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Will be forced to issue shoot at sight orders if people defy lockdown: KCR

On Tuesday, K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), the Chief Minister of Telangana, warned the citizens of that he might be bound to call for the army or enforce the order for “Shoot at Sight” if locals continue to breach the curfew of 7 pm. To 6 a.m. imposed to decrease the COVID-19 cases.

This statement by KCR came as people were seen defying this lockdown that had been imposed by the state as well as the country till April 15th. This has resulted in the tightening of the security measures enforced by the local police to ensure that the civilians don’t move around unnecessarily.

While addressing the media during a brief on Tuesday scheduled at his office, KCR appealed to the general public that the administration can’t stop each and every individual. This could lead to a need for the army and in the worst-case scenario, a “Shoot at Sight” order. So, it is advised for everyone to keep to their homes or it could lead to issues for the entire society. The CM also asked help from the Telangana-based corporators to aid the police officials & administration in the desired areas.

The CM also confirmed that the government is now planning to transfer INR 1500 to the individuals below the poverty line.

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