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Writing an Art Essay

An art paper is a descriptive essay. The art essay seeks to describe an image and bring it to life. It tests your creativity as you are to write an account of what you see and justify it. Think of it as painting, but you are painting with words, phrases, and vocabularies.

Tips on topic choice

When choosing a topic of an art essay, it is best to be familiar with the different fields of art. As there is photography, sculptures or historical. Being familiar with the field gives you an advantage because you will be interested.  Another writing tip for a topic of your choice is, take up a topic that you are familiar with. There are many art lovers and having to emulate an art essay writing they have done, will make your work easier. The third tip is check out the guideline. The guideline will provide a basic blueprint of the whole essay and will add  more tips on choosing an art essay topic. If you deal with problem like what topic to choose custom writing companies like customessayorder.com help you to deal with it.

Below are some topics you could explore when writing an essay.

  • Analyzing a work of art can be a painting, building, e.g., the Eiffel Tower.
  • Comparing two techniques mosaics versus collage
  • What it takes to be a good curator for example
  • Biography of Pablo Picasso
  • Greatest art pieces of all time
  • How to know a good painting
  • Why are paintings so expensive
  • How art has evolved over the ages
  • A description of the Baroque opera and its different components
  • An influence of classical music on film and drama
  • Why poetry and painting are not so different
  • Influence of Gothic art on modern architecture
  • Picasso’s Girl before a mirror
  • How art has evolved from the 18th to 21 centuries
  • How has William Shakespeare influence theatre
  • Write a movie review on the Art of more
  • How dance can be incorporated with classical music
  • Beethoven’s analysis of a classical piece
  • Analysis of  ‘Ave Maria’ by Schubert
  • Careers in art dealing
  • Preservation of art pieces
  • How to curb art theft
  • Technology’s influence on modern painting
  • Remarkable landmarks of Italy’s architecture specifically the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Comparing religious and military medieval architecture
  • How the Chinese influenced calligraphy
  • Development of graphic design
  • Graffiti as a form of art and how can we separate it from vandalism
  • Lysippus discusses one of the major sculptors in Greek history
  • Different techniques when tattooing

Art Paper Structure

The introduction has questions that the author seeks to answer and why they chose that topic. After the introduction comes the body. It carries the weight of thought of the writer and is the gist of it.  It shows the techniques used by an artist and discusses the paint, color, and texture and paint lines. The body describes the work of art and brings it to life. Finally, we have the conclusion where the author gives their final remarks. The remarks made are from the important key points discussed in the essay. The art essay structure is a blueprint to the essay.

Below is an example of an outline.

Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror


Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest impressionist artists in Europe. Impressionist painters had a thin stroke of the brush on their paintings. One of his greatest arts was the girl before a mirror painting. The painting is an inspiration from women from Ramos. The painting contradicts all that, and the woman is now looking into herself not worrying about her outward appearance. The essay seeks to explore all the techniques and to justify why the piece is one of the greatest in history.


  • The piece is a masterpiece as it was born during the civil strife of the twentieth century.
  • During this period, Sigmund Freud, are known psychologist, had come up with a theory of explaining human suppression caused by the subconscious mind.
  • Picasso’s painting could not come at a better time as it reflected all these troubled times.
  • The image of a woman looking at herself in a mirror, it has one of the faces painted on side profile and shows the time of the day while the other has a charcoal texture portraying the night.


Finally, the piece is a work of art that is unforgettable over the years. My interpretation of the image is that everything in society has two sides to it. In addition, we are what we embrace, whether bad or good. Picasso expressions to the painting are interesting for as he chose to ignore the rules and do what he loved. This is something we can learn from the painting. If you need any essay help you always may turn to your parents, friends.

Introduction Tips

  • Should have an art essay hooks to capture the attention of the audience.
  • Essay hooks could be like questions or vocabularies of art.
  • The sentences should be short and precise.
  • The author also needs to set up a mood to make the piece appealing.
  • The author requires a theme to set up a tone
  • Make the introduction personal to make an appeal to your audience.

 Tips on thesis writing

A thesis is supposed to support your introduction. Some of the tips on writing a good thesis include;

  • The thesis should have questions to create a mood
  • The thesis should be purposeful and state your purpose
  • The thesis should have transition words to conclude the idea and present the next part of the essay.

Tips on Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs carry the weight of the whole essay. It should present the techniques of the artwork and explain what the artwork is representing. Tips for writing a body paragraph include

  • Transition words should be used to present new ideas and finish the old ones
  • Writing hooks should be used to grasp the reader’s attention
  • The vocabulary of art should not be forgotten

Tips on conclusion writing

Use transition words. Writing your main ideas also sums up what you have said correctly. A conclusion for an art essay should be your closing argument, and it should be powerful.  A conclusion is introduced by transition words and you can make it stronger by presenting your point of view.

Advice for Writers

Writers should research thoroughly before taking a task. They should also be familiar with the art essay-writing step to create flow in their essay. A writer should also choose the right topic. Finally, a writer should not only describe but also analyze the topic. Do not forget enjoying yourself as writing an excellent art essay is just by practicing.

Finalizing Essay

The first thing is to make sure that the art essay structure is correct. Then proofread your essay to rid it off grammatical errors and punctuation errors. The art essay draft should also be free from plagiarism. The art essay draft has to be unique and your own work.

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