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Missed Call Banking: A Facility Designed For Indians

Although, India is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of mobile users, Indians are undoubtedly one of the largest groups around the globe registering missed calls daily. No matter how convenient a mobile phone makes our life, the idea to save money through a missed call rather than a call or SMS is quite prevalent in the country, since the beginning.

However, with the evolution of Smartphone industry as well as mobile internet facility, WhatsApp, Hike or Viber messengers are easy mode of communication for the internet pack subscribers, yet there are good number of mobile users, who still rely on missed call, so they don’t lose any balance from their end. Missed calls are the ultimate solution to tell someone that, I reached home safe, call me back, come down, waiting at the gate and many more.

Considering this popular Indian habit, Indian banks have now begun to offer “Missed Call Banking” facility to all its customers. With this service, individuals can easily avail the details about their bank account such as Account Balance, Mini Statement etc. through a simple missed call.

What is Missed Call Banking?

As the name suggests, with Missed Call Banking facility, the banks will allow inquiring about balance inquiries, mini statement, new cheque book request, account statement request, email request and other basic banking activities through a simple miss call. Although, the core concept of this facility remains the same, Missed Call Banking services may vary across different banks.

The facility is highly useful to those individuals who wish to use the basic banking services, while they are resting in the comforts of their home or travelling. The service is also a boon for those, who don’t have an ATM facility nearby as well as wish to avoid the long queues at the bank. Also, people in India are more comfortable dialling a call from their mobile phones than using the internet service to avail net banking facility.

Currently almost every major bank in India including the popular ones such as HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Syndicate Bank and many others are offering missed call balance enquiry number.

How to activate Missed Call Banking?

To start using Missed Call Banking, all you need is to register for SMS banking service from your respective bank. The bank will immediately activate SMS banking on your registered mobile number and with its help you can also activate Missed Call Banking service easily.

The process may vary within different banks. However, you can avail Missed Call Banking service through the following modes:

Via SMS: Use the mobile that is registered with the bank and send an SMS containing your bank details such as Customer Identification Number to avail the service.

Via Internet: Use net banking to activate the service

Via Branch: You can always visit your bank and take the help of the customer representative to activate the service or you can visit the nearby ATM and opt to activate the service.

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message from your bank about the activation of the service. Once confirmed, you can start receiving basic bank related inquires through SMS after a simple missed call. Bank will provide the number where you need to give a missed call for inquiries. Some banks also offer different numbers for different services, so take a note of that while using this service.

This service is available 24/7 round the year and hence you can dial and process your inquiry at any time throughout the day.

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