idea Number can be as low as Rs.0 (Zero)

How to take balance loan In Idea

To get Rs 10 talktime loan on your Idea number, just Dial Idea Loan Number : *150*10#

But for this your your balance should be less then Rs 2 . For Rs 10 loan they will deduct Rs 13.80 from your next recharge.

To get Rs 5 talktime loan on your Idea number, just Dial Idea Loan Number : *165*5#.
For this they will deduct Rs 6 on your next recharge. But for this your balance should be less then Rs 1.

To get Rs 4 in emergency, just Dial 53555 and press 5. Or you can Dial *444# from your cell to Take Rs 4 as loan. In return Idea will deduct Rs. 5/- .

Conditions : Remaining balance must be between Rs 0 to 1 and Loan can be taken only once before the re-pay.

Hope that after reading this article you can easily take talktime loan in Idea.

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