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Kushi H – India’s Cruncher girl from Mysore!

Yoga was originated in India. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that strengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility, improves health, relieves stress, centres your thoughts, relaxes and calms you.

Kushi H is the 13 year old teenager who has set up an amazing world record by performing the most difficult yoga asanas ie. the Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana / Back Plank Recline Cruncher 15 times in a minute and became the pride of Mysore.

Kushi H – The Cruncher Girl from Mysore

Kushi is the daughter of S Hemachandra and H Kumuda, the Reserve Bank of India officers studying in St. Joseph’s Central School, Mysore. Kushi was facing breathing problem so her father took her to yoga classes to resolve it. The breathing problem was resolved but later she realized that she has an interest for yoga. She has been practicing yoga since less than 3 years and has excelled in it.

Kushi H - India's Cruncher girl from Mysore
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She has won many awards at national and international level. But the remarkable one is the world record that she has made by performing 15 times the  back plank recline cruncher in a minute. By setting a new world record she has added to India’s excellence in the meditation and exercise form.

Awards bagged by Kushi

Kushi has won several awards such as ‘Yoga Praveen’, ‘Karnataka Kalashree’, ‘District Youth Award’, ‘Yoga Kesari’, Mysore Rathna’, ‘Best Exceptional Achievement’ and ‘Yoga Ratna’. She has bagged two gold medals at Shanghai First International Yoga invitation tournament held in China in 2014. In 2014, she also won a silver medal in an international Yoga competition in the under-17 category in China. In 2016, she won two gold medals, for solo artistic and rhythmic pair and two silver medals in four events in Vietnam. She has won four gold and a silver medal in the recently concluded 7th Asian Yoga Sports Championship organised by Yoga Sports Singapore at Kallang Community Club.

Awards bagged by Kushi H - Cruncher Girl from Mysore
PC : https://starofmysore.com

At the age of thirteen she was inspired by a contestant  an American yogic Kenichi Ebina who performed Back Plank Recline Cruncher a very difficult asana on the popular TV show  America’s got talent. She started practicing the same. During the practice session she performed it 13 times for one minute. But in the presence of representatives from the Golden Book of Records at a community hall, in Mysore she broke her own record by performing it for 15 times in a minute.

Kushi’s Future Plans

After her great achievement of creating a world record, Kushi plans to create much more such records. She wants to make India proud by her achievements. She wants to give her best so she intends to practice more and more to achieve success.

Kushi H - The Cruncher Girl from Mysore
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Kushi also wants to become a yoga teacher and go in depth to do research in the field of yoga. This will be of great help to her to create new records and achieve her aim in life. Apart from this she also wants to become an IAS officer and work sincerely for betterment of our country.

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