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Sushant Rane – A 19-Year Old Hyper-Realistic 3D Artist from Mumbai

Ever thought of digging into an egg or pulling up an empty glass mug, to fill in the morning coffee & to your surprise you find both of them unreal i.e. a 3D image drawn on a piece of paper! Yes, you got it right. This jaw dropping work is done by a Mumbai based boy Sushant Sushil Rane. The images can suffice your “virtual hunger” because they are so real that it’s hard to distinguish between a real object & Rane’s piece of art! The images seem to come out of the canvas and speak for themselves. They may fool you at the first glance but if you observe them carefully you will come to know that they are brilliant illuminations.

Sushant Rane – A Young 3D artist from Mumbai

Sushant’s Achievements

Sushant is a 19-year-old teenager from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is an art student of Ramnarain Ruia College. He is active on Instagram with 40000+ followers. In an interview, he said, “I love to draw with different materials as it gives me freedom to draw or to create whatever I want and also create unlimited possibilities. If you ask me about a specific material I would love to work with, then definitely graphite pencils”, says the child prodigy.

Sushant Rane 3D Artist, Mumbai
PC : http://digitalsynopsis.com

This talented boy is self-taught and uses graphite pencils and assorted pens to create his masterpieces. Though he started at a very early age but took to serious drawing about six years ago when he started making sketches of celebrities. He uses incredibly detailed colour and shades to make his drawings come alive on a plain sheet of paper. They are then photographed on a table alongside his scattered away stationary that it creates an optical illusion. This creation takes hours of hard work to achieve the desired result. Sushant’s 3D work can be seen on Instagram. His works are appreciated by all which is evident by the fact that his video on YouTube has more than 8 lakh viewers.

Sushant’s Work

Some of his incredible works are: –

1) Sketch of a fried egg.

Sushant Rane Omlette 3D Art
PC : www.whudat.de

2) A Rubik’s cube.

Sushant Rane Rubik's Cube 3D Art
PC : http://digitalsynopsis.com

3) A silver fork.

Sushant Rane Fork 3D Art
PC : http://cgfrog.com

4) A realistic looking spoon.

Sushant Rane Spoon 3D Art
PC : http://digitalsynopsis.com

5) A light bulb (with reflection on it of the background).

Sushant Rane Bulb 3D Art
PC : www.thebetterindia.com

6) An I-Phone.

Sushant Rane iPhone 3D Art
PC : http://souramagazine.com

7) A crushed can of coke.

Sushant Rane 3D Artist
PC : www.theinspiration.com

8) A kitchen knife to, name a few.

3D Art Drawings of Sushant Rane
PC : www.creavorite.com

It takes long hours to finish one work of arts and needs a lot of imagination and creativity. And only after that you get the desired results where everything just seems coming out of the sheet of paper. Rane adds that he has been working on improving his speed on finishing a work.

The most visible difference between 2D and 3D is that 2D drawing is flat whereas 3D drawing shows the positioning , height, and depth of the object through a combination of shading techniques borrowed from airbrushing, flawless perspective and multiple sheets to name a few.

Sushant is an inspiration for all the young artists, especially children who are good at sketching or are interested in making a career in this field. He is an example for the parents as well who can guide their wards properly by giving them the basic training and rest they can explore via their imaginations.

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