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Mojo Land Water and Amusement Park in Murthal

Established in the outer regions of Delhi is the Mojo Land Water and Amusement Park. You can come to visit the mystical land filled with hi-end technology-based rides and excitement during your weekend trips. Why not plan a short vacation with your friends and family for a stress-buster solution? Also, you will have plenty of chances to spend some quality time with your closed ones here. Enjoy all the rides that are equipped in the Water Park for an enthralling and adventurous experience.

Did you know that Mr. Mojo is fond of performing all his water rituals in a separate area addressed as the Lagoon Park? To connect with the Water God come and perform all the water rituals and in return receive absolution from a stressed lifestyle of a city. The Lagoon Park is all set to impart you with a joyous experience amidst the tropical ambiance. Let your spirits loosen up and get high on adrenaline here!

Mojo Land Water and Amusement Park in Murthal

When enchanting vibes is coupled up with exciting land-based and water-based rides the amount of fun becomes manifold times more. The speakers blare up the latest beats to which your body won’t just be able to stop moving; our in-house DJ makes sure of it. Also, do you miss having the feeling of being at a beach in Delhi? Well, we understand your miseries and have taken measures to resolve it as well. Mr. Mojo has a Palm Beach to offer you, which is an artificial beach fabricated in Lagoon Park.

What else can you think of when it comes to water bodies? The sea waves and a waterfall! We have made the appropriate arrangement for that here! Remember the times back in your childhood when during summer holidays you would rush to the nearest swimming pool and have loads of fun with your friends? Come reminisce those memories once again in our Foam pool. Among everything else, how can we forget the Rain Disco? Yes, you read it right! We have a Rain Disco established on the premises as well.

Mojoland Murthal

While having immense fun all-day long you can grow tired and how can you have all the fun when your stomach is growling with hunger pangs? Here, on the Mojo Land Water Park premises, there are various food kiosks and eateries that serve with mouth-watering delicacies. You can stop counting your calories just for a day and binge on the multiple cuisines that are served here.

Getaway from a mundane life schedule and soar high in the sky with Mr. Mojo with all the amazing rides. The aero-sport activities that can be performed in the water park of Murthal include para-motoring and hot air balloon ride. With these sports get hold of picturesque view of the entire water park and Murthal as well. Also, Mr. Mojo is waiting for you in the Adventure Park for some adrenaline-rushing and heartbeat-increasing experience. Do not forget to join him there!

Ticket Price/Entry fee:

Adventure Park : Rs.600/-(Adult), Rs.500/-(Student)

Lagoon Water Park : Rs.600/-(Adult), Rs.500/-(Student)

Combo (Adventure/Water Park) : Rs.1000/-(Adult), Rs.800/-(Student)

Aero Sports Park : Rs.1500/-(Para Beginners), Rs.2000/-(Intermediate flying), Rs.2500/-(Advanced Flying), Rs.3500/-(Fly Yourself)

Amusement Park : Rs.600/-

Timings: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Address: MojoLand, GT Road, Murthal Haryana 131039

Phone Numbers: +91 705-665-1111

Email Address: [email protected]

Official Website: www.mojoland.in

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip this weekend, without much delay to the Mojo Land filled with enchanting water rides and exhilarating sports.

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