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myUKmailbox Review: A first class parcel forwarding service

myUKmailbox Review

Parcel forwarding services have evolved and flourished in the recent times due to the growing needs of the society. myUKmailbox is one such parcel forwarding service that caters to every specific need of its customers. It has earned a great name in the business world owing to the quality of its services. Hence, its customers themselves tend to spread the word since the service pleases them completely. In the parcel forwarding service provided by myUKmailbox, there are 3 steps collectively. To begin with, your product is procured from the sender and re-sent to your final destination. This method cuts down on your shipment costs to a large extent.

Steps involved in the parcel forwarding process

Don’t we all want to decorate our wardrobe, or perhaps our entire surrounding with UK-based products? When we have a solution of shopping online from UK stores, sometimes it’s just not enough when you learn that the product you really liked cannot be delivered to your current location. myUKmailbox intervenes in order to facilitate transportation of your favorite products and to lessen the final cost. Before you place your order, you’ll have to sign up for a personal account through the website. Once you receive your own distinctive suite number in the UK warehouse of the company, you will be able to track your product to keep a note. Once your products are received at the warehouse, high quality snaps of your products are clicked and emailed to you. You have a wide range of options before you to order from. For instance, you can pick from Amazon, Asos, eBay etc.


myUKmailbox is valued for its utmost dedication and effort laid on packaging and labeling. Labels, address bills, invoice, airway bills and other documents are attached along with every single shipment of yours and the copies of these documents are subsequently scanned and emailed to you. This enables flawless re-shipment of your goods. Moreover, the customs authorities are directed to handle products with good care and they are also liable to take responsibility for damage, if any. These features together form a powerful package of international freight forwarding service. This costs you a minimum of only about £18.80.Additionally, you get a further discount of 10% if you recommend this service to your peers.

Plans and pricing

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Premium

myUKmailbox Pricing

The starter plan is most suitable for one time usage and for the ones who opt to go for a single product instead of a huge bunch. The standard plan, on the other hand is known as the most ideal and best plan among the three owing to its flexibility. It’s ideal for casual buyers who love to pick multiple products from different stores. For business customers and frequent customers, Premium plan is a pathway to their dream.

What are features that carry myUKmailbox a step ahead?

  • Freight forwarding: myUKmailbox makes way for customers to avail their most desired products from online stores based in both UK and other international cities at economic rates by providing parcel forwarding service.
  • An individual UK street address: After you’ve subscribed for the service, you will receive your own special UK address for shopping and a suite number along with it (warehouse) that allows you to accept shipments through various services such as Royal Mail, DHL and so on.
  • Photo service and online mailboxmanagement: Photo service is a unique feature that is integrated withmyUKmailbox. High definition pictures of the products are clicked after they are collected in the warehouse and later, they’re mailed to you.Not only these photos are sent to you, butother important documents are also scanned and emailed to you.
  • Address book: This service can only be used by premium members. You can make use of multiple addresses and each could be used for diverse purposes like surprising your kith and kin with their most favorite international products. You could also use these addresses to casually gift your friends.
  • BuyForMe service: This service is a savior for all those people whose billing locations are not approved by the online stores from which they’re buying products. Under such circumstances, myUKmailbox takes up the responsibility of procuring and forwarding your package completely.
  • myUKmailbox also makes possible supermarket shopping, free storage and tracking.
  • Insurance: Your shipment can be effortlessly insured at nominal rates, upon request. This is available for both standard and premium members.
  • Oversized item service: This service provides air service and shipment service to forward even unusually large or oversized products. This appears to be of huge aid to a majority of people.
  • Furthermore, myUKmailbox engages in other business and import services also, in order to deliver goods bought from outside of UK. This is hitherto forwarded to the final user. This aspect attracts a lot of prospective customers as this permits them to buy goods in bulk.

myUKmailbox Sign Up

After going through this article, we’re pretty sure you can’t hold your horses.  Hurry up and check out myUKmailbox’sblog service whose content would assist you to choose a product that reflects your personality. It also brings to light a lot of information related to latest trends. Do not forget to check out the website. Shop till you’re satisfied!

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