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Top 10 Places to Visit Near Kolkata in Monsoon

Kolkata the land of roshogulla, the city of joy and the first capital of British India is as diversified in its nature as it is in its name. This city is amazing as there is a strange balance of history and modernity, development and natural beauty and everything opposite just sits in the right balance here. This is not seen anywhere else. During monsoons this land takes a new avatar and transforms into a beautiful, rain washed and peaceful city. The charm and the mysticism associated with this land is just not limited to Kolkata; it extends to all the places nearby that assume a totally different attitude during monsoon worth seeing. Here are top ten places near Kolkata that are must visit during monsoons

10 Best Places to Visit near Kolkata in Monsoon

1) Mukutmoinpur


This amazing place near Kolkata is all about beauty. The vast water body that is surrounded by various hills, forests that turn lush green during monsoons and the landscapes that will steal your heart away. This place is the meeting point of two rivers namely Kumari and Kansabati in the district of Bankura near Kolkata. There are so many things to be done here like boat ride in the vast expanse of two rivers, bird watching in the deer park and trekking in Parshwanath hills.

How to Reach ?

This place is well connected and it takes a ride of 5 hours to reach here.

2) Mandarmani


This is a beach town that is located around 170 km from Kolkata. This town has one of the longest beaches in India and is a great getaway in the season of monsoon. The feeling that you get by taking a dip in the sea while it is raining, is amazing and comparable to none. During the high tides the resort located close to the sea offers an astounding view. This place is good for relaxing away from the chaos of the city.

How to Reach ?

This place is just around fours drive from Kolkata and you can take NH 116B and NH 16 to reach here.

3) Balasore


This place lies in odisha and is a coastal district that is famous for its beautiful beaches and many temples in the district. The beaches are quiet and serene while the temples give this place a more religious feel. Balasore is a unique amalgamation of religion and modern science as there is test range of integrated Ballistic missile defence program. This region receives heavy rainfall during monsoon and becomes one of the most beautiful getaways for the people of Kolkata.

How to Reach ?

This place is well connected by road and takes around six hours to reach from Kolkata.

4) Jhargram


When most of the places become sluggish during monsoon, Jhargram that is situated at the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand turns into a paradise. The saal trees in this region adorn themselves with green leaves and there are flowers all over the place turning it into heaven on earth. There are two of the most beautiful hills in this region named Belpahari and Kankrajhor that add to the grace of this place. Also the beautiful falls that are named as Ketki falls exhibit their major show during the time of rains.

How to Reach ?

It takes almost a three hours ride to reach Jhargram from Kolkata by road.

5) Keonjhar


This is a beautiful place in Odisha and it has been an important place in all aspects such as social, religious, geological as well as anthropological. The natural beauty of this place nothing less than stunning with the land having waterfalls, valleys that are terraced, exotic wild life as well as very old rocks dating back to some millions years. The modern aspect of this place cannot be ignored as there are many steel factories in this place. The best time to visit this place is during winters but in monsoon the waterfalls and streams become more beautiful.

How to Reach ?

It is worth taking a road trip from Kolkata to Keonjhar. It takes around 6.5 hrs to reach.

6) Bakkhali


This is a small beach town that is located close to Kolkata in the southern portion of West Bengal. The population is very less and generally this place remains quiet and calm. The most attractive thing here is the abundance of the red fiddler crabs on the beaches. These can be spotted running laterally on the sand of the beach. You can even explore the Casuarina grooves here. The season of monsoon look like been devised in order to ornate this land.

How to Reach ?

You can reach this place from Kolkata by driving for 4 hours via NH 12

7) Shantiniketan


This quiet and peaceful town that is mainly famous for the university is near Kolkata. The school that was once founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore is now a university by the name of Visva Bharti Vidyapeeth. One of the portions of this university has been kept as a memorabilia of Rabindranath Tagore as he used to live there. It has now been converted into a museum and people can go there and know about hm.

How to Reach ?

You can reach this place by taking a car ride of 3.5 hours duration via NH19.

8) Bakreshwar


This is a place that is famous for its hot water springs and their therapeutic effects. This place lies close to Shantiniketan so you can visit both places in one trip.

How to Reach ?

Take a 4 hours ride to reach this place via NH19.

9) Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri Forest

This forest also lies a little further from Shantiniketan and brings respite to the nature lovers who are tired of the city life. This untouched nature’s lap has a lot to offer if you are not in search of crows and markets. The flowing of Kopoai River, gentle rains an lush greenery make this place worth the visit.

How to Reach ?

This forest is at about 3.5 hour journey from Kolkata.

10) Barrackpore


This place is a complete tourists’ paradise as it has everything. There are temples, museums, parks, amazing ghats and ruins of old buildings to be explored. If you visit this place you can be sure of not getting bored at all.

How to Reach ?

This place is one hour car ride from Kolkata and is perfect for a day out with your family.

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