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How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage Or For any other Reason?

How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage Or for Any other Reason ?

We will discuss the PAN Card Name Change Marriage Procedure in this Article. First of all you need to understand that you need to provide a Proof as a supporting document for the Change of Name.

List of Accepted Documents in Pan Card Name Change Procedure(After Marriage) :

How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage

  • Marriage Certificate :

A marriage Certificate is a legal proof of registration of your Marriage. Marriage Certificate may serve a lot of purposes like changing your Maiden Name. It also acts as a supporting document for name change in your Passport, Voter ID Card, PAN Card etc

  • Marriage Invitation Card :

A Marriage Invitation Card is a letter to invite your guests, relatives and friends for your Marriage. It has the names of the marrying couple and is accepted as a proof of name change for PAN Card.

  • Copy of Passport showing Husband’s Name :

A passport is the biggest proof of Indian Citizenship. If you already own a Passport then you can use it as a supporting document for Changing your Name in Pan Card and all other documents.

Know how to Apply Online for Passport in India ?

  • Publication of Name Change in Official Gazette :

Almost state has a Department of Publication which publishes the Name Change in the Official Gazette of the State. If your State does not publish such a Gazette Notification or you are unable to find such Department, you can Publish your Name Change in Gazette of India. It acts as a proof of Name Change for PAN Card & Passport.

  • Certificate Issued by a Gazetted officer (Only for change in applicant’s Name) :

If you want to Change only your Name(Not the Surname) , you can use a Certificate issued by a Gazetted Officer. This certificate acts as a proof of Change of Name for PAN Card & Bank Account.

Once you have any of the above mentioned documents, you can apply for a New Pan Card or can Make Changes to your existing PAN Card.

Click here to : Track your PAN Status Online

Important Note : Apply for a New Pan Card only if you have never applied for it. However, if you already have a PAN Card, you can make changes to your existing Pan Card Details.

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Hope you understood the Complete Procedure of ‘How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage?’. Hope you can easily change name in PAN Card now. If you have any queries you can leave your comments below.

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  1. Can anyone have same PAN no with different names in case of change in name after marriage?

  2. Hello Manashri,

    The Answer is No ! When you apply to Re-Print your PAN Card, your New Name will be Printed on a New PAN Card and you will be allotted the Same Old PAN Number. You can cut your Old Pan Card into 2 pieces and throw it after you receive the new Pan Card.

  3. hlo
    in how days do we get PAN after applying for name correction

  4. Helo Sindhu,

    It takes about 15-20 days’ time.

  5. Hi,

    Can you please tell me wat all documents i required to change my middle name and surname?? my name is same as privious.

  6. Hello Priyanka,

    You can follow the procedure mentioned in this Article to change your Name or Surname or both in your Pan Card.

  7. Can I change my signature after changing middle name in pan card form

  8. Hi Dipti,

    Yes, you can change your signature at any point of time in a PAN Card. I would suggest you to do both the changes in the same application form.

  9. sir,
    can keep my both surname on pan card.
    means my previous name is MANU SHIVAJI HAKE & after marriage my full name is MANU HITESH HAWDEKAR.

  10. Hi Manu,

    Yes, you can keep both the surnames and can change your name as desired. The legal way to do it is to publish a Gazette Notification in Official Gazette of your State or Gazette of India. This document can be used to change your name on any document in India.

  11. Hello,

    I want to change my wife surname in PAN CARD,
    so i have to add my name or Fatehers name.


    Ashok k.

  12. Hi Ashok,

    A Pan Card always has Father’s Name. You would never see a Pan Card having Husband’s Name.

  13. Hi,
    I want to change my wife name on pan card. I understand the document which you mentioned on above article but what about the address proof. Can you please advise on documents which i need to submit along with the application? or i need to submit only marriage certificate.

    Sachin Jadhav

  14. Hello Sachin,

    Hello Sachin, the address is not printed on the card so even if you dont put a tick mark against address your wife will receive the pan card on the old address. Only the covering letter will have the address.

  15. Hi can a married men take his wife’s surname on PAN Card and other legal documents?

  16. Hi Tushri,

    You can take any surname on any document if you have the supporting document for it.

  17. hi thanks for ur reply. can u suggest in this case what are valid supporting documents?

  18. Hi Tushri,

    Change your name in Gazette of India. A gazette notification from Gazette of India will be accepted anywhere as a legal proof of name change. You can follow the link below to read how to change your name in Gazette of India.


  19. Dear Shri Singh:

    I have a question:

    Very recently my daughter received a new PAN card with her maiden name and pre-marriage address. This PAN card was necessitated to request transfer her late mother’s Demat securities for which she was the sole nominee. However it was noticed that her nominee name was her married name and the Bank put a new obstacle saying that the PAN card name must be changed to the same as the nominee name. I submitted the marriage certificate to the Bank but they refused saying that CDSL rules want the pan card name and nominee name should be same. We are now forced to request PAN authorities for name change. In this regard we want to know the correct position as follows:

    A) are the bank and CDSL are correct ?. Marriage certificate States both her maiden/ married/ husband name . Can this and the PAN card together not serve this limited purpose of transfer of Demat shares etc ?. Specifically, why do they want a new card for this one time purpose ?

    B) will PAN authorities entertain our request for name change now ?

    We will appreciate your considered views in this regard

    Vasudev Shirahatti
    Navi Mumbai
    Cell : 9930056479

  20. Hi Vasudev,

    1. I would say the bank is correct in such situation. Marriage certificate can be used as a supporting document to change the name after marriage. According to bank you have created discrepancy in the names. Had the names been the same in both the places, it would have been considered.

    2. Dont get into hassles, you can reissue the pan card with changed name and you will be get it on your address within 15-20 days.

  21. partha pratim Mukherjee

    Sir, actually my name partha pratim Mukherjee, but somwhere it has used parth preetam Mukhopadhyay, Parth Protim mukhopadhyay, as results confusion has come.so want keep my name, Partha Pratim Mukherjee.
    Please assist.

  22. Hi Partha,

    Can you tell in which documents you have the desired name(the one which you want to keep) ?

  23. Sir, this is regarding my parents who are about 45 years of age my mother is having a PAN card but with her old surname they don’t have marrage certificate coz those time no one was concerned they also don’t have the Wedding card.We just have photographs.My mother wants her surname to be changed is their any way we can deal with this.

  24. Hi Abhijit,

    You can use 2 documents together for changing your mother’s name :

    1. Certificate Issued by a Gazetted officer (In the prescribed format given below)
    2. Marriage Invitation Card (You can get it designed at any Wedding Card shop and ask them to print it on the same sheet they use for wedding cards- Not the usual paper)

  25. hello sir,
    My marriage was done by Arya Samaj rituals, we have got the marriage certificate from their office.Is that certificate valid for the process of change in surname in PAN card?The certificate has my maiden name ,my husbands name,our respective addreses and the date of marriage. What else docs will be required . ?Kindly help

  26. I hv question is that , it’s possible to keep both full name before or after marriage on pan card

  27. Hi Sharvari,

    You can only have 1 name on pan card

  28. Sir, can one keep two pan-card with same number but having different name?
    Say name ‘before marriage’ & ‘after marriage’?


  29. Hi Mahaveer,

    No, you can have only one pan card. Only Your updated pan card will be valid in case you updated your name on pan card. Getting 2 pan cards under different names can also be termed as ‘illegal’ and can land you behind the bars.


    Is it necessary to change name in Pan ? Why? Under any section of act ?

  31. For last name change after marriage: All documents mentioned on website (government online site ) are required or any one of the document is sufficient. The name change Gadget publication is a tedious process as you also need to have it published in paper.

  32. Hi Sir,

    I want to apply pan card for my wife ,she has marriage certificate and 10th as dob proof ,My doubt is which name we have to write in application form and she dont have any address proof.Marriage certificate accept as address proof or not?

  33. Hi anirudh i need some help regards changing the name .
    I lk b thankfull if u can give me you contact no. Or can call me at 9811827170

  34. It must work, but you must confirm the same by calling the helpline number.

  35. Hi Vaishali,

    It is not necessary. Only if you are changing it on all your documents, it is adviced to changed your name on pan card as well.

  36. I have pancard with my father surname know I want to change it with my husband surname but when in pervious pancard submission I had one address and know I am in another city. Is there any problem if submit with new address

  37. hello sir,
    my name is raju kumar , i want to change name himanshu kushwaha
    pleze tell me procedure

  38. Hi Anirudh,

    I want to change my wife surname on PAN, but I have only invitation card not marriage certificate or any other proof of marriage.
    So, now can I apply for name change using, just an invitation card.

    Secondly, I want to add my surname on PAN, having passport, but please tell me will this change affects my previously filled ITR’s.


  39. Hi Eric,

    You can provide any 2 documents out of these to be sure that your process is completed without any hassle.

  40. Hi Raju,

    Provide any of the documents mentioned in this article to change your name.

  41. Hi Anuradha,

    No there is no problem. Do remember to submit your new address proof with it.

  42. I want to know about which document submit for pan card after marriage.i have no marriage certificate. It is possible apply for pan card for change name and address others proofs??

  43. Hi Anirudh,
    While filling up the form for change of surname on pancard it asks for ID proof and address proof. The only ID proof I have is PAN Card and do not have a address proof yet as I live with my husband. Please suggest.

  44. My name is shashi bala in in pan card,whereas i have other documents as aadhar card in the name of shashi gupta.in birth certificate of my both children the name of mother is also printed different,one with shashi bala and othet with shashi gupta.i have the registry of house in the name of shashi gupta.in office recod i am shashi bala.so i am facing a problem.iwant to have the pan card in the name of shashi gupta.suggest me.

  45. Hi Mahesh,

    No, Marriage certificate is not an Address Proof. You can check this article to get a local address proof : https://amazingindiablog.in/get-local-address-proof-india/

  46. Hi Waseem,

    I am sorry, I dont provide my number. You can ask any question over here.

  47. Hello Anirudh

    My first name and father’s name appear as last name on PAN card and my last name appear as first name on the card. e.g. Let’s say my name is Rahul Ganesh Kulkarni. Then last name in PAN records is Rahul and first name is Kulkarni Ganesh. I want to get this changed. The NSDL website do not have any section for name change. How do I approach them with this request?

  48. You should also provide an affidavit i.e. Certificate of Identity in original signed by M.P.,/ MLA/ Municipal Councillor/ Gazetted Officer (As Per Annexure-A) *Original copy

    Changing your surname on pan will not affect the previous itr. However, it is advised to add your surname on all bank accounts n financial documents as soon as your surname is updated on pan.

  49. Hello,

    I read somewhere in your blog’s comment only that PAN CARD is not issued with husband’s name. So my question is I required my husband name in my pan card, because of Job. So how I can change my full name along with my husband’s name and surname in my PAN CARD?

    Is it possible to have it?

  50. Hi Priya,

    I did not understand your question i.e., why do you want to add your husband’s name with your name because of job ? Remember that if you change your name on PAN Card, you will have to change it on all bank records as well. And in future in all your marksheets and address proof documents as well.

  51. Hello,

    See, in my current PAN Card individual name is PRIYA BBB CCC. And father’s name is BBB DDD CCC. So now I want is PRIYA . And father’s name will remain as it is. And I want this bcz my new job company asking for new name in PAN, so and so they will make joining letter with new name otherwise they will go with old name only. Suggest me some way.

    Thank you for your time and considerations.

  52. Hello,

    See, in my current PAN Card individual name is PRIYA BBB CCC. And father’s name is BBB DDD CCC. So now I want is PRIYA hubby-name hubby-surname . And father’s name will remain as it is. And I want this bcz my new job company asking for new name in PAN, so and so they will make joining letter with new name otherwise they will go with old name only. Suggest me some way.

    Thank you for your time and considerations.

  53. Hello,

    See, in my current PAN Card individual name is PRIYA BBB CCC. And father’s name is BBB DDD CCC. So now I want is PRIYA hubby-name hubby-surname. And father’s name will remain as it is. And I want this bcz my new job company asking for new name in PAN, so and so they will make joining letter with new name otherwise they will go with old name only. Suggest me some way.

    Thank you for your time and considerations.

  54. kesava senthil kumar

    my name is wrongly feeded by my fathers name..so what can i do for this issue..

  55. Hi,

    How to change individual name?

  56. Hi Anirudh,

    I need to add surname in my name in PAN card and I have a query regarding that.
    I have published my name change in Gazette of India and name change is in process in Aadhar card (not yet completed).

    Apart from that my address has also been changed now which I need to correct in PAN card.

    Can I get my name changed (addition of surname) in PAN card only based on Gazette publication as I do not have any other address/identity proof document which has my new name ?

    I hope you could help me out on this issue. Thanks

  57. Hi Ali,

    You can use your Gazette Notification for name change in your Pan Card. However, you also need you address proof document. If Aadhaar Card name change is in process you can wait for it. Or in the mean time you can change your name and address in Bank Account.

  58. Hi Reha,

    You can search the pan card name change article to change your name in pan card. You can use the documents mentioned in this article.

  59. Hi Kesava,

    You can apply for pan card change request to change any details im your pan card.

  60. Hi Anirudh,
    My mother in law from Goa is staying with me after the death of her son as she is very old. House is locked & this Goa permanent address is mentioned on Adhar as well as on voter id.
    How do I mention my Mumbai address so that PAN card can be processed & sent to Mumbai address. Present form it seems difficult as no one stays in Goa & if processed PAN card will go return to NSDL from Goa. How do I proceed. Please help

  61. Hi Anirudh,
    My wife wants to change her name after marriage and wants to make her previous surname as new middle name. For example,
    Old name – Mina Roy
    New Name – Mina Roy Gupta
    if ‘Gupta’ is my surname.
    Can you tell for this change in PAN card, what documents is mandatory. We have marriage certificate, is anything else required?
    Also we would have to make similar changes in her Passport, Banks and job. Will there be any affidavit mandatory anywhere or marriage certificate would be sufficient?


  62. Hi,

    My sis is married & so wanted to change her name in her existing pan card. However instead of applying for changes / correction in name she filled the online form for new pan card and have also done the payment via net banking. Please help & let me know the cancellation procedure so she can maintain her existing pan card & again reapply for changes / correction in name.

  63. Hi,

    I have lost my first PAN card before marriage. Some circumstance I needed my PAN card. So after marriage I have second pan card with different PAN number and Surname..

    After two months I have found my old PAN card, so I want to cancel the same without any penalty. Is it possible.
    Please replied of my answer. I am belong to lower family.

  64. I have shifted to another place within same Police station Jurisdiction in Delhi. Me and my wife have Election Card and Aadhar Card in our names. I was able to change my MTNL landline to new rented address and hence I was able to update same in these documents. However, when I tried to update the same for my wife, everyone is asking for her residence proof. Pls guide.

  65. Hi,

    I want to change my PAN CARD with husband’s name instead of my father,but according to you,pan card always been issued on father’s name .
    Should i apply for name change or only address change is enough?
    P.S. Both family’s last name are different.
    pls suggest.

  66. Hi Nikita,

    You can make changes to your name if you have changed your name and have the supporting documents. Address has to be updated if there has been a change in address. Father’s Name has to be always there, whether you are married or unmarried.

  67. Hasan Riyal Naqvi


    I want to apply for my wife’s pan card.I got the following documents

    1) Banks letter as ID proof
    2) Electricity bill as the address proof
    3) Schools tenth class certificate as proof of age.

    The only thing is that her name on the School tenth class certificate is her maiden name. Whereas her name on the banks letter head is her post marriage name.

    I have just added my sir name to her maiden name
    Will there be a problem or is it ok


  68. Hi,
    My name in pancard is SANTHILAL MAGESH and in AAdhaar card is MAGESH SANTHILAL now i changed my Aadhaar card name as MAGESH and applied for correction in PAN also as MAGESH. Reason for this is in Tamilnadu in voters Id and ration card no surname is allowed. Is it enough to have same name as MAGESH in all document without surname and initials. Kindly suggest.

  69. Hi Anirudh,

    For name change after marriage, are all documents listed above are required or either of them will be sufficient? For example, I want to use marraige certificate as proof for name change.

  70. Hi Kamalika,

    You can use any one of the mentioned documents.

  71. Hi Anirudh,
    My wife wants to change her name after marriage and wants to make her previous surname as new middle name. For example,
    Old name – Mina Roy
    New Name – Mina Roy Gupta
    if ‘Gupta’ is my surname.
    Can you tell for this change in PAN card, what documents is mandatory. We have marriage certificate, is anything else required?
    Also we would have to make similar changes in her Passport, Banks and job. Will there be any affidavit mandatory anywhere or marriage certificate would be sufficient?


  72. Hi Navin,

    Your Marriage Certificate should be enough. But its good if you also provide your Marriage Invitation Card. You would not need any affidavit.

  73. Thanks Anirudh!

  74. Hi Anirudh Singh

    I would like to ask about changing the name in PAN CARD from after marriage to Maiden name.

    My sister has all the documents in her maiden name and Pancard is after marriage name. Now she can’t open a Demat account due to this name change.

    She tried to apply in 49a but uti refused to take application as she doesn’t have gazztte to this effect.

    Can she apply for new PAN Card in her Maiden name and surrender the pancard that she possesses in her after marriage name? Or suggest a way by which she can open a demat account.


  75. Respected Sir,

    I want to change My wife’s surname. But I have no marriage certificate but I have invitation card. Then can invitation card is enough as proof???

  76. Hi Anirudh,
    I want to change my passport name to my married name (with husband’s surname) but want to leave my PAN card and Aadhar card as is (maiden name) Is it ok to do this? what complications will I face in future?

  77. hi if marriage is intercast and if we want to change the surname of spouse and for proof of marriage only marriage certificate is available in that case spouse surname will be changed i know but father’s name will remain same, then what to do

  78. Hi Sir,

    My mother got married 40 back, and now she dodn’t have any proof stating her father’s name. but she had a proof with present surname and husband name. then how we can proceed to apply PAN CARD.

  79. Dear Aniruddha,
    Need your help to resolve the name issue on my Pancard and Aadhar card.My name as per Birth certificate & school Leaving certificate is-Mohammad Rizwan whereas my name on Pan & Aadhar is-Rizwan Shaikh. What would be procedure to get my name updated as Mohammed Rizwan in all documents?

  80. Hi
    I have submitted marriage invitation card as proof to chnge sur name . But it was rejected with following reason

    The name change is not mention in certificate

    Could you please tell me what format of invitation card is required

    So that i can replace my surname with husband’s surname

  81. Hi Arunima,

    Though they have mentioned on the official website that the Marriage Invitation Card is accepted as a supporting document for Name Change for Married Women. Still they have been rejecting some applications. It is advised that in Addition to the Marriage Invitation Card you either get a Marriage Certificate or Gazette Notification to support your case.

  82. Please suggest how i get or download the application forms for change name in pan card

  83. Whether the marriage certificate should be in English only for correction in PAN in case of married ladies?

  84. My wife after marrige,having opened a pan card using my surname,wants to revert back to her maiden surname in pan card.what documents required for this matter

  85. Hi Rajib,

    She will need to give supporting documents for her name change. If she has aadhaar card in old name, it would be enough. Otherwise you can check the list of documents here : https://amazingindiablog.in/dob-address-id-documents-for-pan-card/

  86. I want to revert back to my original name on the Pan Card as Kanika Malhotra as I had got the Pan Card in my after marriage name as Kanika Dass and I am an Australian Citizen. I have already submitted my OCI card with the application.

  87. Hi Kanika,

    Do you have the supporting documents as mentioned in this article ?

  88. I want to change my name appearing on the pan card from “P Ramalingam” to “Ramalingam P”. My given name is “Ramalingam” and surname/Father name’s initial is “P”. Is it possible to change? If it is possible can I submit my sslc/hsc marksheet or degree certificate as a proof for name change? I don’t want to submit my aadhar card, becoz it having my name as ” Ramalingam Periyasamy”.. P in expanded form… Please reply asap.. Thanks in advance…

  89. Hi sir,
    Sir i want to change my name and address after my marriage
    sir which form to fill i.e. new application form or pan card correction form

  90. Respected Sir,
    There is problem in my father’s name as it is different on my I’d proofs and my marksheet and certificates.
    So I want to change my father’s name only in my I’d proofs.
    So what to do for this?

  91. Kumar Palanisamy


    My name is Kumar Palanisamy, Kumar is my first name and Palanisamy is my surname. But in the PAN card mistakenly it is reversed as Palanisamy (first name), Kumar (surname).

    I have all the documents passport, Adar card with correct name.Please help me to know the process to correct this.


  92. Paresh Gaonkar

    Hi sir,

    I am looking for name change in PAN CARD of my wife.

    My wife name is before marriage NANDITA GURUDATTA SAVANT and After marriage is PARIDHI PARESH GAONKAR.

    I want name as PARIDHI PARESH GAONKAR on PAN CARD. Please let me know the documents required for changing name in PAN CARD.

    I have marriage certificate and marriage invitation card.

    Kindly advice sir.

  93. Pradeep Kumar Mishra

    Hello Anirudh,

    My name is Pradeep Kumar Mishra. This is the name I have in my board certificate and passport.
    But my pan card, which was done by a Chartered Accountant while I was in Gujarat, contains my father’s name as middle name, as is the practice in Gujarat and they make it binding on others !!

    Now I want to change my name in PAN card to my name as in my certificates and passport, because I am having difficulty in many cases because of two different names.

    Is it possible to change the name in my PAN ? If yes, what documents need to be produced ?

    Thank you in advance.

  94. Hello sir,

    I want to change my surname in pan card but i have aadhar card and voting card only with my new surname. So will such documents would be valid to change my surname.

  95. Hi Mayur,

    Nowadays, if you have Aadhaar you dont need any other document for PAN application. So, only with Aadhaar Card also you can go ahead and change your name.

  96. Can my wife apply for PAN card with supporting documents which has her maiden name
    But we want my surname

    Also do I need to check on submit weather known by any other name

  97. Can my wife apply for PAN card with supporting documents which has her maiden name
    We want my surname

    Also do I need to check on the website option of knowing by any other name

  98. Vanakkam / Namaste,

    I need to change my wife name in her pan card:

    1. So as a backup document gazette and Aadhaar card is enough?
    2. How many days it will take for change to get effect
    3. Can i do the changes online or do i need to fill it online and send a copy through post?
    4. How much is the fee to be paid?

    Thanks for taking your time out and clarify things for us 🙂

  99. Hi Sir,

    My name is Himanshu ,this is the name I have in my board certificate and passport. but i have PAN Card with the name of Himanshu Pant, i m trying to change thru online but middle name and last name is mendatory field. pls suggest what can i do..

    i want my name on PAN card Himanshu.

  100. HiSir

    How to Update DOB and Surname on PAN Card and What all are Proofs are Required for that pls tel me
    nad how time it will take for changing and i need to submit For PF account.

  101. Hi I want t know my husband is going t change his religion and name …is it compulsory I need t make changes in bank account s and pan card

  102. Hello Sir,
    The photo in my pan card is not clear I want to change it. I have applied my pan card from different location. So now will I have to request for address change option also or simply write my new address in the correction form?

  103. Hi sir
    I m ganesh d karande.

    my wife surname change .how to process

    Old name jayshree dagadu gawade.

    After married. . Jayshree ganesh karande.
    How can I do

  104. Hello,
    I want to change my name on PAN card due to marraige..So in name change application which name should I give old one(Which is present on exiting PAN card) or new one after marraige (which I needed on PAN card)?????

  105. Hi Anirudh
    I want to change my wife name in PAN card.Her maiden name is Priyanka Mahato and as per Marriage Certificate her name is Priyanka Saha Mahato and after marriage Voter Id card name has been changed and as per Voter Id card her name is Priyanka Saha. So my question is can it is possible to change the pan card name as per voter I’d card name by using marriage certificate or only the voter id card is only the sufficient document to do so?


    I want to change my surname in pan card ,Ration card and Adhara card and new surname. So will such documents would be valid to change my surname.Gazette work

  107. Sir,
    I want to add my surname after my marriage. I have marriage certificate as well as adhar card. How I will do kindly help and which form I need to fill up.

  108. Hi my name is SHADEEP I want to do correction in Sur name the name printed in pan is “PL SHADEEP KRISHNA” I want to change it has “SHADEEP KRISHNA PL” I want to add my Sur name after my name is it possible ?

  109. Hi Anirudh,

    My Pan Card is in My maiden Surname and parents home address I haven’t changed it post marriage.
    My Adhaar card is in My Marital Surname and ex – husbands address.
    My passport has My Marital name and parents address :))
    I am recently divorced and blessed with the most adorable child. Hence to reduce complications of complete child custody I do not wish to change my Marital Surname since my child has the same.

    Since the Pan card number never changes pre/or post marriage I never bothered.

    I cant show my marriage proof for changing name on my pancard from Maiden to Marital Surname nor can I add both surnames.

    My demat account currently needs new KYC documents, but I don’t have any proof with My Marital surname with my parents address. Will passport do. Thats the only document which has my Marital name and parents address.(My Pan Card is in My maiden Surname and parents home address)
    Please help.

    Looking forward to your advice with regards to Pan card as well as how I can get all my important document in place with name and address.


  110. Hi i would like to change my name and surname as my complete name has been changed after marriage please help me with the number so that i can call them and complete with the procedure asap

  111. I have just made a new pancard with my new surname after marriage but as I was travelling from goa to Chennai it got misplaced and the pancard was the only document I had had with my new surname.. I want to apply for a duplicate copy of the same n they are asking for documents in that surname which I don’t have…..please help me

  112. Hi Anirudh,

    My wife has Voter card and Aadhar card with post-marriage name and PAN card with pre-marriage name. Can I change PAN card name using these two documents?

  113. sir in all my educational certificates my name is P SIRISHA but in my adhaar pan and voter id it is SIRISHA PINNINTI. will this create any problem????

  114. respected sir… i applied for my mother pan card from gujarat when my father was posted overthere …and when the pan card received the name of my mother printed in this pattern.. TARA NAND KISHOR TIWARI…so is it correct or incorrect….as per document my mother name is tara devi…

  115. Hi..i want to change my middle name as i am married now ..first name and last name will be remain same..i have marriage certificate can u suggest what other document i will be needed

  116. Hello,
    Sir already I changed my name on pan card after marriage before a year.But now the divorce process is going on.So I need to change the name again .What to do

  117. Hello,
    Sir already I changed my name on pan card after marriage before a year.But now the divorce process is going on.So I need to change the name again .What to do??

  118. Helo Sir… Is it necessary to include husband name in pan card ? My old pan us having n’y name nd Father name as middle name… Nw is it realy required to change dat middle name ? Nd m’y Bank Account Haa m’y husband name as middle name

  119. Mr ANIRUDH SINGH, sir I have doubt in my spouse matriculation certificate her name has spelled c.v.suneethamma, whereas in her AADHAR & VOTER CARD it is B.S.SUNITHA ,even in her bank account also. the same name has entered in my kids marks memo’s .I want to get her Pan Card & Pass Port what should I have to do- pls suggest we will appreciate your considered views in this regard.

  120. Hi,
    In pancard my name is J SIVAKUMAR,BUT in other certificates like aadhar card,education certicates my name is JANAGANI SIVAKUMAR.IS there any effect on the passport verification

  121. I have my passport with my new surname and address after marriage. Is this sufficient to apply for name and address change in PAN?

  122. Gurdeep Singh Grewal

    Who are the gazetted officers who can give certificate of identity for PAN card name change of father.

  123. Hi i need to change date of birth cos its printed wrong and surname cos now i am married whats the complete procedure

  124. HELLO

  125. Sir, I publish my name change in gazette of India.
    Please tell in online name change in Pan, the applicant name & self attested signature should be old or new name?

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