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KJ Joseph – India’s Pushup Man

It is true that in a healthy body lives a healthy mind. But the human mind is such a divine gift to mankind that he has proved numerous times that if you have a strong mind, even if you are not so strong by the body, you can deliver anything and everything. Physical toughness, strength, stamina and energy is definitely an essential part but if you cannot believe in yourself, if you cannot stretch your physical limits, which can only be controlled by a strong mind, you may fail at times. That’s why we come across so many stories in real life where even after physically challenged people attain new heights and glory. Such is the case of this Kerala Martial Artist- Mr.K.J. Joseph.

Indian Bruce Lee – K.J. Joseph

This simple looking, thin built man from Chathanthara in Erumely, Munnar Kerala also known as the “Indian Bruce Lee” sets an example for everyone, including the men at the age of forty plus. He attained the world record for a maximum number of “Knuckle Push-Ups” in 60 seconds. He bettered the previous record of performing 79 knuckle push-ups in 60 seconds by American, Ron Copper in 2015. Joseph entered the Guinness Book of World Records by performing 82 Knuckle Push-ups in 60 seconds.

KJ Joseph Indian Bruce Lee
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It is normally believed that a Martial artist quits the game by the age of 32-35 years but this 36 years old man, with his strong mind, proved everyone wrong. Joseph is not only a Karate practitioner but also a Kalari Master. He is also an Ayurveda practitioner and is a strict vegetarian. He has never pumped an iron in any gym and this shows that it is his mind’s strength rather than the body that has given him this success.

Iron Man – K.J.Joseph

If you think that this is the end of the story then let me add that Joseph also holds a record of breaking “Iron rod” 17.99 mm thick with his bare hands. No doubt he is known as the “Iron Man”. He also holds the record of doing 2092 push-ups in an hour, in the Universal Record Forum.

KJ Joseph India's Iron Man
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All these accomplishments are possible just because of the strong, regular and focused training he undergoes. This manager at an Ayurveda Center in Munnar, without fail trains for 2.5 hours daily, practices Yoga to strengthen his mental health, and flexibility, and meditates to keep the focus on the goal. He also practices the art of Reiki. Joseph has set a new target for himself, of doing 90 push-ups in 60 seconds in his next attempt.

KJ Joseph Awards
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Joseph’s achievements clearly show that in addition to the physical health and fitness it is very crucial to have a healthy and focused mind to achieve something big in life. It is his mental strength only that in the last 5 seconds he broke the world record of his predecessor. By virtue of his sound mind and the focused approach, he could break iron bars with his bare hands. He is definitely an inspiration for the younger generation and a source of motivation for any Karate player.

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