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Earn money Online using Infolinks Affiliate Program !

Know everything about Infolinks Affiliate Program (Referral Program) 

Make Money Online with Infolinks

Infolinks is a Revenue Sharing Ad-Network and one of the good thing about Infolinks is that it is fully compatible with Adsense and it gets instant Approval Unlike Adsense. Many Publishers restrict themselves to use only Ad-Network of Infolinks to display Ads on their Websites. However, we should always be open to new ideas. One of such idea is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing can multiply your Earnings beyond expectations.

There are a number of Affiliates available over the internet and one of the best among them is Infolinks Affiliate Program.

What is an Affiliate Program ?

An Affiliate Program provides you with a unique link to the particular Product chosen by you. So, you are actually marketing a product or service for a Brand through your Website. For every conversion, you will be Paid a certain amount. This amount is usually fixed by the Brand itself.

What is Infolinks Affiliate Program ?

Infolinks Affiliate Program is actually a Referral Program. You can multiply your monthly Income simply by referring Publishers to Infolinks.

Why should I choose Infolinks Affiliate Program ?

You might be thinking about why should you go for Infolinks Referral Program. We can tell you a number of reasons :

  • You just need to Copy your Unique URL and you can start Referring
  • Get Realtime Reports 
  • You can the option to choose from a variety of Banners of different designs and sizes to fit your Website.
  •  Most importantly, you Earn 10% of each and every Site you Refer to Infolinks which will immensely increase your monthly revenues.

Infolinks Affiliate Program

How to Refer a Publisher to Infolinks ?

Finally, you need to refer a Publisher to Infolinks in order to make money from it. Get your Referral Link or the Unique Code in your Referral Tab. You can choose any of the methods given below to promote your Affiliate Link.

Make Good Income online By Infolinks Affiliate Program

  • Write a Review about Infolinks on your Blog or Website with your Referral Link
  • Share your Referral Link or Infolinks Review Post on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.
  • Place Banners on your Site or Blog
  • Email the Referral Link to your Friends, Relatives & Colleagues.
  • Embed Videos provided by Infolinks

If your site has a good traffic or even if you are a newbie blogger , why not give it a shot ! Remember, Refer someone now and earn 10% of his Revenues for 12 Months. 

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