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Jasprit Singh Kalra – The Rubber Man of India

 When we wish to find, what is the common term for the words like, flair, aptitude, capacity, power, technique, touch and ability the dictionary says – TALENT. When someone is beyond all these words we claim that it’s “God’s Gift”. There are people around us who are remarkably talented and show us their flair for things which sometimes – Surprises us. Sometimes when things are beyond our explanation we declare that as “Mysterious”. One such, talented, beyond explanation and the mysterious person is Mr. Jasprit Singh Kalra of Ludhiana, Punjab.

Jasprit Singh Kalra
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Jasprit Singh – India’s Rubber Man 

Jasprit at the age of 12 years was made to participate in a “Yoga competition” by his teacher, and during the practice session, accidentally found that he can twist and turn his neck, hands and other body parts with super flexibility. Within no time he could manage to rotate his arms at 360 degrees.

Jasprit Singh Rubber Man
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Very soon he became a “Contortionist”, performing arts with skills of extreme physical flexibility. Jasprit got inspired by famous American contortionist – Daniel Browning and kept on practicing and mastered his body and soul.

Jasprit’s Moves

Today Jasprit can perform the following:

  1. Rotate his head at 180 degrees backward.
  2. Dislocate both his Shoulders.
  3. Rotate his torso 180 degrees backward.
  4. Rotate each hand at 360 degrees separately.
  5. Lie down on his stomach and bend his legs upwards.
  6. Place his feet on shoulders.
  7. Front and back bending.
Jasprit Singh Kalra Moves
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Jasprit is just 16 years old and is a student of Arya Model Sr.Secondary School Ludhiana. He experiences no pain what so ever while performing so many moves. And he has the desire to surpass his hero and current world title holder of the “Most Flexible Man” in the world – Daniel Browning.

Hero and Celebrity of School

This little Rubber man has a great fanfare in his school and signs a lot of autographs. But his dedication to improvise and excel ahead in this field makes his parents proud. His teachers and friends feel pride and excited when they talk about him. Today he holds the following awards:

  1. Limca Book Of Records – Boneless Man.
  2. India Book of Records – Rubber Man.
  3. Most Flexible Man – by Assist World Records.
  4. Youngest Flexible boy – Unique World Records Limited.
  5. The Rubber Man – in Miracles World Records.
Jasprit Singh Kalra Records
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Jasprit is still a Yoga Player and can perform even the most difficult of Yoga asana. Apart from yoga he has a Poetic instinct as well and is excellent in academics and sports.

Jasprit’s parents want him to take this extraordinary talent of his, to new heights and at the same time teach other youngsters. Indeed his determination has made the country proud and will keep on inspiring the youngsters.

Clear as crystal that it is just not the “God’s Gift” which works, but you have to believe in yourself, innovate, keep your cool and follow the right direction. You have to be flexible enough during tough situations to become – “The Rubber Man”!

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