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Top 10 Places to Visit near Ahmedabad in Monsoon

If we call Ahmedabad the industrial capital of India it would not be any exaggeration. This city is known for being one of the fastest growing cities in India. This city is known for rapid development in the field of commerce, communication, and construction. The Sabarmati River divides the city into two halves. The city in itself is beautiful and the banks of Sabarmati River have been developed so well that it is a peaceful and serene feeling to sit there quietly.

10 Best Places to Visit near Ahmedabad in Monsoon 

If you are a resident of Ahmedabad and need to get out of the city for the weekend in monsoon then here is a list of the ten monsoon destinations near Ahmedabad that you must go to :

1. Dwarka


The land where Lord Krishna established his kingdom; the land where He himself walked the roads, is none other than Dwarka. This land has a history of thousands of years and you can actually feel the peaceful vibe of the place. The most interesting part is during the arti in the morning and in the evening when Dwrkadheesh is dressed up for public viewing. He is dressed up with all the things he loves and then shown the mirror. Apart from Dwrkadhhesh temple, there are many other temples there and you can spend a couple of days there living and breathing in the peace in the city.

How to Reach ?

It takes a 7-hour ride to reach this place via NH41 and NH947.

2. Somnath


Somnath temple is Lord Shiva’s temple in the Junagarh district of Gujarat and is one of the places where jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is kept. This temple is located at a very beautiful location. Temple in itself is very beautiful and majestic. It is surrounded on three sides by the sea and you can enjoy a good time at the beach. You could also visit many other attractions of this place such as Junagarh Gate and Panch Pandav Gupha here.

How to Reach ?

This place is around 6.5 hours ride via NH41 and NH26.

3. Diu


Diu is an island near Veraval port. This island was earlier a Portuguese colony and in the year 1961, it became the union territory of India. You can see the Portuguese fort there which was self-sufficient and had amazing features like the walls that were designed to accumulate rain water. This water was used for drinking. There are church and museums along with old Shiva temple. You can spend a peaceful evening viewing the breathtaking sunset on the beach.

How to Reach ?

Diu is 7 hours ride from Ahmedabad via GJ SH 36 and NH51.

4. Saputara


Saputara is the hill station of Gujarat and probably it is the only hill station of this state of India. This is great looking place in the Sahyadri hills. It is quiet and highly picturesque. The cool breeze and the various attractions like Hatgad Fort, the Sunrise point and the lake where you can do boating add to its beauty and tourists can have a great time here.

How to Reach ?

It takes almost 7 hours of ride to reach Saputara from Ahmedabad via NH48.

5. Mount Abu

Mount Abu


The only hill station of Rajasthan, Mt. Abu is a beautiful place to be at all the year round but the natural beauty of this place gets greatly enhanced. If you are in search of a place that can provide you with natural beauty in abundance, spirituality in the core and adventure in its spirits then there could no place other than Mt. Abu that can match your quest.

How to Reach ?

Mt.Abu railway station is well connected with different cities of India especially the ones that are close by such as Ahmedabad.

6. Ambaji


The people of Ahmedabad who are spiritual and want to go some place religious can opt to go to Ambaji. This place lies in Banaskantha district of Gujarat and is known famously as one of the Shaktippeths. The place is highly spiritual apart from being very beautiful due to the hills like Arasur hills, Gabbar hill Kailash hill and others that form the perfect backdrop for this place. you can find peace and tranquility in the valleys of these hills as there is little city life here.

How to Reach ?

This place is a 3.5 hours ride from Ahmedabad via NH48.

7. Bhuj


This place is ideal for the people who have a keen interest in the history and architecture of a city. There are numerous places and temples of architectural value that one can visit. The museum of this pace has 2000 years old inscriptions of the kshatrapas. You could enjoy eco-tourism at Khavda and could witness that habitat of flamingos near Jamkundaliya Lake. You could site birds even in Chhari Dhandh where more than 350 bird species can be seen.

How to Reach ?

You can reach this place by road or train or by flight. The train takes about 7.5 hours to reach here and is the cheapest means to reach Bhuj.

8. Dholavira


This place is the window to the rich Harappan culture that people of this place showed to the world thousands of years ago. This rustic and raw place would take you into a totally different world. The workmanship, the architectural beauty and the science that was involved in those times building as well as living is remarkable. This place is close to Gandhidham and Bhuj and therefore you must find accommodation in these places.

How to Reach ?

You can reach this place via NH947 and GJ SH 51 in 5.5 hours.

9. Mehsana


Mehsana is a full-fledged town with amazing Water Park as its main attraction. There are many temples here too such as Sun Temple of Modhera, Simandhar Jain Temple. Swaminarayan Temple Hinglaj Mata’s Temple and many other. You could even visit Thol Lake bird sanctuary.

How to Reach ?

This place can be reached in just 1.5 hours via Ahmedabad-Palanpur road. It takes same time with train too.

10. Kutch

Kutch Festival

Although some may say that monsoon is not a very good season for Kutch but the beauty of Kutch takes another form during monsoons. The vast white sands get covered with water and the hills cover themselves up with lush greenery. This place looks like heaven in monsoons.

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How to Reach ?

You can reach Kutch via NH947 in almost 6.5 hours time. the beauty of the journey is spellbinding.

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