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Mount Everest becomes World’s Highest rubbish dump: Report

Mount Everest becomes World's Highest rubbish dump, Report

Kathmandu: The popularity of mountaineering in Nepal has adversely affected the Mount Everest into the world’s highest garbage area since an increasing number of affluent climbers don’t heed to the environmental concerns they leave behind. Tents made of plastic material, defunct equipment used in the expeditions, empty gas cylinders and …

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Recycling Plastic can create 6 Times more Jobs than dumping the Plastic in Public Places

Recycling Plastic can Change the Fortune of India by Creating more Jobs

Plastic is a boon or bane, nobody knows, but we can certainly create jobs out of these plastic wastes, the heaps of garbage creating a wasteful health hazard for the people. As per a moderate estimate waste management in India may create enough jobs to recycle more than 15,000 tonnes …

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