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The Best Educational Travel Services

It is hard to find a schooler who doesn’t like traveling. Experts from Pro-Papers suggest that study trips are much more than just exploring new things as they can greatly influence the student’s academic progress. Many educators are interested in organizing trips for their students, so step back from your custom term paper writing and pack your suitcase!

When teachers start planning a journey, they first connect various tour operators. No matter whether they want to travel to a neighboring city or take a trip overseas, there are many service providers who can make it easier for educators to plan their journeys to the smallest details in the space of a few days.

It is their responsibility to take care of tickets, transfers, hotel reservations, etc. Some travel services may even offer instructors free travel opportunities or many other incentives to encourage them to initiate study trips. Below is a brief overview of the top-rated student travel service providers.

Education First

This is the world’s leading tour operator specializing in organizing educational tours for youngsters abroad. Based in Cambridge, the company, along with its numerous offices scattered in more than fifty countries, have been providing services for more than forty-five years. Their target audienceis teachers, middle and high school pupils, and college students.

The operator helps learners to achieve their academic goals much easier by offering them not only educational tours but also cultural exchange, language, and degree programs. All educators who choose Education First get a great chance to benefit from the Global Rewards Program, which offers them many incentives, including free travel and various gift encouragements.


Based in Chicago, it organizes study and entertainment trips for young people. Many teachers turn to this service provider, since the latter can greatly simplify traveling by planning every detail as well as customizing their services to fit any group’s need. The company is dedicated to helping educators with the entire travel management process and, thus, even gives some fundraising tips.

The operator helps educators to plan trips across the USA, South America, Canada, and Europe. Students can explore the architecture of Chicago and taste their favorite pizza, or discover memorials in the capital of the US. Teachers can also choose a 9-day trip to Europe for their students, where they can enjoy the view of Buckingham Palace, take a picture against the background of the Eiffel Tower, observe the Pantheon, and so forth.


Since 1978, the operator has played a leading role in providing travel services for middle and high school students. With it, youngsters can visit various spots scattered all over the six continents, taste authentic food, and live in hotels located not far from historic sights, and so forth.

The most wide-known spots include Kia Ora in New Zealand, where youngsters can discover the location of Maori and enjoy dolphin sightseeing cruises, and Matsumoto city, in Japan, where students can visit its famous namesake castle and take a bullet train ride.


This is one the most prominent travel booking sites on the globe. By cooperating with more than seventy airlines, it offers numerous trips for young people throughout the planet. Large groups of students can greatly benefit from this site by purchasing airline tickets at discounted prices. Since 2015, the company has partnered with Flight Central to offer cheap trips to the UAE, India, China, and Australia.

No matter what clients want to discover – bustling streets of Europe, enormous mountain ranges of South America, or stunning views of the UAE, – StudentUniversewill cover them. If students want to take a country tour, then they will also be offered many places to visit, including incredible national parks such as Zion, Badlands, and Bryce Canyon.

Globus Student Discoveries

With the experience of more than eight decades, the Globus family of brands, which consists of more than thirty tourism and aviation companies, offers more than four hundred tours to more than seventy lands scattered all over the six continents. When it comes to domestic destinations than there is nothing more popular with students than the capital of the USA, Gettysburg, and Boston. In Europe, an increasing amount of students tend to visit France, Italy, and England. The operator offers customized services to suit any need.

Educators can take free trips if they form a group of at least ten students. Moreover, they are accommodated in hotels at no cost at all. Those with qualified groups get an incredible opportunity to earn a one-thousand-dollar donation for their educational institutions.


This tour operator was created in the 1990s, and today it is known for offering study tours for schoolchildren and university students all over the planet. With the exception of great trips abroad, the operator plans trips to local spots and the most popular one is Washington D.C.

There, learners can get a deep insight into the history of their country and its capital. A four-day tour allows youngsters to explore such great places as the Smithsonian museums, the Lincoln Memorial, and others. Instructors can use the services of this tour operator as well. Qualified instructors can take a journey with their pupils at no cost at all and even may be given an allowance for each kid who takes a trip.

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