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Recent duststorm killed 17 in UP, new warning issued

Recent dust storm killed 17 in UP, new warning issued

The dust storm has killed seventeen people in Uttar Pradesh alone during a recent spell of it from Muzaffarnagar to Amroha-Moradabad, an official source revealed. It is claimed that the casualties were caused by falling off trees and incidents of house collapse. A flurry of dust storm is said to …

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Recycling Plastic can Change the Fortune of India by Creating more Jobs

Recycling Plastic can create 6 Times more Jobs than dumping the Plastic in Public Places

Plastic is a boon or bane, nobody knows, but we can certainly create jobs out of these plastic wastes, the heaps of garbage creating a wasteful health hazard for the people. As per a moderate estimate waste management in India may create enough jobs to recycle more than 15,000 tonnes …

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Beware, Nipah Virus-- the most deadly virus, after HIV is here

Beware, Nipah Virus– the most deadly virus, after HIV is here!

Nipah virus infection (NiV) is an infection, the patients, doctors, hospitals, and researchers equally worried about. It is responsible for spreading severe disease in animals as well as humans. It is claimed that natural host of the virus is fruit bats of a particular genre, which is hard to identify …

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An early monsoon is here, on the way via Kerala

An early monsoon is here; on the way via Kerala

There is a good news for people suffering and cursing hot, humid and scorching weather. Monsoon is arriving, way ahead of its scheduled prediction. In fact, its on the way to Kerala, and will hit tomorrow, three days ahead of the usual day. The flurry of this cool, rainy weather …

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