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Wax de Goa – A Lovely Wax Museum in Old Goa

Goa is a beautiful place to visit with some lovely beaches, churches, casinos, markets and a lot more. If you are on your trip to Goa, you might have heard about the Wax Museum in Old Goa. This Wax museum in Old Goa is named as “Wax De Goa”. It has Wax Statues of many popular celebrities, mathematicians, leaders and some theme based statues as well. There are many Wax Museums in many Indian cities now, the last time I saw a Wax Museum in Lonavala by Sunil Kandalloor.

Wax De Goa Museum, Old Goa

Wax de Goa – A Lovely Wax Museum in Old Goa

Some years back Madam Tussaud’s of London was only the Museum known to the people. However, as the talent is now available in India as well, you can have it all here. Though the statues may not look as perfect as you want them to be, but the hard work is clearly visible.


Wax De Goa is located in Old Goa at a walking distance from Se Cathedral. It is 32 kms from Margao and 12 kms from Panjim, the capital Goa.

Highlights of Wax de Goa

Old Goa is the home to the popular wax museum of Goa – “Wax De Goa”. Each statue at this museum has natural hair but the eyes and teeth are artificial. Wax De Goa has more than 30 life-size, statues of popular Indian and Foreign personalities representing various heritage, religions and themes. There is a few statues which gives a message like ‘Say No to Drugs’ which shows the side effects of drugs.

As you enter the Museum you will get a female guide who talks about the statues at the museum, she will explain who the statues are of, what they actually represent and how long did it take to complete the sculpture. The guided tour can be opted in English and Hindi.

Along with Wax Museum you can also visit the Haunted House and the unique 12 D Cinema in the same premises.

Statues at Wax De Goa

Let me show you the Statues which you will be able to find at Wax De Goa.

Rabindra Nath Tagore Wax Statue
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Mahatma Gandhi Wax Statue
Mahatma Gandhi
Benjamin Franklin Wax Statue
Benjamin Franklin
Mother Teresa & Swami Vivekananda Wax Statue
Mother Teresa (L) & Swami Vivekananda(R)
Albert Eintein & Florence Nightingale Wax Statue
Albert Eintein (L) & Florence Nightingale (R)
Thomas Alva Edison & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Thomas Alva Edison (L) & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (R)
Marie Curie, Galileo Galilei & Louis Pasteur Wax Statue
Marie Curie (L), Galileo Galilei (C) & Louis Pasteur Wax Statue (R)
Vasco Da Gama Wax Statue
Vasco Da Gama
Anna Hazare Wax Statue
Anna Hazare
Lata Mangeshkar Wax Statue
Lata Mangeshkar
Rajnikanth & Kareena Kapoor Wax Statue
Rajnikanth (L) & Kareena Kapoor (R)
Saint Francis Xavier Wax Statue
Saint Francis Xavier
Radha Krishna Wax Statue
Radha Krishna
Adam Eve Wax Statue
Adam & Eve
Say No to Drugs Wax Statue
Say No to Drugs
Stop Abortion, Rape & Child Abuse
Stop Abortion (L), Stop Rape (C) & Stop Child Abuse (R)
I am Against Corruption
I am Against Corruption

Entry Fee

There is a certain Entry Fee for visiting the Museum.

Rs. 60 Per Person – For Only Museum

Rs. 120 Per Person – For Museum & Haunted House

Rs. 300 Per person – For Museum, Haunted House & 12 D Movie

Rs. 20 (Camera)

Contact Details

Address : National Hwy 4A Bypass Rd, Velha Goa, Goa 403110.

Email Address : N/A

Phone Numbers : 0832 228 5600

You might have seen some other Wax Museums in India but I am sure this one is also value for money, especially if you go for the Haunted House as well.

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