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Temok Hosting Review – Best Web Hosting Service Provider


First, let’s discuss the basic requirements for starting an online business or website. You will definitely need a niche, an ideal domain name, a business name, templates, page design and most importantly, a perfect hosting service. You will also need relevant content. Temok is great at bringing to you a fruitful outcome for the amount of effort you put in. Temok is a hosting website that provides for your website to exist on the internet. It is the foundation of creating a website of your own. Hosting is without a doubt the most important factor of any online business. Temok hosts your page on a web server. It helps you save your time and effort to a large extent. It’s cheap and at the same time, excellent. Some prospective customers had a doubt lingering in their minds. It’s normal to think that when a service is cheap, the quality wouldn’t be up to the mark. However, Temok proves otherwise. Let’s now talk about domain names as it is equally important to choose your domain name wisely. Sometimes, the hosting providers themselves suggest and provide you the domain name.

What is Temok ?

Temok is well known for offering quality web hosting services and their data centres are extended across Europe (Stockholm, SE- Amsterdam, NL – Windhof, LU). An important feature is that the resources owned by Temok are never shared or rented. This includes both resources and hardware. They have full control over their technology and resources.

Services are offered for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Types Of Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting

Temok Pricing

Under Shared Web Hosting, the service provider serves multiple website through a single server. In Temok, “Starter USA” plan is apt for start-up businesses as the deal is quite economic at a rate of $2.99 per month. There are also other plans like Business USA, Premium USA and First Class USA. They can be distinguished in terms of disc space, bandwidth and most essentially, price. The setup comes for free in all the plans.

Following is a list of some benefits of “Starter USA” plan

  • Unmetered disc space and bandwidth
  • Flexible control panel
  • 9% uptime
  • Unlimited domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts, email accounts
  • Unlimited MyAQL transfer and free website and domain transfer
  • About 4500 free website templates and $100 Google Adwords Offer

VPS Hosting

Temok VPS

VPS refers to Virtual Private Servers and they are available for both Windows and Linux platforms. More traffic can be handled well in VPS hosting as they are set up on powerful main nodes with ultimate connectivity. This enhances the overall performance and large applications can also be run without any hassles. VPS hosting services are provided by Temok with a minimal rate of $26.95 per month. On addition to that, you will have full control over your website.

Other features of Temok VPS hosting is as follows:

  • Round the clock technical support
  • Free reboots and OS reinstallation
  • Lifetime hardware guarantee
  • 9% Network uptime
  • Powerful Intel Processors and completely managed servers
  • Full root access

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are special servers which are allocated entirely to one single client. So it’s known as dedicated server. It ensures that you do not lag behind during times of heavy traffic, which is not possible in shared hosting. Temok provides dedicated servers across the USA, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy and Canada. It also guarantees good flexibility and security. It is better than the rest of its kind as it has proved to deliver 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support.

SEO Hosting and reseller hosting

SEO hosting is also provided a way for. The Linux SEO Hosting plan allows members to create multiple websites on the same server with different IP addresses. It gives a unique C Class IP address to every website and the data is kept very safe and secure. The rate of Temok SEO Hosting starts at just $1.5 per IP, which is both ideal and economic. It also offers the user the option of reselling the hosting. The reseller pack can be both bought and sold under your name and identity to your customers. The base price of the starter pack is $24.4 per month with full support.

Domain registration

Temok Domain Registration

For the ultimate success of online business or website, it is very important to have a unique, yet relevant name for your website or business. Temok helps you with choosing or finding an apt domain name. You will be able to find all TLDs at Temok at a surprisingly nominal price. You will also be able to find country specific domains. That’s not all, even generic domains including .agency, .army, .academy. The presence of generic domains increases the recognition of the website. Temok also gives way for domain renewal, domain transfer and bulk domain registrations.

Apart from these routine functions, Temok also helps a lot with web designing, logo designing, app development, web development and marketing activities. All these extraordinary features make Temok stand above the rest of the players in the crowd. Its customer support team provides outstanding support through email, live chat, telephone etc.

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