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Mahesh Savani – A Proud Father of 436 Daughters!

Mahesh Savani, a Surat based businessman and owner of P P Savani group is well known for his humanitarian work. He followed the footsteps of his father Shri Vallabhbhai Savani. Mahesh was former a diamond merchant and now a reality businessman and philanthropist.

Mahesh Savani has always made headlines for his social work. He has supported girls who had no parents and needed financial help. He got them married by arranging mass wedding, played the role of a father and performed kanyadaan and gave them gold, silver and necessary household items. He also sponsored the education of martyred soldiers’ children. This is not the end, his social work still continues. His journey from a  diamond merchant to realty king and then to a philanthropist is truly inspiring.

Mahesh Savani – A Diamond Merchant

Mahesh was born in a well to do family of Saurashtra’s  Ranparada village. His father had built up a diamond business in 1978 which he and his two brothers expanded. He completed his diploma in civil engineering and joined his father’s business in 1990.

Mahesh Savani - A Proud Father of 436 Daughters
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He expanded the business which gave a good turnover upto 2003. But later he got involved in few cases against him in diamond import.The years 2004 to 2007 were very difficult for him. He had full support of his family. Finally he was acquitted from the case.

Mahesh Savani – A Reality King

After his acquittal from the cases, he put up a reality business in 2008, which gave him instant success and till now he has made a deal of thousands of crores alongwith his brothers.

Mahesh Savani - Father of 436 Daughters
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Mahesh Savani does this business under P.P.Savani Group. He constructs schools, housing, townships, universities, hospitals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Both his son’s after completing MBA has joined the group.

Mahesh Savani – A Philanthropist

In 2008 one of his distant relative passed away, Mahesh got his two daughters married,  and also performed kanyadaan by playing a father’s role. He also helped them financially. He was touched by this incident which made him think of those countless girls who had no father and are financially weak and cannot afford the wedding expenses. Mahesh Savani decided to help them.

Mahesh Savani with his daughters
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In 2010  he organised the first mass wedding, where as a fatherly figure he did the kanyadaan of all the girls and he provided them with clothes, jewellery, utensils and other things to set up a home.  In the wedding ceremony girls belonging to any caste or religion are married off as per their respective customs and religion. Every year he organises at least 300 mass weddings and spends lakhs of rupees for this noble cause. He is also sponsoring the education of  students of many schools in Surat who have lost their parents or who are financially weak. Recently he has provided financial help to the martyred soldiers’ children and also sponsored their education. He gets immense pleasure by helping the needy. According to him “Service to human being is service to God.

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