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How to keep your Credit Card Secure ? (7 Important Tips)

How to keep your Credit Card Secure ? (7 Important Tips)

how to keep your credit card secure

  1. Remember that it is your Credit Card and it is your own money. So, you should make all the transactions (Online/Offline) in your presence.  If you visit any shopping outlet or a hotel please do not hesitate or feel lazy about it. You must walk to the cashier and do the transaction in your presence only.
  2. The famous saying “It is better to be safe than sorry” also applies for all the credit card transactions.
  3. Buy your tickets or book your reservations only through renowned websites. The reason for it is that these big and renowned companies have highly secured payment gateway. For example: Book your airline tickets either through official website of the airline carrier or through trusted websites like makemytrip.com, cleartrip.com, travelguru.com etc.  Credit card safety online is totally in your hands.
  4. Beware of fraud calls, messages or emails asking for your secret credit card details. Sometimes you may receive calls from telecallers asking to update your information. Remember, you will never receive such calls from your bank or Credit Card Company. You can also read about 10 Precautions to Safeguard from Credit Card Frauds.
  5. Remember that the complete E-Commerce business is still growing. So, E-Commerce as well as various banks are going hand in hand. They are both in the learning phase. So, banks suggest not using spammed sites. For Example: Many gaming and pornographic sites do not have high level secured payment gateway. So avoid using your credit card in any of such websites. This will help you to have your credit card safety online.
  6. Avoid using your Credit Card at internet cafes and wireless hotspots.
  7. If you receive a call from your bank to cross verify your transactions. You can ask them to do it without telling them any of your secret credit card details. If it is a genuine call, then they will be able to verify.

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Safety is the only way  :

So, do not come to the conclusion that carrying liquid money i.e., cash is better than the plastic money i.e., credit card. In this era of Globalisation, neither it is possible to walk on the old way nor it is the right choice. If you notice, you may see a lot of fraud on cash as well.

So the truth is that Safety is the only way to be secured. Banking experts say that Customers should always be alert while using a Credit Card. Safety is the only way to keep your credit card safety Online & Offline.

Hope you liked the information about How to keep your Credit Card Secure. If you have any queries or feedback, you may leave your comments below.

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