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Top 5 Foods to have in Winter

India being a nation comprised of multiple cultures brings forth the best when it comes to local delicacies. The winters in the country turn especially colorful with the availability of plethora of fruits and vegetables.

Foods to have in Winters

So, if you are all set to enjoy the winters with amazing taste and smell that will lift up your senses, here are some winter foods for you to enjoy.

1. Carrot Pudding/Gajar Ka Halwa

Remember Buggs Bunny? Your Cartoon Network character that loved eating carrots. That was for a reason though. Carrots, as colorful they are, carry a range of vitamins and minerals that help your body. In India, the tastiest way to do so is to opt for the blissful ghee decked “Gajar Ka Halwa”. So if you love yourself a healthy sweet dish, order this dish at discounted prices with the Uber Eats Coupon.

2-Sarson Da Saag/ Mustard Leaves’ Curry:

The north-western region of India is known for unique skills in cooking a savory dish out of Mustard leaves. If you happen to love authentic Punjabi cuisines, you should surely try Sarson Da Saag for that rich taste with healthy nutrients. Make sure you pair it with the delicious Makkai Ki Roti by ordering the same with Swiggy Coupon Code from your favorite restaurant.

3-Rogan Ghosht/Kashmiri Mutton Curry:

Mutton is popular for the healing qualities it houses. Rogan Ghosht emerged from the lands of beautiful Kashmir where the tender mutton is cooked using a range of dry fruits and nuts. The dish requires special chilies that tend to increase the overall heat of the dish making it the right choice for winters. With its mood-lifting taste and amazingly beneficial health healing properties, this dish has surely cemented itself in the much-loved list of winter foods.

4-Mushroom Curry:

Mushrooms are known to serve as immunity boosters that protect your body’s system against any cold virus that attacks your body during winters. The white button mushrooms contains significantly high levels of the naturally occurring killer cells. These constituents of the body immunity system help fight any attack from foreign bodies. So make sure, mushroom is at the top of your winter foods to opt for, especially when you are down with cold or cough.

5-Ghee ka Paratha:

Ghee is known for its heat radiating properties that helps your body produce warmth from the inside out. To make your dinner or breakfast an amazing one, make sure you get yourself the classic Aalu ka Paratha with spicy green chutney or go for its variations such as Gobhi ka Paratha, Muli ka Paratha, Paneer Paratha, and so on. Not just that, ghee consists of healthy fat which helps cut down the percentage of bad fat inside the body. All you need to do is maintain the balance of the amount of ghee you consume because an excess of anything is bad for health.

So open your smartphones and order any of these dishes from your favorite restaurant online with popular apps such as Uber or Swiggy at discounted prices right at your doorstep.

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