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How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage Or For any other Reason?

How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage Or for Any other Reason ?

We will discuss the PAN Card Name Change Marriage Procedure in this Article. First of all you need to understand that you need to provide a Proof as a supporting document for the Change of Name.

List of Accepted Documents in Pan Card Name Change Procedure(After Marriage) :

How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage

  • Marriage Certificate :

A marriage Certificate is a legal proof of registration of your Marriage. Marriage Certificate may serve a lot of purposes like changing your Maiden Name. It also acts as a supporting document for name change in your Passport, Voter ID Card, PAN Card etc

  • Marriage Invitation Card :

A Marriage Invitation Card is a letter to invite your guests, relatives and friends for your Marriage. It has the names of the marrying couple and is accepted as a proof of name change for PAN Card.

  • Copy of Passport showing Husband’s Name :

A passport is the biggest proof of Indian Citizenship. If you already own a Passport then you can use it as a supporting document for Changing your Name in Pan Card and all other documents.

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  • Publication of Name Change in Official Gazette :

Almost state has a Department of Publication which publishes the Name Change in the Official Gazette of the State. If your State does not publish such a Gazette Notification or you are unable to find such Department, you can Publish your Name Change in Gazette of India. It acts as a proof of Name Change for PAN Card & Passport.

  • Certificate Issued by a Gazetted officer (Only for change in applicant’s Name) :

If you want to Change only your Name(Not the Surname) , you can use a Certificate issued by a Gazetted Officer. This certificate acts as a proof of Change of Name for PAN Card & Bank Account.

Once you have any of the above mentioned documents, you can apply for a New Pan Card or can Make Changes to your existing PAN Card.

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Important Note : Apply for a New Pan Card only if you have never applied for it. However, if you already have a PAN Card, you can make changes to your existing Pan Card Details.

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Hope you understood the Complete Procedure of ‘How to Change Name in PAN Card after Marriage?’. Hope you can easily change name in PAN Card now. If you have any queries you can leave your comments below.

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