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Maharashtra policeman sings ‘zindagi maut na ban jaye’ asking people to stay indoors amid lockdown

In an attempt to ease the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and make people take things seriously, a cop from Maharastra adopted a new and unique style to convey the message. Maharashtra police, in an attempt to make people stay at their respective premises, took to singing.

The cop was recorded singing the melody from the movie Sarfarosh named “Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye Sambhalo Yaaro”. This in English translates to the phrase, dear friends, do not let your life turn into a deadly death, handle things carefully. This was truly a unique and motivating way to convince people to stay at home and fight the COVID-19.

And yes, Twitter users were quick to catch and circulate this message throughout the social media channels. Anil Deshmukh, the State’s Home Minister also praised the efforts being put in by the Maharashtra police.

Impressed by this amazing performance, this minister from the Nationalist Congress Party posted this video over his Twitter page & hoped that people would understand the urgency of the situation. Another MP from the Maharashtra region, Supriya Sule appreciated the efforts of this brave policeman over Twitter.

As per reports, Maharashtra ranks at the top position among the places in India worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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