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Jewellery shopping for men

Yes, it’s time to talk about how to shop for jewellery for men. Over the years, the options for jewellery for men have increased steadily. The fluidity of clothes and accessories is now being accepted and you can consider choosing something sparkle for the special men in your life. Getting diamond jewellery for your loved ones was never easier. Men may find jewellery confusing and rarely shop for it themselves. Unless you want to make a bold statement, men generally prefer jewellery that is not very shiny or doesn’t stand out in an instant.

Let us look at some options that you can pick out while shopping for jewellery for men.

  1. Rings – Rings have been worn for a long time now. Real diamond rings or plain bands are generally exchanged while getting engaged or married. However, it is time to let newer trends take the fashion industry by storm. A thick or a bulky band is generally preferred or a signet ring also looks good. Keep in mind to avoid making the design too chunky or it might interfere with daily tasks such as driving or typing. There are a lot of funky options available in this category for men too. Wearing one ring per hand or a maximum of two should relay the desired effect without looking too heavy.
  2. Bracelets – The trend for bracelets is generally leather, beads, or rubber. The newer designs are minimalistic yet glamourous. A simple cuff combined with a chain or a bracelet of another texture or design looks good. If you are wearing a ring on one hand it is best to wear a bracelet on the other. That way it does not look overcrowded and distracting.
  3. Pendants – Pairing a big pendant with a delicate chain can look classy and fashionable. Symbols, dog tags, or something personal can look great on a simple T-shirt paired with a pair of jeans. It says casual and cool nonchalantly. Pendants of letters are also one way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. It is essential to note that the size of the letter should not be too big.
  4. Chain – Wearing chains can be tricky and should be done only if you are comfortable with it. If you are just getting aboard the jewellery wagon maybe starting with a small and sleek chain is a good idea. Avoid wearing more than one chain at the same time. Also, you may want to steer clear of thick chains or anything that may attract negative attention.
  5. Earring – This is rather new territory for men and more people are getting on this fashion wagon. Piercing one ear and showing off with a simple stud or a ring is a new trend. You can get either side pierced or both sides pierced. As long as it makes you feel good!

Jewellery is something that is extremely personal and holds sentimental value. The memory of who gifted you on what occasion or the memories you made while wearing those particular pieces is what makes those knickknacks special to you. They slowly become a part of you and transcend their value as inanimate objects. Men are slowly discovering the joy of owning something beautiful that boosts the confidence of the wearer.

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