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Now Paperless Ticket on New Delhi-Palwal Route Too

Now Paperless Ticket on New Delhi-Palwal Route Too 

Chennai and Mumbai Passengers Benefitted Earlier through Mobile AppNow, If you plan to travel towards Palwal from New Delhi or any nearby Railway Station, avoid long queues at ticket counters will be a good idea. For that, you better download UTS App from Google Play Store. Get yourself registered, buy your journey ticket through RailwayWallet (RWallet) and board the desired train.

Paperless App

After successful launching of pilot project on journey by paperless ticket through smartphone’s app, Indian Railways have extended the benefit to the New Delhi-Palwal stretch of the trains. Consequently, a large group of commuters has been benefitted in trial runs. Earlier, the services of the app which is available on Google Play Store  or in Windows Store under the name of UTS could be availed on Chennai Egmore & Tambaram suburban Section of Southern Railway and later with the  Churchgate-Dahanu Road suburban section of Western Railway only.

Mumbai Suburban Rail

The application has now been implemented on complete suburban area of Chennai & Mumbai Western Railway suburban section which covers 125 stations over 295 kms distance. According to an estimate, about 1600 tickets are being booked daily by the passengers through this application in these sectors. Unfortunately, people using iPhone of Apple will not be able to avail the services of this facility because the apps are not ready for the Apple platform.

The application has now been extended on the New Delhi-Palwal section of Northern Railway covering 11 stations over 57 kms distance. For paperless ticketing, GPS coordinates of railway tracks on the New Delhi-Palwal section, plus 20 meters on either side of the tracks have been earmarked as Geo-Fencing area within which no ticket booking is allowed in order to ensure that passengers have ticket before commencing the journey.

Palwal Station

The application provides easy menu and on-screen alerts to guide the passenger during the booking process. Payment for the ticket is done through the “Railway Wallet” feature in the App. After booking the ticket, the passenger will be alerted through the ticket confirmation screen which provides necessary information of the ticket.

The paperless journey ticket will be stored in the local mobile application database in the encrypted form which cannot be tampered with. Ticket booked in paperless mode cannot be cancelled in order to prevent claiming of refund after travel.

The ticket has distinct colour scheme everyday and it is embedded with Quick Response (QR) code. It cannot be forwarded to another mobile or edited or printed. The old invalid tickets will be removed from the mobile device through a sync feature in the App.  For the purpose of ticket checking, the application has various features such as colour scheme, show ticket features, secret code of the day, booking time of the ticket and scrolling of legend “IR UNRESERVED TICKETING”. In case the mobile is in disconnected or No-GPRS mode, it can be checked easily through QR Code.

How To Book Paperless Ticket

The passenger should have GPS enabled smartphone to book paperless unreserved suburban ticket.

Registration of the App

Registration can be done through mobile phone app or Website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).  The passenger first will get registered by providing his/her mobile number , name, city, default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passenger, and frequently travelling routes.

Sign Up Railway app : Paperless ticket

Mobile Screenshots

The passenger has to provide little basic information at the time of registration i.e. Mobile Number, which will be used as user ID for application login, name of the passenger, city from which the passenger belong and from where he or she books the tickets. This information will be used to customize the application interface like filter source station at the time of booking; the passenger has to give an ID card of any ID card specified in the ‘Select ID card Type’ list. The passenger is responsible in case of defining wrong/fake ID card.

The passenger will press the Generate OTP and OTP will be sent as SMS to the mobile specified in the application.  The passenger has to type the received OTP in the application. The passenger has to select the most preferable booking information like Journey type, Ticket type, Class and number of passenger to be used as default while booking ticket.  The passenger can also define frequent travel route which will be used for Quick Booking. This will enable the passenger to book the ticket by three clicks.

After successful registration, an SMS will be sent to the user with login-ID and password. The passenger can also register through the mobile phone and internet. The passengers have to login to the application by giving their mobile number and password as the user credentials. Only registered users are allowed to access the application features. If the login credential fails three times consecutively, then the user account will be locked. It will be unlocked automatically after one hour. The policy for automatic unlock may change from time to time.

Main feature of the App Booking

  • In case internet connection of the mobile is not working, the passenger will not be able to book ticket.
  • The application will detect the GPS location of the passenger. In case, the GPS location of the passenger is not readable, the passenger will not be allowed to book ticket.
  • Journey ticket once booked cannot be cancelled to avoid refund after performing the journey. Hence, no refund should be permitted for the paperless tickets issued through Smartphone.
  • In case, the passenger is not able to show ticket to the ticket checking staff, then this should be considered as ticketless travel.
  • The passengers are allowed to book paperless ticket in New Delhi-Palwal, Chennai Suburban section of Southern Railway and Churchgate to Dahanu Road section of Mumbai Suburban of Western Railway.
  • Passenger with paperless ticket is not allowed to take printout at the ATVM & UTS counter.
  • The journey should commence within one hour after booking the paperless ticket.
  • Only one ticket per App is allowed for First Class travel, while one can book upto four seats in Second Class.
  • One can book return journey too, but it will be available through ordinary trains only.

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