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Internet Calling: Vodafone to allow voice calls on WiFi soon

Internet Calling- Vodafone to allow voice calls on WiFi soon

After the government of India has given its nod to the proposal to start Internet telephony in India, launching of services via the wifi is on the card.

There is a company, which is already offering similar service in markets like the UK and Australia, that is Vodafone. If things go the right way, it will be the first service provider on Internet telephony.

Reliance Jio Infocomm to is also in the race. It has also tested the infrastructure which could be fitted in. Bharti Airtel may follow Reliance Jio, which is expected to go for technical trials shortly. No company has confirmed their launch schedules for the product.

To access the full-fledged Internet telephony, the calling party need a data connection. As per existing rules, it is not mandatory for the receiver to have a data connection. Technically, the voice on an Internet line travels in the shape of a data packet and thus it occupies little bandwidth.

Voice over WiFi calling services work perfectly and crystal clear on 4G VoLTE devices, which Reliance Jio use.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had recommended the Department of Telecom (DoT) to offer the field of Internet calling in India for the interested players. There is no bar– whether it is for landline or mobile. No app is required to access it.

Though Internet calling is still available in India but in a very scanty manner. A SIM card is also needed to access the internet calling service here. App to app calls can be made, but telecom operators and app companies don’t have interconnected agreements right now

Even app-to-app calls within the network are accessible only between the same app.

The internet telephony service is likely to disband over the top applications such as WhatsApp and Skype. They will need to adhere to the interconnect agreements with other telecom service providers.

The Government of India will be paid the license fee and interconnect charges from the telecom service providers if they want to offer the service to their users.

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