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About Us

AmazingIndiaBlog.in is an online news and travel blog started in 2015, as an honest effort to provide the users with unbiased and well-suited information on the latest and trending news as well as amazing places, people and glorious past of India.

Based in Meerut, Amazing India Blog is patronized by a number of content writers, journalists and media professionals who keep the website updated round the clock so that you get the latest news. We are committing to provide you with the balanced and objective news on a wide range of topics including travel, politics, business, science/environment, technology, health, sports, entertainment, law etc.

We, at Amazing India Blog, in our pursuits of perfection and innovation always try to offer something unique. Not only that but we promise to bring you the latest facts and information that is mostly hidden from the eyes of a common man.

Amazing India Blog Team


Anirudh Singh

Anirudh Singh is a passionate blogger and the man behind Amazing India Blog. He has 5 years of experience in the newspaper industry and he founded Amazing India Blog in 2015. Apart from writing and editing articles on Travel, Business and Technology at Amazing India Blog, he also contributes to other well known newspapers and online news blogs.

Raj Gopal Singh Verma

Raj Gopal Singh Verma is a news media professional with a strong experience in online journalism, content management, and social media. Raj Gopal's strength includes the sound knowledge of online media, detecting potential trend worthy subjects and discovering news related to politics, law & order and breaking news.

Kanu Priya

A budding journalist who intends to build a bright career in the media industry. She is an avid traveler and a sportsperson who loves to cover the latest news in travel and sports niche.

Priyanka Chandrakar

Priyanka Chandrakar is a news media professional having strong experience in online journalism, content management, and social media. Priyanka's strength includes expert knowledge of health, yoga, meditation, and proficiency in packaging content for health-related issues. Not only that but she also has great interest and knowledge about the education and entertainment industry. 

Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh is an environmental activist with deep experience in print and digital media including publication and site management, news coverage, and editorial team management.

We would love to hear what you got to say about our blog, and its content. Your views are most welcome, and we await them at our admin ID ([email protected]). If it’s about advertisement queries, help or support, or simply a news tip, kindly hit us using our contact page.